Michelle Barraclough

Michelle Barraclough is a writer and strategic marketing professional with 34 years’ experience in a diverse range of industries including tourism, hospitality, professional services and retail. She is an experienced professional business writing trainer who is passionate about empowering people with lifelong business communication skills. Michelle has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Bachelor of Arts (Literature) from Monash University.

As an accomplished website design expert, Michelle also works with her clients to create succinct and engaging copy in order to maximise user experience.

What our students say about Michelle:

“I enjoyed listening to Michelle. She speaks clearly and has a lovely tone. Her genuine interest in helping other authors getting their website right shines through the course. I believe she covers as much as she can without getting too technical. Thank you, Michelle.”

– Lynnette Sim

“Michelle is a wealth of knowledge and presents everything in an engaging, friendly way. This course gave me the steps and confidence to tackle building my own website – all the way from concept to going live.”

– Laura

“Michelle was very thorough and covered a multitude of relevant topics. The course has given me technical knowledge about, and tips for, my author website, i.e. what to do and what not to do. If a professional designs my website, I know what questions to ask them, what to request be added and what can be omitted.”

– Elizabeth Macintosh

“Michelle was an excellent and organised presenter and tutor who engaged well with everyone, shared her extensive knowledge and gave constructive and useful feedback. Plain English Business Writing provides the professional edge that allows your writing to glow on the page!”

– Maryanne Falk

“Michelle was very good and clearly explained each of the sections in the course. Updating old knowledge to current conventions was valuable. It has made me mindful of my writing and I’m looking forward to putting into practice the editing skills that I learned.”

– Donna Cruz

“Michelle obviously has a lot of knowledge in this domain and was willing to share. Very clear, very thorough. Great refresher to take before getting too deep into writing documents in our business.”

– Mitch

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