Successful Self-publishing: Print and Ebooks

Your guide to publishing your own print and ebooks

This course is ideal for: Speakers, authors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders

You will discover:
How best to self-publish your book
The best size and format for your book
Your options for printing
Standardised international file formats
How to make your book available on Kindle internationally within 48 hours.

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Unlock self-publishing secrets

Thanks to current technology, there has never been a better time to publish your own book. In this course, Successful Self-publishing: Print and Ebooks, we will demystify the current self-publishing landscape – so that you can determine and implement the best course of action for your book.

Whether you want to publish a book to generate fresh leads for your business, build your authority in your niche, or as an additional revenue stream – the addition of a published book to your body of work will help you achieve this.

These days, you can self-publish a printed book, create an ebook available on Amazon (and other platforms) – or you can do both. We give you the framework to determine the best strategy for you.

Please note: This course is designed for non-fiction authors – particularly consultants, speakers and business owners – who want to use their book as a lead generator or to showcase their expertise. If you want to self-publish your fiction novel, you should enrol in Self-publish Your Novel on Kindle.

Included in this course:

  • The best methods of publishing your book to suit your specific goals (it’s not a case of one size fits all!).
  • Do you need a printed book at all? Or can you just rely on an ebook?
  • How to select the best size and format for your printed book.
  • How to get your book printed – what are your options?
  • When should you use platforms like CreateSpace.
  • Standardised international file formats you need to publish print and eBooks to the various online platforms – and how you can do this yourself.
  • Elements of excellent book cover design that will help sell your book.
  • What is required inside your book. Interior layout: its contents, compliance and design.
  • How to upload your print and eBook to the biggest online global book retailer to make your book available to an international audience within 48 hours.

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Q: Is this book relevant for fiction writers?
A: If you are a fiction writer, you should enrol in Self-publish Your Novel on Kindle instead

Q: Is marketing and distribution covered in this course?
A: This course focuses on the key steps you need to take to self-publish – so that you can see your book in print or your ebook available on a site such as Amazon. While we touch briefly on marketing and distribution, this is not the focus of this course.

Q: Do you have a course that offers assistance in writing my book, as a business owner or entrepreneur?
A: Yes. Check out our Write a Business Book page to find out more.

Q: Who created this course?
A: Self publishing expert Linda Diggle. She helps professionals, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and market leaders decode the complex world of self-publishing and bringing their book to market.

She is the project manager behind Authority Content by David Jenyns and Foundr: Lessons from the Greatest Entrepreneurs Today by Foundr Magazine. She will help you negotiate the world of online bookstores such as Amazon, with screenshots and instruction throughout. You can read more about her here.

Where Starts Duration Presenter Price
Online Learn from anywhere at your convenience. START TODAY
12 months Linda Diggle $245

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