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One of the great perks of writing is that you can do it while wearing your pjs at home, or sipping your latte at a cafe, or during your daily commute. It’s such a portable skill! So it’s no surprise that learning online is such a popular choice for writers. With the flexibility of completing modules around your busy schedule, and from any location – you can literally ‘attend’ a course whenever it suits you.

Here at AWC, we have stacks of online course options on offer (and plenty more in development!). Created by our world-class presenters, and delivering practical, industry-relevant content – they are ideal for the curious creatives, the accomplished authors, the keen freelancers and every writer in between. Check out our 10 most popular online courses below, and gain writing skills that will last a lifetime.

Creative Writing Stage 1
Many of us have always had dreams of writing, or one day penning a novel – but it can be difficult to know how to begin. Creative Writing Stage 1 to the rescue. This course will kickstart your fiction-writing brain and show you the essential elements of a compelling story. Perfect for the complete beginner, someone with a bunch of story ideas bubbling away or simply anyone looking for a creative outlet.

Freelance Writing Stage 1
There’s an art to writing an effective feature article and pitching a story to an editor. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to write for your favourite publications AND get paid, then (spoiler alert) this course will show you it is. The key is nailing the fundamentals, a strong angle and killer pitch. Discover a whole new career or side-income with this inspirational course.

Short Story Essentials
Short stories are the new black, and these bite-sized gems are deceptively more complex than they first appear. You’ll learn the secrets to writing an engaging short story – one that is ideal for submitting in competitions or anthologies, all in this jam-packed course. And with a professional assessment on your final piece from a fiction editor with over 25 years’ experience, your storytelling skills will soar.

Make Time to Write
This powerful course will make you do what it says on the tin. So many writers wish to write, but when life gets in the way, it can feel like an indulgent activity. Throughout this course, you’ll learn strategies to help you carve out regular writing time in your day, how other authors do it, and why it’s so essential to prioritise your passion to write. Plus you’ll be armed with the bonus Creative Writing 30-day Bootcamp. Follow it, and you’ll write 10,000+ words a month. Guaranteed.

Writing Picture Books
Got an inkling to create magic stories for the littlest of readers? A great picture book can capture the imagination of children and ignite their love of books. This popular course will show you the components of an effective picture book – where every word choice counts. Embrace your inner child and uncover the secrets to picture-perfect storytelling.

Copywriting Essentials
Ka-ching! That’s the sound your words can make when you’re a copywriter. Get the skills to writing words that sell and grab your new income stream with both hands. You’ll learn the principles to writing great copy, engaging your audience and impressing your clients. Add a copywriting string to your bow and enjoy the freelance life with this course.

Reinvent Yourself
This awesome course is your ultimate sidekick on the path to becoming a writer. Whether it’s a far-off dream of yours, or you’ve begun seriously considering a new career – you’ll find ways of making it a reality with this motivational program. That niggling voice in your head urging you to write needs to be heard. The time to reinvent yourself is now!

Travel Writing
Working as a travel writer sounds like the dream job – what could be better than earning a crust from your wanderlust? It’s a competitive industry, but the secrets to succeeding in this field are distilled into this inspiring online course. You’ll learn how to craft stellar articles about any destination – from your local area, to the opposite side of the globe. Bon voyage!

Blogging for Beginners
Are you ready to launch into the blogosphere? Whether you want to write about kitties, or quiches, child-rearing, or Top Gear-ing – the opportunities are endless when you have a blog. Learn how to set yourself up on the net with this nifty online course. You’ll discover how to establish your blog’s structure and categories, the tricks to keeping your content current and much more. Your blogging future awaits.

How to Write for Children and Young Adults
You might have a few story ideas up your sleeve, or simply fantasise about becoming the next J.K. Rowling. The children’s book market is hot right now. You’ll find everything you need to know about writing for the 8- 18-year-olds in this fantastic course, including how to appeal to the discerning youngsters and young adult readership.

Check out these courses and more in the online course hub. You can join an online classroom with fellow classmates and presenter with our online tutor-led options. Or get started straight away and 12 months’ access with our online self-paced selection. The choice is yours!

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