UX/UI Copywriting

Learn the art of UX/UI writing for website and app users

This course is ideal for: Anyone who wants an introduction to writing copy that enhances the user journey on web pages and apps.

You will:
Learn how to engage your customers through effective UX/UI writing
Understand which SEO keywords will attract the attention of your customers
Discover best practice principles to move your customer along the user journey
Use more effective words for buttons and tabs
Equip yourself with the skills to convert customers through sign-ups and sales






At your own pace

This online course is coming in 2020. Register your interest to be notified as soon as it launches.


The world of UX/UI writing

  • Do you write or edit web pages or apps?
  • Would you like to broaden your copywriting skills into UX/UI writing?
  • Are you a UX/UI/Digital/Web/App designer who has to provide ‘placeholder’ copy with your designs?
  • Are you a content creator keen to understand UX/UI writing best practice?
  • Do you need to write to convert users into customers via a website or app?

What exactly is UX/UI writing?

UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) writing is about guiding users on a website or app and helping them interact with it. Specifically, it’s writing that guides people on a user journey to achieve a result – whether that’s a sign-up to a service, a sale or some other call to action.

Your text needs to be clear, concise and useful. It includes headings, captions, buttons, tabs and other elements designed to lead the user down a particular path.

Why is this a growth area for writers?

These days, everything is online. Whether you’re shopping for a new outfit, browsing on Spotify, streaming through Netflix or buying insurance, it’s likely that you’re interacting via a webpage or an app.

Effective UX/UI writing is the difference between your customer buying from you and forming a business relationship – or buying from your competitor and forming a relationship with them.

Ever wondered what makes a user engage with one website or app more than another? Keen to know how to keep visitors on your website? Want to ensure that users move all the way through ‘the user journey’ until they answer your ‘call to action’ by signing up for your service or filling their cart with your products?

Tight, intuitive UX/UI writing is key to the success of any web page or app.

UX/UI writers work with UX/UI designers to determine how a person will travel through a web page or app. The UX/UI writer creates a product’s tone of voice, writes all of the text, buttons and tabs, and ensures that the user (your customer) follows the webpage or app to the very end of their journey.

What will you learn in this course?

In this introductory course, we’ll look at UX/UI writing for web pages and apps that engage users and gets results.

You'll discover:

  • How to engage your user/customer through effective UX/UI writing starting by determining the tone of voice for your product
  • The importance of SEO keywords in capturing and maintaining the attention of your users/customers
  • How to create effective and engaging body copy that moves your user/customer through your web page or app seamlessly
  • Which words should be used on each tab and button of your web page or app for best results
  • Powerful strategies for guiding your user/customer through your web page/app to reach your desired outcome, whether that’s signups or sales
  • Current best practice, including techniques on how to keep your user/customer engaged to get the results you want.

Your presenter:

Carli Ratcliff established and has led the UX/UI writing team at Qantas for many years. She now also advises on UX/UI digital content and best practice for clients including SBS OnDemand, and advises Adobe on the design of their ‘Writing for Voice’ platform.

Carli is an award-winning editor, journalist, digital content specialist and UX/UI writer. She edits and writes webpages, apps, mobile, voice and chatbots. Carli consults to a number of organisations on UX/UI writing strategy.


How is this course different from AWC’s Copywriting Essentials, SEO Copywriting courses and Content Writing?

UX/UI writing is specifically about guiding a user towards a particular goal, whether that’s pressing a button, buying a product and everything in between. The course focuses on writing for that user journey on a web page or app.

Copywriting Essentials covers more ground than UX/UI writing, as copywriting can be found on brochures, advertisements, ebooks, and much more. Most copywriting is about writing words that sell. Usually, the underlying goal is to sell a product/service. However, UX/UI is specifically about guiding user behaviour on a webpage or app. While this can include selling a product/service to a customer, UX/UI writing also includes helping them after the sales process. Think of the way you might use an app like Spotify after you purchase it. Or how you pick your seat on a flight once you’ve bought the ticket.

SEO Copywriting focuses on the keywords and phrases you need so that your webpages are findable by search engines. While we touch on this UX/UI writing, it’s important to know that UX/UI writing is not just about being findable as there are many web pages and apps that do not rely on findability.

Content Writing is about writing blog posts and articles for businesses. It’s about informing and educating (and sometimes, entertaining!) readers so that you position your business as an expert or leader in your industry. This is very different to UX/UI writing which is focused on guiding user behaviour on a webpage or app.

As a freelance writer, mastering skills in a range of areas can give you a well-rounded set of services to offer to your clients.