Freelance Writing Masterclass Program

Exclusive mentoring and advanced skills to improve your freelancing success!

This program is ideal for: Those who have completed an AWC foundation course and want to get to the next level

If this program were a song:
"I'm on the edge of glory" by Lady Gaga

This program takes the knowledge gained in our foundation courses and supercharges your career with ongoing mentoring from Valerie Khoo, practical weekly lessons, live video Q&A sessions, pitch feedback and much more!

Get confidence. Get more skills. Get with the program!

The Freelance Writing Masterclass Program gives you online access to a wealth of invaluable coaching, tutorials, mentoring and feedback. It works similar to how a gym improves fitness – delivered through a flexible monthly membership, all with a single purpose – to help you become a better freelance writer.

What do I get?

The Freelance Writing Masterclass Program gives you unlimited access to:


Ongoing "personal training" from journalist, freelance writer and mentor Valerie Khoo, with live online “Ask me anything” sessions (which will also be recorded in case you can’t make it)


A Pitch Doctor Clinic every month - where you can get feedback on the pitches you send to editors, fix any "injuries" and perfect your technique


Power packed, yet easily digestible weekly tutorials to equip you with the skills you need. We'll take you through The 5 Stages of Freelancing Success.


A private Facebook group where you’ll also get direct and regular access to your mentor


A useful Knowledge Bank of Q&As to help solve common dilemmas, plus regular Article Autopsies on current stories in the media to further hone your craft


Access to a supportive (and awesome!) community of like-minded professional freelance writers

And much more!

Members will also have the opportunity to attain a Certificate in Feature and Content Writing – through completion of masterclasses and assessment criteria over 12 months.

Unlimited potential.
Limited places.

This program has a membership format that includes professional freelance writer and entrepreneur Valerie Khoo as your mentor. Valerie is constantly in high demand from business owners, corporate executives and copywriters, each normally paying hundreds of dollars for just one meeting. As a member, however, YOU will enjoy direct access to her expertise for a fraction of the cost!

NOTE: To ensure high quality, personalised mentoring, places on this program are limited. So do not miss this incredible opportunity.


Meet your mentor

My name’s Valerie Khoo and I’m CEO here at the Australian Writers’ Centre. I designed our popular magazine writing course at the Centre, and I know that it has helped thousands of students get started in the world of freelance writing.

I’m the author of a best-selling book, have been published in countless major publications and am in demand as a copywriter. I've worked at many of the publishing giants: Bauer, Pacific, EMAP and Fairfax – and am also co-host of the top-rating podcast So you want to be a writer.

As a freelance writer myself, I know first-hand the challenges that come with making your mark in this competitive industry. I love mentoring freelance writers, particularly if you’re transitioning from another career. That’s because I did that myself. I used to be an accountant - but I always wanted to be a writer. And while it took me a while to become successful as a writer, I did it all by trial and error. I don’t want you to have to do that.

THIS program is what I wished had existed when I was finding my way. It’s a unique program where you are mentored by me, provided with lessons on how to hone your writing skills and a wonderful community to support you.

“Valerie is the guru of feedback and it's the whole reason I did the course. I knew I would receive honest feedback on everything I submitted. Valerie is outstanding - she has an absolute gift as an educator. Online learning suits my lifestyle from a time perspective. Perfect. Best money you'll ever spend if you're serious about your writing.”

- Jocelyn Pride

“I loved seeing pitching feedback given to others. Also, the interview questions and technique tips were invaluable. Valerie was clear, honest, helpful and supportive. The best thing about online delivery is that you can read/listen and re-read/re-listen. There were no set time constraints like in a normal classroom. I’ve done three AWC courses now. I realised I don't need to spend tens of thousands on a journalism degree. AWC has given me the tools to do what I want to do.”

- Kristie Hayden

How does the program work?

  • The Freelance Writing Masterclass Program is offered as an affordable and flexible monthly “gym” membership.
  • You can join for as long or as little as you like – because individual writers require different things from a program like this.
  • Choose ongoing “personal trainer” style mentoring for 12 months, or a sharp kick in the pants “boot camp” for a month or two. The choice is yours!
  • Enjoy having your own professional mentor, Valerie Khoo – the kind of "sideline support" normally unavailable to freelance writers.
  • Stay in shape with weekly lessons, regular “Ask Me Anything” live sessions, Pitch Doctor clinics, Article Autopsies on current stories in the media, Q&As, Facebook group and more.
  • It’s a program designed to help you stay up to date and informed in a competitive industry.
  • The convenience of online learning, the impact of personal coaching and the flexibility of a monthly membership.
  • Learn anywhere, on the go, on any device.
  • A supportive environment to help fast track your success – what have you got to lose?

The key pillars of the program


Who can join the Freelance
Writing Masterclass Program?

Who can join the Freelance Writing Masterclass Program?

This program is ONLY available if you have completed at least one of these Australian Writers' Centre courses:


Why is there a pre-requisite?

This is an advanced program and participants need a strong foundation of knowledge in order to move forward. We know this is taught in our courses:

If it's been a while since you completed one of the above courses, don't worry, we'll include some useful refreshers.

When can I begin?

Memberships for the Freelance Writing Masterclass Program are currently closed.

Join the waitlist NOW to be notified when the next intake starts.


“I have been writing and working in communications for a few years now, and I found the industry advice and the advice on my work really helpful. Valerie’s experience and knowledge was very clearly expressed and shared. I really enjoyed listening to her insights and suggestions. AWC offers practical skills, great insight into the industry and ongoing networking opportunities. It is more like a community.”

- Susanna Smith

“I found the real-life examples excellent and learning with others empowering. The advice from Valerie was invaluable. It’s been one of the best professional development programs I have ever done!”

- Sarah Wormwell