Watch Creative Conversations with bestselling middle-grade author Allison Tait

Bestselling author of epic middle-grade fiction Allison Tait met with AWC CEO Valerie Khoo in a Creative Conversations episode to chat about her new book The Fire Star and answer the community’s burning questions about all things writing. 

Allison Tait, also known as A.L. Tait, is the internationally published bestselling author of middle-grade fiction series The Mapmaker Chronicles and the Ateban Cipher. Allison now celebrates her latest book The Fire Star: A Maven and Reeve Mystery.

When Allison joined Valerie for their Creative Conversation, she painted the picture of what her writing journey looks like. Allison dissects her entire writing process, from the initial idea all the way to publishing and promoting a book.

The middle-grade author tells us where she finds inspiration for her story ideas, and how she can store these pockets of information or happenings for years before using them in her stories. Allison identifies herself as a ‘panster’ and shares what pantsing writing practices and processes work for her. Allison provides tips on worldbuilding and for developing characters and their voices – to ensure they are equally exciting and believable for your target audience.

Allison also offers her insights on pitching to publishers and ways to promote your book once you have your publishing deal.

Watch the Creative Conversations replay with Allison Tait below to get a great behind-the-scenes look into the full creative process.

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