Jeanie 3 days ago

Alex provided useful feedback at every step of the way.

I really enjoyed learning the art of transitions, and the opportunity to interview my classmate and to write a profile about her. I also found the handouts and examples of good and bad writing really useful.

I think it provides a really good foundation for someone wanting to pursue freelance writing. It has given me the confidence and skills to develop ideas into feature articles, and pitch them to prospective publications.

These short courses are a great opportunity to dip your toe into a subject you've been curious about. The timeframe is manageable and the cost isn't too prohibitive, so why not embrace the chance to learn something new.

Angelica Wallesch 1 week ago

I love writing and want to make it into my profession, but needed clarity on how. I hoped for this course to give me the knowledge needed to take the step.

The modules were so great and I liked having assignments with a deadline to make sure the content was put into practice.

I feel more confident and less clueless, even if it still is very much uncharted water for me. It gave me tools and momentum which I am working hard to make the most of.

If you want to start writing feature articles and have the chance of being published, without any previous experience, this is a great starting point.

Nicole Symens 1 week ago

This course has given me structure to learn how to write articles and an introduction into the freelance and journalism industry.

It is a great way to get a clear idea of the freelance industry and journalism. It also provides you with vital article writing skills in a clear and understandable way.

Angelique Luijkx 2 weeks ago

This course is so comprehensive. I love it! Alex has a lot of knowledge, great feedback and she is very encouraging.

I feel much more confident when I write because I feel that I actually know what I'm doing now. I use my new skills in everything I write and really take the time for it until I feel it's perfect.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Go for it! Highly recommended.

Megan Bye 2 weeks ago

Very detailed and useful feedback. Really gets your mind thinking and challenges you. I enjoyed hearing how everyone else approached their story writing.

It is always daunting studying again. You always want it to be perfect. For me it was a great way to overcome my fears of learning and that has inspired me to keep going and keep learning.

A great way to learn and expand your writing knowledge either at your own pace or within a set course. The presenters were excellent and the care taken on feedback really shows their keen interest to see each student get the best out of the course.

Bronwyn K Haasdyk 2 weeks ago

The feedback was excellent and very helpful. I thought Vivienne was very respectful yet was able to give critiques and point people in the right direction with helpful advice. She is a good teacher.

I liked the different types of assignments and that each one looked at a different aspect of feature writing. Even though I found it stressful that other people would see my writing, I think doing the assignments and getting feedback, and listening to the feedback for others' work was the best part.

I think the course reminded me that I like my day job - being a scientist - that I like being the 'expert' but it also helped me think about how to communicate science to the general public and to find avenues for that. Just by doing assignment one on finding magazines, I found out a lot about where science articles get published and found an online science journalism group in Australia. That was great.

The course I did gave very practical advice and the feedback is well worth the money spent. If someone was thinking about moving into freelance I would DEFINITELY recommend the course I took.

Thanks Vivienne.

Ashley Valli 2 weeks ago

The tutor provided great feedback. Didn't skip over anything that needed some constructive criticism and provided in-depth feedback wherever needed.

The additional handouts were very helpful and I enjoyed analysing articles both good and bad to see what worked and what didn't. I liked that Vivienne was able to provide insight into the freelance writing industry with the business side of things as well as the writing side of things.

Not coincidentally, I had my first paid submission to an online magazine. And luckily, through Vivienne's invoice examples, I was also able to quickly identify what to write up for my first invoice.

Do it. Vivienne provides very honest and helpful feedback and the way the course is run allows you to observe feedback from others as well --- which can be so helpful to quickly learn from others in a similar position to you, what they've done well and where they can improve. It's very professionally run and allows you to study at any time of the week.

Nicole Hasler 2 weeks ago

The course was very practical. The learning material and assignments were extremely valuable without requiring too much time commitment for someone working full-time. Not only did I learn from my own feedback, being able to review others' work and feedback was extremely helpful.

I really enjoyed the whole process. I now feel like I have the confidence and knowledge to transition to a career in writing.

You will gain invaluable knowledge about the freelance writing industry that would take many years of trial and error to otherwise gain.

Susanna Heiskanen 3 weeks ago

The tutor was very knowledgeable and very open and honest with her feedback without being abrupt or making you feel that you do not know what you are doing.

I enjoyed the assignments and feedback to them. Really liked the fact that you had feedback on your writing and everything else that you need to do when you create an article and submit/pitch it.

I like the flow and it forces you to do something every week. You are ready to pitch at the end of the course.

I am more than determined to get myself published now knowing it is not that hard when you put your mind to it.

There is a method on approaching things/research/writing and pitching and if you follow the course advice you cannot get it wrong.

I would say this is the best place to start your freelance career!

Thank you, for everything Vivienne! Would love to do another course with you guys to hone my skills even more!

Bronwen Morgan 1 month ago

Highly professional, admirably practical, thoroughly insider-look at the step-by-step process of becoming a freelance writer. From suggesting the precise formulation of pitch emails through to celebrating the novelistic qualities of profile writing, this course takes you from the grand to the mundane and back with grace and clarity.

Thank you!

Samuel Williams 1 month ago

The tutor was very good. I enjoyed hearing the feedback verbally rather than just in writing. I enjoyed the practicality of writing a feature.

It was better designed than my Master of Writing online.

I am now actively seeking publication as a freelancer.

Penelope Broadbent 1 month ago

I loved sitting down with the lectures every week. Valerie's voice is so nice to listen to (not in a freaky way I promise!). They brought up so many interesting things and "Oh yeah, I was wondering about that" moments. I also enjoyed reading the selection of longer profile pieces in the handouts.

I came into the course wanting to know if freelance writing was something I would enjoy doing and was able to do. I came out of it with those questions partly answered but most importantly I now have all the tools I need to plan, research, pitch and write an article. After only a few weeks I can pitch a viable article to a real publication. I could do it tomorrow if I wanted!

Really well organised and planned. You come out of the courses with really practical, industry-based knowledge and the courses often answer all your "this is probably a stupid question but I really wanna know" questions. This course taught me big things and small things - all of them fundamental and useful.


Izzy Holder 2 months ago

Vivienne was very prompt and active in the online classroom, and my impression of her was that she was a very encouraging but also honest and genuine tutor. I enjoyed the feedback immensely, and I think her delivery of it is very inspiring. I feel encouraged whilst also challenged, without ever feeling judged.

I enjoyed getting to listen to lessons, and Valerie's style of teaching was wonderful. I looked forward to the sessions with my headphones on and my notebook in front of me, and getting to follow along the audio with the helpful summary of points. The profile writing assignment was my favourite activity by far!

It's opened up a world of possibility which I'd never given thought to before! It's helped me reconnect to the love of writing I had in school, which I had been discouraged to pursue as any sort of career. This has given me the knowledge that it is totally possible, and given me a feeling of excitement that I could use my love of words and creativity to carve out an unexpected career path and do something I consider meaningful and aligned with my values.

The course is delightful! It's well-structured, affordable, interesting, and equips you with very practical, real-life knowledge to go down the writing path.

Thank you to the team for designing and offering this course! It's been a highlight of my year.

Merc Moldrich 2 months ago

Cindy provided me with great feedback on my assignments. She was professional and insightful in her feedback.

I enjoyed interviewing a classmate. Even though I did not really know the interviewing process, I really enjoyed talking to another person doing the same course, learning about their lives and what they hoped to achieve.

It has given me some tools to start writing stories for magazine and online publications.

Value for money and helped focus me in Sydney lockdown. If you want practical information and knowledge that builds your writing practice, whether creatively or commercially, then try out the AWC courses.

Kate Armstrong 2 months ago

Alex was great. She gave very clear and helpful feedback that I could use to work on my skills.

I enjoyed hearing real-world stories from the industry. It really helped me to see that writing freelance is possible and that it’s something I can do.

The course gets you ready to start out freelancing, it's focused on the industry and provides concrete examples, case studies and best practice.

Carly Marriott 3 months ago

I've already submitted 3 articles and had 2 positive responses; I'm off and away.

I've stewed on writing professionally for years but now with the industry know-how, I can pitch my writing ideas and get going.

If you really want to write, do a course with AWC and see where it takes you.

Sheela Paul 3 months ago

I was concerned that the material provided may be too difficult given I do not have a background in journalism. However, it was very easy to understand.

I feel more in touch with my strengths in writing and rediscovered my passion for words. I really enjoyed discovering that I love writing.

Fabulous course. Self-enriching in every way! Anything is possible. You just need to discover the pathway to reaching it.

Anna-Nicole Del-Re 3 months ago

I loved the practicality. I have a journalism and creative writing degree but this is much more hands on and actually gives you the tools to make a freelance career as a writer or even use the tools of writing in your work. I am very impressed by the content and Valerie Khoo has a dream voice to listen to!

I feel more confident now on how I can establish myself more as a freelance writer. I have had some articles published but this model and system could really take my career to the next level and potentially a full-time role which is ideally my goal.

The course gives you a practical step-by-step guide that actually works. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace.

Belinda Chung 3 months ago

The course was great in giving insider tips on getting started in the industry and providing tips on writing a good feature article. It also highlighted that I may need more practice in writing to fine tune my skills

The course overall was very interesting and enjoyable; I can't decide what was best. Alex was great. She was very encouraging and provided very constructive feedback.

It has helped give me a real insight into what it means to be a good writer and provided me with an understanding of where I need to improve my skills to become a great writer. It has motivated me to give it a go.

It's a really good course for giving you the key tools for good feature writing.

Carl Wong 4 months ago

The tutor was supportive and helpful. I enjoyed the supportive nature and the detailed modules. Allowed me to think about more clearly as to what direction I want my writing to head towards.

Amazing course. Highly recommended.

Cara Lopez 4 months ago

I genuinely appreciated all the feedback from Alex (our online tutor) and got a lot out of listening to everyone's feedback.

I enjoyed going deeper into publications and topics that I wanted to explore further. I also liked having the pair assignment where we interviewed each other. It was good fun, but also very educational at the same time.

I am now more confident in pursuing my writing further.

The AWC courses are well-structured and likewise, the tutor's feedback is so invaluable! It gave me accountability for developing my own writing practice through the weekly assignments.

I am excited to do another course!

Tony Williams 4 months ago

Being in retirement and having been a teacher for many years, I wanted something that would challenge me and writing was a natural extension of my work as a teacher.

I felt somewhat nervous about others in the course reading my attempts, but in the end, I felt it was helpful and something I had better get used to if I wanted others to read my published work. It was good to see how others tackled the assignments and the feedback given by Alex on others' (and my) work was extremely helpful to me and reinforced and clarified salient points raised in the audio lessons. It was also helpful to have a chat section where questions could be raised and responses provided both by Alex and other participants.

I thought Alex was very good and supportive of everyone doing the course. It was very encouraging to receive honest and helpful feedback from someone like Alex with real-world editorial experience.

It was interesting writing the profile and conducting an interview--very good practice! It was good to meet another participant on a more in-depth level.

It has given me the tools and courage to take the next step of pitching to an editor.

Heather Ward 4 months ago

I feel ready to try freelance writing as a side hustle, with a view to going full time one day. I have found something I feel passionate about again and this course has given me the confidence to pursue writing and that I have the skills to do this.

Definitely sign up - the information you will learn is invaluable for such a reasonable price

Thank you - after a hellish year in lockdown in Melbourne (and back in it as I write!) I had become used to living in survival mode. This course has revitalised me, given me a purpose and I now have something other than my day job or kids to focus on - something just for me that I know I can be successful at.

Ellen Arnold 5 months ago

It was exactly what I was looking for - practical and concise information to get me started on my freelance writing journey.

It's given me the confidence to begin my freelance writing career.

Julie Dardel 5 months ago

I've learnt so much in 5 weeks! I have a much better idea of what used to be a completely unknown practice and industry.

I'd say the course I've completed has been money very well spent and that it was super practical and very easy to fit in a busy lifestyle.

Thank you!

Geetha Krishnan 5 months ago

As a former journalist trained in Malaysia, I felt that having that Australian perspective from the AWC will further hone my writing skills. Having Valerie Khoo lead this course has helped me further - journo to journo.

Cindy is succinct and to-the-point. I like her matter-of-fact analysis of my work and appreciate her frankness.

I learned the basics of writing as a cadet journalist 30 years ago. The elements of this course made me reminisce what I loved about writing and on being a journalist. I may not be a journalist now but I can still write for a variety of publications using different formats, angles, taking my own photos and developing contacts again.

The course is rich with content and makes it easy for all even budding writers to embrace their passion for writing. Each lesson has a positive, encouraging nudge just to edge the writer a bit closer to their writing goal.

Well done to you all for this great effort.

Dee Bajic 5 months ago

The course showed me what I needed to focus on in order to get published. I think had I not done this course, I would have been trying really hard and putting my effort into tasks that were not going to get me published.

I really enjoyed the tutorial content and the material in the handouts. That was really useful. I enjoyed analysing the articles in the handouts to identify the different elements of an article such as intro, transitions and so on. Seeing that every good article has a set structure is a bit of a relief.

Don't even think of starting out as a freelance writer if you haven't done this course. The content of this 5-week course has been more useful than the content of my entire 3-year university degree.

A big, wonderful thank you!

Walter Rothon 5 months ago

Alex was great. Very descriptive, helpful and she provided some excellent feedback and advice. I found that listening to the feedback for the other students was also extremely useful. I think having the deadlines makes it more real. Forced me to focus during the week and do the work.

I enjoyed seeing the process so easily laid out. While I've still got so much to learn, the course has made the steps to getting published look very achievable. I've made lots of notes and now have a nice collection of ideas to work on.

It's given me a framework to play with. And it's given me the confidence to just follow the steps provided. And be OK with rejections and turning 'No' into 'OK, next!"

Just do it. Sign up, do the lessons, do the homework. It's 5 weeks and you'll learn plenty.

Kristy Ellis 5 months ago

I loved the coursework and assignments. I loved that it was self paced during the week and I could participate through an online platform and not actually have to attend in person (difficult as I live miles away from the city).

I'm looking for a career change. I live in rural Australia and there were not many appealing jobs so I figured I might have to create a niche for myself with freelance writing work.

I just loved how practical it was and covered all the facets of freelancing. Brilliant course. Super practical and I learnt so much. Thanks!

Leah Eichner 6 months ago

The course was a good insight into freelance article writing. I thought Cindy was very knowledgeable and her feedback was useful.

I like the assignments. Actually doing some writing is the best part.

I can now see how to pitch ideas and know how to analyse a publication and then have the best chance of being published.

The courses are flexible and informative. The site is easy to navigate. You'll always learn something you never thought you needed to know.

Sarah McKenzie 6 months ago

I’ve had a long-held desire to write for some of my favourite publications and see my name in print! (And of course, earn some money writing professionally). I was hesitant about the cost of the course - it was hard to muster the courage to spend that much on myself but it was TOTALLY worth it.

Cat was incredible! She provided us with quality feedback quickly that was constructive and encouraging. It was like having a personal cheerleader, cheering us on! She was very supportive and knowledgeable, and I feel very grateful to have had her as my tutor.

I enjoyed the support from the AWC team - I wasn't expecting to feel so supported as an individual (rather than an inconsequential course participant).

The weekly content was SO informative, the assignments weren't too scary, and the ability to read everyone's assignments was extremely useful as a learning tool.

I now have the courage and confidence to give it a shot - I'm still crippled with self-doubt and fear of sending my work out there (god forbid I start to call myself a "writer") - but this course has shown me that becoming a freelance writer is achievable, and that has had the biggest impact.

The AWC takes you step-by-step through the process of how to do what it is you want to do as a writer, with real-world experience that is not only applicable to you, but also achievable - so you finish the course with a feeling of empowerment.

Thanks for all the invaluable information. Valerie was so honest and open with insights from the world of freelance writing and I learnt more than I thought I would.

Cathy McGillivray 6 months ago

I was very impressed with the information regarding obtaining work and the appropriate methods of contacting editors etc. Made me realise that I CAN do this and all I need to do is put the work in.

The tutor was excellent; very knowledgeable and helpful.

The course was easily understood and has up to date AUSTRALIAN information which is great.

Thank you all for your hard work in putting this course together :)

Simone Malallah 6 months ago

Cat was a fantastic tutor. She was very clear on areas I needed to work on. Her knowledge is truly valuable.

I enjoyed the assignments. Putting the theory into action was a great experience.

I feel I have the tools to go forward and pursue freelance writing.

Thank you so much to Valerie. Her classes and words of wisdom are priceless. Do it! You won’t regret it.

Barbara Kelly 7 months ago

I felt I really fitted this course i.e. the lessons, handouts, assignments and feedback all pushed me one step further in my expectations of self, ability and understanding of 'polishing my craft'.

The tutor was great! Cindy was very thoughtful, helpful, thorough and positive in feedback to me.

I liked the freedom of doing the course online when I was ready to meet each challenge i.e. listen to the audio, take notes and listen again later, reading handouts and absorbing the information, instead of being in a classroom with so many distractions. I liked the method of sharing assignments amongst the group. I really enjoyed doing the profile of another person.

The whole course was challenging, encouraging and exciting. The lessons were easy to understand (Valerie is brilliant at breaking down her years of experience and translating her knowledge into the right words and at the right pace for a learner), the assignments were not too difficult and easy to understand and the whole course was laid out in well thought out steps.

At the beginning of the course I thought, "I really want to do this course but that will be it". Now there is a voice in there telling me to go on and take the next step, put my big toe in the water and try being a freelance writer. Take it as it comes but keep moving forward. Push through the self-doubt.

I would say definitely to give it a go. The course is conveniently online, with easy self-paced lessons, weekly feedback to keep you on track AND I won't forget the support I had from Abby and the encouraging messages from Rah. This all adds up to a very encouraging, supportive writing experience.

I really enjoyed the course and congratulate all of you at AWC for doing a grand job in this really trying time of COVID etc.

Paige Diggens 7 months ago

This course taught me more than I thought it would - including to believe in what I am capable of.

The tutor was awesome. I loved the video feedback.

It has given me the tools and encouragement to push for a different career in life, and that I am not just stuck at a desk job.

Overall this was an amazing experience. I have learnt a lot about myself and my skill set. I look forward to working toward my goal of getting published this year and cannot wait to share my successes!

Benjamin Lee 7 months ago

I wanted to learn practically the business of writing for paid publication, to earn some form of income and build a portfolio of writing articles.

There was a lot of detailed practical information about freelance writing that was really what I wanted to hear about, particularly at the end re: the process of submitting, pitches and invoicing.

It was helpful, friendly and good to have verbal feedback online; that was something new for me. It demystifies the process of writing for publication and makes me think it's practically do-able. It's a detailed, hands-on online course that equips you in real ways to get writing and submitting articles afterwards.

Kerry Foss 7 months ago

I love writing, and while it has always been a part of my jobs, I've never given it the focus I'd like it to have. I wanted a recognised, online course that was straight-to-the-point about how to get started with freelance writing. This was perfect!

I wondered what the commitment would be - time wise, and for the assignments. The way it's structured, it really makes you WANT to give everything a go. Everything was presented so well, and the assignments are simply a great opportunity to apply learnings, rather than being daunting.

I have loved every minute of this course!
I loved the podcast resources.
I loved the assignments.
I loved the feedback from Alex.
I loved the flexibility - it was easy to fit into my life.

Alex is so knowledgeable. She was supportive and encouraging, but specific with her feedback. I loved the podcast feedback she posted - it was great going through each of my classmate's work, as well as my own. Shared learnings!

I feel empowered to make a career in writing. I love the idea of applying my writing skills to areas that interest me - the 'interest me' bit is really exciting! I've done lots of copywriting for companies / businesses in the past, but I feel like I now have the templates and tips to approach editors and write feature articles in the right way, removing some of the imposter syndrome I've always felt.

Before I enrolled in this course, I'd been thinking I may need to go back to Uni and do a writing or journalism course. This course was less time intensive, lower cost and very practical - but would it actually deliver? I had listened to many of the AWC podcasts, which I love, so it seemed like a logical step forward. I am SO grateful that I took the step and enrolled. I have loved every minute and can't wait to get started on another one!

Don't hesitate! The AWC courses are practical and informative, challenging and empowering. AWC connects you with fellow writers who are on the same path as you. The support is amazing. Enrol today!

Ian Acheson 8 months ago

I've been receiving the AWC weekly email for a couple of years now and been reading about this course. Now was a good time for me to dive in and see what it was like.

The assessments were the most valuable part of the course as Cat's suggestions were especially eye-opening for me.

Cat was very perceptive and appeared to give everyone solid counsel as well as good encouragement.

I enjoyed Valerie's podcasts. I learnt many new things that are particular to feature writing which I appreciated.

Well done, Valerie and Cat. And thank you!

If you're wanting to be a freelance writer then do this course!

Tess Palmyre 8 months ago

My only hesitation was that I might not have the time to do it properly with work and home life. I delayed signing up for years because of this but always kept an eye on when the next course was coming out.

I loved the tips and examples in the course material! I finally have a method for feature writing and pitching to editors. I had no idea about either of those things before, it was very much trial and error. I feel more confident incorporating freelance writing into my communications consultancy now.

Vicki Milliken 8 months ago

A fantastic introduction into the world of freelance writing. The course is well paced and each module builds on the previous one. At the end, you have the basics to get out there and start writing and pitching articles.

Bernice Shepherd 8 months ago

I really enjoyed the course and found it extremely practical.

The feedback from Sue was great, very useful and constructive and very welcome. I think the feedback on my work and on others has helped me a lot in understanding what might be required of a freelance writer and what editors are looking for.

It is very confidence boosting and makes you feel like this is not totally out of reach. It has given me the very practical tools required to actually start putting myself out there to see what happens.

I think it has improved my writing by giving me more structure and focus, and a framework within which to work.

I'd just like to thank Sue for her very helpful and supportive feedback!

James Madden 8 months ago

Sue provided great feedback. It was great to hear her voice in the first module too. The assignments and feedback were a great addition to this. I'm sure I wouldn't have learned as much had this not been offered.

My pitching has improved as well as my writing. Valerie's tips were great and really helped me see features in a different light. I can pick up on the format when I read a feature now, and identify the conventions. I also feel more confident in interviewing. I really appreciate the way the course was laid out. Previously I did a tiny bit of research and would then pitch. Unsurprisingly my pitches were rarely commissioned. Now, I can see the work that goes into a story idea before pitching, and I hope this will make the difference between my pitches before and after.

If you're at the beginning stages of wanting to freelance and you're wanting to learn more tips and tricks of breaking into the industry, leap at the chance to study the Freelance Writing Course with AWC. You won't regret it and it's great value for money.

Randa Mushcab 8 months ago

I appreciated that the tutors were veterans in the writing field and could provide real practical advice for any beginner writer.

The tutor was encouraging yet constructive. Alex provided great advice each week. I enjoyed listening to her weekly feedback.

I liked having an assessment to complete each week. It helped me to get out of 'listening' mode and begin practising from day 1.

This course was like a blueprint to becoming a freelance writer. Valerie has considered every possible step along the way and covered it with great advice.

This is a great course for anyone who is serious about a career in freelance writing.

Sarah Bashforth 9 months ago

I was looking for a writing course that would let me "dip my toe in the water" so to speak without outlaying thousands of dollars if I then found that writing wasn't for me.

The resources are extremely helpful, in particular the audio lessons that you can download and listen to as many times as you need to. The lessons by Valerie are explained in easy-to-understand terms which was very beneficial to me because I have never had anything at all to do with the writing industry before.

Sue White was very helpful with the feedback she provided so you knew where you got it right and where you could improve.

I really enjoyed the way the online classroom is set out whereby you can chat and comment with your fellow classmates and tutor. I also felt that because you could view your classmates' assignments and the feedback they received from the tutor, it meant you could learn more about what to do and what not to do when writing a feature article.

I am longing for a new career path because I have been doing the same job for 10 years. I want a new direction in my life and to do something I am passionate about and something that gives me the flexibility to work from home or from anywhere at all really. My dream would be to go road tripping around Australia and to be able to write for publications about our beautiful country.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone. For a small monetary and time commitment you learn so, so much! And not just how to structure an article but about how to actually pitch to publications so you earn money from writing.

Justine Field 9 months ago

I started publishing pieces on Medium.con this year and this gave me the confidence to consider freelance writing. I found this course and it looked practical and useful as well as affordable. I liked the flexibility of the Online learning platform.

Cat was very supportive and approachable and provided useful advice.

I really liked the listening materials- very informative and entertaining. It was great being able to listen to them in my own time. They're a really good resource and I'll be dipping back into them over the coming months.

It turned the idea of freelance writing from a fanciful dream to a realistic prospect and gave me the tools to get started.

I think it's a really good course and I'm looking forward to more.

Eleanor Meyer 9 months ago

Cat is professional, experienced and kind. I really loved how the information provided was so clear, and brought to surface the information a new starter needs to know - it didn't assume information. It makes this feel possible...!

I quit my job! It gave me the mechanism by which I could build a future in writing. It was supportive and clear with its teachings.

A lot of this course is about making things obvious, clear and relevant, but a lot of it is also about being proactive and how to do that. Clearing the muddy waters. I wish you'd write a similar course for life, I'd drink it in! Thank you!

Emily Dawn Willmett 9 months ago

After a lot of thought in 2020, I had committed to studying Journalism in 2021 - then the fees were released. After being deflated and shocked by the 133% increase in fees, I began looking for other options. I quickly came across the AWC online and decided to begin in November 2020.

I was surprised at the level of detail shared, and felt it was all very valuable and well set out.

I have enjoyed the comments Cat has provided, and her feedback has helped me rework some ideas. I enjoyed learning about writing profiles, and receiving industry insights from Valerie.

I feel more confident to write for publications and I am more inspired to continue courses like this instead of university.

I'd say that it's a comprehensive, professional and affordable way of harnessing skills in communication to assist in many areas of business. It's not just for freelancers. Thank you.

Melissa Lourey 9 months ago

I would say that the course is great in providing practical, up to date information on not only writing feature articles, but the business side of becoming a freelance writer.

I recently sent my first pitch to Essential Baby. I followed the instructions on the module on following up and I'm happy to say they published my article. This would not have happened if I hadn't have done the course.

Thank you, Valerie and Sue!

Theresa Elmes 10 months ago

The tutor gave considered responses and focussed feedback. Really appreciated her time and input.

I enjoyed the feedback because, in order to understand whether I'm connecting or have potential to connect with an audience, I need feedback on what's working/not working. It's through and with that feedback that I grow as a writer.

Patsyanne Dudman 10 months ago

I have always had an interest in becoming a freelance writer and this course ticked all the boxes. The step-by-step tuition was fantastic and it deals with the now. Sue has an amazing wealth of knowledge and I like the fact that she does not beat around the bush.

Confidence was my biggest fear. I had that weighing heavily on my shoulders: can I do this? But once I knocked that away, I was fine. It was a fantastic course as there was so much to learn and take in.

Sue, poor woman, must have the patience of a saint. Her feedback is constructive and I appreciated that if she didn't like something, she was diplomatic about how she told you. Her knowledge is like finding a gold seam.

I enjoyed everything about the course, from start to finish. Plus the bonus of making new friends. No matter what level they were or niche they followed, we all contributed together.

I know I may not be the glossy mag feature writer; however now I know how to look for what I want and how to go about it with style instead of being a bull in a china shop. I am very thankful for what I have learnt and the teachings and feedback from Sue.

Josephine Gagliardi 10 months ago

The tutor was great! Sue was really helpful and was obviously very knowledgeable. It was fantastic being tutored by her.

I loved listening to the module lessons with Valerie Khoo talking. I learnt a lot and it was really helpful to be able to listen when and where I wanted.

It has made me feel like this is something I really can do and really pursue. I'm excited to start!

Janet Stone 10 months ago

I enjoyed learning all the practical and insightful information. I have had 4 stories commissioned with MiNDFOOD, and stories published with The Saturday Paper, Kids on the Coast and Reader's Digest.

Do it or you'll regret it.

Kiera Archer 10 months ago

Alex was great and provided great feedback and always explained what she meant. Once Alex gave me feedback on my ideas and how to angle them more, I was like, aha! I get what you mean! and could go away and change it.

I enjoyed the assignments! I didn't think I would but once I got going, I loved it.

It's given me something to be excited about again. Also helped me to decided which direction I would like to go in.

100% worth the time and every cent!

Matthew Koch 11 months ago

I enjoyed the balance between advice on writing style/what makes a ‘good’ feature article, and an overview of the industry more generally - in particular what editors are looking for and advice on how to actually get your work published is spot on.

I was very appreciative of Cat! She consistently provided constructive and very actionable feedback and advice.

The weekly audio lessons were well structured and very easy to find time throughout the week to complete each module. The examples provided in the audio and on the handouts brought the course content to life.

I also found the weekly assignments were challenging enough to consolidate the learning for the week and feel like you had achieved something (not just a 'ticking the box' exercise), without being excessively daunting or stressful. It was also good to interact with the other students, and see their assignments/feedback, as we are all from different backgrounds.

Thank you Valerie, Cat, and all involved for a wonderful course. I'm sure I will see you in another one soon!

Jo Kinvig 11 months ago

I love that it gave me everything I need to be able to start feature writing right now. Super practical and really great content.

Sue was great; she obviously really knows her stuff! Her feedback on my work and of my classmates' work was really helpful and insightful.

I was nervous initially. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it. But that was everything to do with me and nothing to do with this course. And in the first week, all nervousness was gone.

The thing is, I think I can write, but previously I relied on my instincts to take the story where it needed to go. This course has given me the templates to structure an article properly, know how to do those sparkly transitions, write a hook, and the all important ending. But also, how to analyse a publication, interview people, and pitch my work to a publication. It feels like everything you need to know to get started in feature writing is in this five-week course.

Best five weeks you'll ever spend if you'd like to be a freelance feature writer one day. Everything in this course is aimed at getting you paid work.

Charlotte Sinclair 11 months ago

I liked that it was 5 weeks and I could do it in my own time. It was also super helpful having access to the teacher and fellow classmates. One day I would really like to do feature writing on gardens and the gardening industry and this course seemed like a really practical way to get started with this dream.

Frankie Pinch 11 months ago

Alex was generous with her knowledge and kind to us as students. Her feedback was grounded, practical & encouraging. I enjoyed the lessons, practices and set tasks.

I feel more confident and ready to pitch ideas. I learned about pitching several years ago with Valerie but feared the process. This time I feel ready and I’m not as fearful of the outcome, good or bad, if my idea is sound and the techniques are in check.

Just dive in whatever your writing goals or interests! I would add that the courses I have completed have given me the skills and confidence to get going and if I can, you can too.

A big thank you!!

Georgina Sierra 11 months ago

I have been looking at ways to transition to an occupation that allows me to work from home (or anywhere really). I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to complete the work with having two kids under the age of three ( can!).

I found Sue to be knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. I liked the positivity, knowledge and how this course answered all of my questions about freelance writing.

There was so much information that when I spoke with a journalist/editor friend about freelance writing she confirmed everything on this course.

I have always been someone who loves creative writing. I have undertaken studies recently that required me to submit essays for examination. They were not really creative and my writing in those was OK. I gained great marks for knowledge but not so much the writing. Since starting this course, I can see where I 'went wrong' and my writing has definitely been impacted to be better.

It was informative, encouraging and full of the right information. A big thank you!

Donna Groves 11 months ago

This course does exactly what it promises. Absolutely worth every cent. It also provided a lockdown lifeline!

Alex is a natural teacher. Very supportive and inspirational. The Zoom session was great and I loved doing the profile piece.

I think you've clearly perfected this course over the years. It's really on the mark. It gives you the basics and the key to the door. You just need to open it when finished, if you want to.

I'm going to get off my rear end and get going.

Tanya Enright 1 year ago

It was fantastic to have Alex's feedback. Alex is attentive and thorough.

The course boosted my confidence to pitch my articles. There are not many freelance writers that are reliable. This provides an opportunity for conscientious writers. I have a chance to be published.

Thanks for another great course, AWC!

Arianne Perry 1 year ago

I now look at both online and print media very differently and analyze who their target audience is along with their subject matter. How long ago some of the articles may have been written and the work that goes on behind the scenes.

I found Sue very professional with good feedback to make you think about your audience and/or publication, ensuring both your subject and writing style match both.

(AWC is) a great learning environment that is very supportive with professional and helpful tutors.

Gregory Lewis 1 year ago

I enjoyed listening to Valerie's audio - she has a voice that (for me) made the subject matter easy to listen to and her industry knowledge is great.

The course really does give a person a very good understanding of the basics to start freelancing. I would definitely recommend the course.

Annette Miles-Mccarron 1 year ago

A wonderful introductory course. Very professionally packaged. Effortless navigation through the course handouts, lessons and assignments.

Laura Milton 1 year ago

The AWC is highly professional and organised. Things ran very smoothly, modules were always available when promised, and feedback was prompt. It was great seeing other people’s work, and learning from their successes or failures as well as my own.

Stephanie Hope 1 year ago

The Freelance Writing course is comprehensive without being overwhelming and gives you the confidence to give it a go!

The length of the course is a big win - being able to learn so much in a short period time is so helpful.

Amanda Canfield 1 year ago

I've been a teacher for years and always thought that's all I could ever be. This course opened up my eyes to other possible careers that I could pursue using my writing skills.

Cat was a kind tutor who gave open and honest feedback about our work. She was prompt to answer any questions posted in the chat.

Thank you...I have a notebook full of notes and a head full of ideas!

Martha Valakos Boaden 1 year ago

Seeing the success that past students had accomplished gave me the confidence that this was the right organisation to give me the foundation and building blocks I needed to get started.

Sue was great and her feedback was extremely valuable. It helped in guiding me in the right direction and gave me the confidence I need to move forward.

Valerie's audio lessons and her knowledge were fantastic. I loved that I could pause and take down the important stuff and also go back and listen to them when I needed to. It made me feel like I was in an actual class. I liked that we got to see each other’s work as I think we learn something from each other in that way.

It made me realise I can do this if I put my mind to it.

I learnt so much about the industry as a whole and have a huge respect for the established freelance writers out there. Now I am suddenly drawn to the magazine aisle in the supermarket and find myself buying print publications, which is something I have not done in years. Now I look at magazines in a different light, assessing their content and calculating freelance v in-house writers before I buy.

It has made me realise what my niche is. What I really want to tell the world about. I found my passion (apart from writing that is) so it's on to the next course to learn as much as I can to be the best I can be.

If you want to be a writer then the AWC is where you need to go to get started. They will provide you with the foundation, knowledge, skills, and confidence you need so you can catch that dream and start living it instead of just dreaming about it.

Looking forward to doing the next course with the AWC. This was a great experience.

Debbie Warrier 1 year ago

I honestly felt the course was comprehensive, concrete and well set out. I would say that it was better than my Graduate Diploma in Journalism with regards to covering print journalism.

Sue was very supportive, encouraging and honest. She also has worked for noteworthy publications so has got credibility.

I enjoyed getting feedback from the assignments that we had. It was a bit daunting doing them but getting encouragement and direction was very helpful.

I think it's given me a new mindset on how to think like a writer. It was a refresher but also covered a lot of new ground.

Do it! You won't regret it.

Kirsty Street 1 year ago

I wanted to understand the steps to be able to pitch, find stories, and get them out there. This was only 5 weeks which was a perfect short course.

I enjoyed being able to access all the student's contributions and found this to be a good learning. I enjoyed the thorough comments from Sue and her constructive feedback was helpful in pointing me in the right direction. I enjoyed being able to choose my own story and apply all the skills I am learning to that story.

I know that I can write well and that I am on the right track. This reinforced to me that this is a good journey for me to be on and to be persistent in reaching my goals. That I do have the skills to be able to write well.

I would say that it is easy to achieve in the timeframe, the assignments don’t take up too much of your week, and the learning is flexible and valuable. I completed Blogging for Beginners and Reinventing Yourself while I was doing this course! Both of these complemented well.

Catherine Woodger 1 year ago

I definitely enjoyed the practical content of the course. Explains the nuts and bolts of the craft and in an order that makes sense. Each week builds on the knowledge of the previous week in a seamless fashion. Liked the combination of audio lessons and handouts. I'd rewind the audio, listen again, and move on when ready. Liked the encouraging tone.

Sue provided thoughtful and constructive feedback.

It's given me confidence in my writing abilities and the belief that I could be a freelance writer if I apply all I've learned in this course. It's now up to me to get on with it.

'Wear out your shoes and luck will follow.' Like most creative endeavours, it's 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration!! in other words, don't sit around waiting for inspiration, just get started and the ideas will come.

It's a very supportive environment and it's very practical. The tutors are experienced professionals.... oh and it's a lot of fun! A bit challenging of course, as it should be.

Thank you to Valerie and Sue for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Thank you for taking the time to put together a really practical course. Thanks also to the team behind the scenes who responded quickly to my emails. By the way, the learning hub is very user-friendly.

Hannah Juanta 1 year ago

I am in the process of discovering my 'next right thing' in life, while juggling two kids, and would love to be able to pursue my love of writing in a more professional/paid capacity. The course was very appealing as it was online with limited contact hours and this suited my mum-life at the moment. The reviews of the course were also really good and from like-minded people.

The assignments were actually really fun and creative, and pushed me in terms of how I usually write vs. how a freelancer would write.

Thank you, Val and Sue, for your input and support in creating and facilitating this!

It's an easy paced, informative way to learn something totally new or hone existing skills while learning from some of the best. It was a great 5 weeks - I wish it were longer!

I'm calling myself a writer and we're doing this.

Mar Ferrer 1 year ago

I really enjoyed listening to Alex's clear and concise feedback. Great and meaningful feedback, always flagging good points. Thanks Alex! It's been a pleasure.

Jo Dempster 1 year ago

I had heard that it offered practical and applicable tips to improve writing skills. I am new to the writing profession and was looking for this experience.

I was concerned it may not be appropriate as I do not have the time capacity to freelance write yet. This wasn't an issue in the end though as the tips were valuable for my current role and have given me good ideas for the future too.

Feedback was helpful particularly on drawing my attention to structure. I also found listening to her feedback on other class members helpful too.

I enjoyed listening to the deconstruction of good and bad feature articles. It was helpful to have my attention drawn to what works well and what doesn't and has already made me more conscious about looking out for things that I do when I'm writing.

It has shown me that freelance writing is a career option and that there are many different ways it can be done. It's helped me to shake off some of the cobwebs about writing techniques and reminded me of some key stylistic and structural points to consider when writing effectively.

The Australian Writers' Centre provides practical and applicable education. If you are serious about pursuing writing, then pick a course.

Sarah Burt 1 year ago

I was attracted to the practical side of things and the tangible skills of pitching and making freelance writing a genuine job prospect. Having already completed a Master of Journalism I was slightly concerned I may already know a lot of the content, but it was very different to the technical writing skills I honed in that course.

The tutor was fantastic. Thorough and fair. I enjoyed the online course chat section.

It is a practical and hands on way to hone skills.

Sophie Kilmartin 1 year ago

The format and structure works well with the mix of audio and reading material and class chat. Cat seems very professional whilst being honest and personable.

I realised I really looked forward to doing the class time and writing. I am beginning to think I could do this.

The course is well-structured, easy to digest and incorporate in normal life, and technically reliable.

Christine Pike 1 year ago

I thought Cat was great and offered useful feedback and encouragement.

It was a really accessible and easy to navigate course. I feel much more confident to pitch an article to a magazine and how to do that.

A great way to get into the writing industry with fantastic insight and mentors.

Sage Glasgow 1 year ago

With my plans for 2020 totally changing I figured it might be time to pursue my writing career.

This course made me feel like I could make a career out of writing and I love that.

Cat was very supportive and helpful and catered to any needs that me or my fellow peers had throughout the course.

I now feel like this is something I can pursue as a career, where once it used to just be a dream that I could never achieve.

... it is great for people who lack the confidence in writing and feel like they are unsure if this is something they want to pursue as a career because it is a really well done and supportive course.

Angela Emmerton 1 year ago

FANTASTIC. Cat seemed to know exactly what was in my head. Her feedback was always helpful, constructive and spot on.

I understand how to write a profile piece now. How to analyse a publication. I understand that my stories need to be current, that for a feature article your content has to be unique or new.

The AWC is professional and has a wealth of knowledge of the industry.

Sharon Wild 1 year ago

I was attracted to this course by the desire to launch a part-time career in wine writing. I have been published in the past and am now keen to pursue this with greater focus.

The tutor is super inspiring, thorough and prompt with feedback. I enjoyed the actual learning and also hearing of real-life examples of course attendees who are now writers. It's given me skills to use and inspiration to pursue writing as a career.

I'd say the courses are super-practical, in chunks that allow me to fit it in around my daily life.

Patsy Tierney 1 year ago

I thought it may not be very practical - I was wrong! Lots of very usable content. In particular, I found the last section useful... how to pitch!

I actually enjoyed the discipline of weekly assignments (its been awhile since I have studied - so I was very scattered to start with). It has encouraged me to keep going. I am very time poor with two businesses and midway through another course but I am encouraged to get my writing out there... to make it a priority.

Do it. It is practical and will set you up to not only write your first feature but have it published. Thanks - really great course!

Maria Teresa Coligado 1 year ago

I am wanting to do freelance writing aside from my full time job. I would like to take freelance writing seriously when I am out of lockdown.

The subjects on hook and good transitions were very interesting, also understanding and knowing a targeted publication's audience.

This is a great opportunity to go online and sharpen your writing skills especially when you cannot attend a class face to face.

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