Kate Forsyth

Dr Kate Forsyth is an award-winning author, poet, and storyteller. Her most recent books are Kate Forsyth’s Long-Lost Fairy Tales, a collection of lost fairy tales from around the world, and The Crimson Thread, a reimagining of ‘The Minotaur in the Labyrinth’ myth, set in Crete during the Nazi invasion and occupation of World War II.

Kate’s other historical novels include The Blue Rose, set during the French Revolution and the first British embassy to Imperial China; Beauty in Thorns, a reimagining of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ told in the voices of four women of the Pre-Raphaelite circle of artists and poets; The Wild Girl, the story of the forbidden romance behind the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales which was named Most Memorable Love Story of 2013; and Bitter Greens, a retelling of ‘Rapunzel’ which won the 2015 American Library Association award for Best Historical Fiction.

Kate’s non-fiction books include Searching for Charlotte: The Fascinating Story of Australia’s First Children’s Author, co-written with her sister Belinda Murrell, with the assistance of the Nancy Keesing Fellowship. It was longlisted for the 2021 Readings Non-Fiction Prize. Her collection of essays, The Rebirth of Rapunzel: A Mythic Biography of the Maiden in the Tower, won the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism in 2017. 

Kate has also written books for children, including the Long-Lost Fairy-Tales collection, illustrated by Lorena Carrington. The first in the series, Vasilisa the Wise & Other Tales of Brave Young Women, won a silver medal in the 2018 US Readers Favorite Book awards. Other titles in the series are The Buried Moon & Other Tales of Bright Young Women; Snow White, Rose Red & Other Tales of Kind Young Women; and The Gardener’s Son & the Golden Bird & Other Tales of Gentle Young Men.

Kate has a Doctorate of Creative Arts in fairy tale studies, and is also an accredited master storyteller with the Australian Guild of Storytellers. She has taught writing retreats in Australia, Fiji, Greece, and the United Kingdom.

Some of Kate's books include:

What our students say about Kate:

“Kate is an excellent presenter. She is approachable, honest and has a knack for finding the problem area and directing you in how to overcome it.”

– Mike Cullen

“Fantastic! Dynamic! Inspiring! Kate is so knowledgable and generous in sharing information. The course was packed with useful information that I can apply on many levels now and later.”

– Mary Hickson

“I just think Kate is wonderful. She is passionate, intelligent and this course was packed with useful information. She also has an ability to understand our needs and she is just so knowledgeable. I believe she really cares about what she does and truly wishes each and every one of us to succeed in our own writing journey.”

– Olivia Vozila

“Kate is lovely and I found her very inspiring. This topic is such an important one so this course is something I think every writer needs!”

– Catherine Pelosi

“Kate is an engaging presenter, and a skilled writer. I found her insight invaluable. She also allowed a great deal of discussion, and always valued input from the class. I learned so much in just two sessions.”

– David Coleman

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