Margaret Whiskin

Margaret Whiskin is an editor with more than 30 years’ experience. She has worked with many authors at all stages of manuscript development including Julie Janson, Gladys Milroy, Bruce Pascoe, Marie Munkara, and Sue McPherson.

Margaret is a tutor for the Australian Writers’ Centre and has held many positions in the Australian publishing industry. She is the Senior Editor at Magabala Books. She has been an editor, publishing manager and publisher for Fremantle Press, Weldon Owen and HarperCollins as well as mentoring and training in-house editors. Margaret has also worked as a freelance editor throughout her career.

Books Margaret has edited include:

Presenter for:

Writing Picture Books
Want to be the next big thing for little people? Learn the essentials to creating the perfect picture prose that will delight small folk every time.
Write Your Novel
Want to get from draft to published sooner? Our program puts you on the fast track to success, with valuable critiques and detailed advice.
Novel Writing Essentials
Everyone has a novel in them, they say. If yours is ready to come to the surface, we can help you take the first steps towards getting your name on a book cover.
Creative Writing Stage 1
Want to write fiction? Want it to be amazing? Dive into a supportive environment of creativity, information and inspiration!

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