Top 11 Q&A columns from 2017

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Q: Hey, what’s all this then?

A: We’re doing a holiday best-of – compiling our favourite Q&As from the past 12 months.

Q: I can’t do that. They’re like my children; I love them all equally…

A: No you don’t.

Q: You’re right, some are waaaaay better than others.

A: Just like children.

Q: Exactly.

A: Seriously though, they’re all pretty good. This is going to be tricky.

Q: Wait! Why don’t we just throw darts at a map.

A: How will that help?

Q: Oh, I thought that’s how people decided things like this. Flip a coin? Rock paper scissors?

A: How about you pick 11 numbers between 1 and 52 and just write them down over here.

Q: Great idea! Lemme see now…

A: Okay?

Q: Almost…

A: Now?

Q: Yep, done.

A: Right. So without further ado, ahem, please enjoy our… um… carefully curated selection of Q&A grammar columns from 2017. We’ve selected only our favourites. The very best.

Q: Absolutely. The discussions were long and the arguments heated.

A: Speaking of heated, shall we head to the beach?

Q: Great idea. Enjoy!

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