Linda Diggle

Linda Diggle is an expert in self-publishing. She helps professionals, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and market leaders decode the complex world of self-publishing and bringing their book to market.

She is director of Book Boffin, a print and ebook publishing consultancy which specialises in developing a publishing strategy for an author’s book that complements their vision and demystifies the self-publishing process to help them attract traffic, leads and sales for their brand.

Linda started self-publishing in 2005 and has since published over 70 titles across multiple platforms internationally for speakers, athletes, practitioners, coaches and thought leaders, and consulted many others on how to productise their body of work through publishing books and ebooks.

Linda was project manager behind high profile business books such as Authority Content by David Jenyns and Foundr: Lessons from the Greatest Entrepreneurs Today by Foundr Magazine, and worked with bestselling authors to increase their sales and distribution such as Michael E. Gerber and Dan Norris. She was also project manager of Falling In Love With Food by Studio 10’s Zoe Bingley-Pullin.


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Self-publish your Novel on Kindle
If you’re an indie author, you can take your book to a global audience when you publish on Kindle. It means that readers from all over the world can find your work – and buy from you!

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