Tim Harris

Tim Harris is the award-winning bestselling author of several laugh-out-loud series for kids, including Ratbags, Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables, Toffle Towers, and Exploding Endings.

A former primary school teacher of 15 years, his stories are filled with quirky scenarios, loveable characters and plenty of imagination. Tim’s ‘humour with heart’ writing style has seen his books receive multiple awards, including five KOALA Honour Books (2017, 2019 and 2 x 2020, 2021) and a CBCA Notable (2018). His books have been published in Australia and the USA and have been translated into numerous languages.

Tim lives in Sydney with his wife and four young children.

Some of Tim's books include:

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Laugh Out Loud
Want to write funny books for kids? Learn the secrets to an uproarious reader experience with bestselling author Tim Harris as your giggle guide.

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