Watch Australia’s #1 bestselling true crime writer James Phelps in ‘Creative Conversations’

Australia’s #1 bestselling true crime writer and sports journalist James Phelps joined Australian Writers' Centre’s CEO Valerie Khoo for a creative conversation. You can watch the replay here.

James Phelps discusses his latest book Australian Code Breakers, the story about one of Australia’s greatest unknown military triumphs when a former headmaster cracked one of Germany’s most complex codes, paving the way for a vital Allied victory in the Great War. 

Did you know that the first shot of WW1 was fired not in Munich or Manchester – but in Melbourne? Discover more in this untold story about an unsung hero.

Author of many compelling non-fiction books such as Australia’s Toughest Prisons: Inmates and Australian Heist, James talks about his research methods – from spending months in the National Archives to meeting with a notoriously dangerous hitman.

James explains how different – and dangerous – being an author of true crime is to his day job as a sports journalist for The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. He talks about his writing process and how he writes a gripping non-fiction story.

Watch the replay now and find out all of this and what James has in-store for his next writing project.

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