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The most enjoyable part of this course was the example of a bad feature story, covered in one of the modules. Learning what NOT to do was effective and I enjoyed anticipating the critique when reading through it with the online narrator.

— Catherine Wright

The content was really engaging and delivered in a professional but interesting way. Listening to the audio was not boring and just the right length of time.

— Leia Thomas

Engage, get feedback, get serious, learn, move forward, be a part of a writing community.

— Sharon Emmett

I liked that we got to see each other's work. It was interesting to see different takes on the same assignments. I also liked the ease of doing the work and listening to the tutorials in my own time, while still having the structure of assignment deadlines.

— Barbara Skeggs

I love the proactive focus of this course! Never before has an online course made me want to put my new skills into practice as enthusiastically as this course has!

— Jessie Cunniffe

I was nervous coming into an online learning environment, as I was concerned that I wouldn't receive the same level of engagement / experience I would expect from an 'in person' classroom experience. After the first module I realised this was very suitable to me and I could take time to process the information given and ask any outstanding questions I had.

— Jessica Newman

The content is very practical and it gives you the skills and confidence to not only start writing, but to show that it is possible to build up a career as a writer!

— Katherine Guarino

Alexandra pulled no punches as to what it takes to be a professional freelance writer. Her delivery was upbeat, knowledgeable and fast-paced. She addressed our questions well and kept to time.

— Richard Gilzean

Hands down, the online courses in Freelance Writing, and Travel Writing at AWC are the best courses I have ever done. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting a career in freelance writing. Since doing the course, I've become a regular contributor to SBS, Women's Agenda, Essential Kids, Essential Baby, and many others.

— Lilani Goonesena

I took a leap of faith and enrolled in the Freelance Writing online course at the Australian Writers' Centre. Writing is something that I have wanted to do for so many years but life sometimes takes you the long way around. The course was fantastic! The content was detailed and thorough; it covered everything I needed to know to kickstart my writing career. The presentations were clear and easy to follow and the feedback and interaction from the tutor was brilliant. Now, 18 months later, I can say I am successfully forging a part-time career as a freelance writer, having been published on a number of online sites. I am finally realising my vision of being a writer and would never have had the confidence or courage to do it if it hadn't been for the course ‚ and the ongoing support from the centre and past participants in the Graduates' Club. For anyone who is contemplating following their dream I say: Stop pondering and do it! It will be the best thing you have ever done.

— Jodi Gibson

With no prior writing experience, I completed the Freelance Writing course and, within a month, was published by Fairfax Media. I have been writing regularly for them ever since. I was also published by a US magazine immediately after the course, which is distributed to a niche audience including the US Congress. They liked my work so much I was made associate editor within three months. I have written for various magazines about a range of topics, and the work has opened up many doors and networking opportunities, so I now am able to earn more money working from home with complete flexibility than I did in my previous roles that were difficult to juggle with family life. Another aspect that I love is stumbling across something or someone interesting in everyday life and thinking 'I should write about that', then actually doing it ‚ and getting paid to do it. I've never felt so valued in my work.

— Brooke Lumsden

Doing the feature writing course gave me the confidence to go for it. My first pitch was accepted by the first editor I approached and the subsequent article was recently published in Landscape Architecture Australia magazine ‚ my first pitch landed me my first paid gig! The ongoing support from the ace community of AWC graduates and staff helps keep the momentum rolling. Valerie and her team have the knowledge ‚ and genuine desire ‚ to help you craft a successful career as a freelancer.

— Lucy Salt

The value for money and chance to reinvent or enhance your career is priceless.

— Melanie Dower

The Australian Writers' Centre is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to springboard into writing, whether as a full time career, or a part time pursuit. Four years later, I look back and I'm truly thankful that I took the first step. The only person stopping you from leading the life you want is you, and if writing is part of that dream, then enrolling at AWC is a great first step to take. Just do it!

— Georgia Rickard

Attending the course was a massive revelation. It was literally a light bulb moment. I sat the whole time with my mouth open and couldn't believe that I could possibly earn money doing what I loved to do. I could pursue it as a legitimate career path. I wish someone had told me this was possible 20 years ago.

— Victoria Birch

I learnt so much. In fact, during that five-week course, I learnt more than I'd ever learnt in English at school! Doing a course at the Australian Writers' Centre gets you to the position you need to be at as a writer so much faster.

— Heather Smith

I learnt so many things. It was action packed and information packed. I learnt how to approach editors; how to get an editor to say: 'Yes, I want you to write this story for me'.

— Libby Hakim

If you're thinking about doing a writing course, do it with the Australian Writers' Centre.

— Melinda Samson

Getting insight from a working freelance writer was extremely helpful. It was also fantastic to structure the course with one lecture and Q&A session followed by a workshop session. I took the course to learn how to write a pitch and to gain insight into an industry I know very little about and came away having learned what I sought to learn.

— Grace Foss

I have attended three courses at the Australian Writers' Centre: Freelance Writing (twice) and From Blog to Book. I'm now looking forward to doing Creative Writing Stage 1. I have had articles published in local Art magazines and Street Presses and I am enjoying my writing journey. I must say of all the colleges, centres and organisations I have been associated with the Australian Writers' Centre has been the most constructive, and helpful. I thank you for such a current, professional environment to study in and look forward to a long association with the Centre.

— Carly Schultz

I would say that the course I did from the Australian Writers' Centre has given me the tools and confidence to start writing. I highly recommend it for the quality of its content, presentation and feedback. Each module was packed with valuable, relevant information that was delivered by Valerie in a pleasant and interesting manner. I also found it a safe, non-threatening environment where I could experiment and start to take a few risks. I'm really sorry my course has finished! I would say that if you want to start writing and learn how to write well, take a course at the Australian Writers' Centre.

— Anne Bennett Taylor

When I signed up to do the course Freelance Writing with the Australian Writers' Centre. I was a bit sceptical about doing my first ever online course, but shouldn't have worried. The whole process was easy and it was great having virtual classmates to discuss the lessons and to cheerlead each other on to success, even if it was a bit bizarre not being able to see them!

I actually got my first paid commission from a magazine while I was still doing the five-week course. Five months later, my article was published in Cosmo Bride magazine and I was hooked (line and sinker) on the writing game. Since then, I've been published by titles including Girlfriend, Jetstar Magazine, Women's Health and Fitness, Diabetic Living and The Big Issue, as well as ABC The Drum and Mamamia online.

I've also recently completed the Travel Writing online course taught by Sue White, which definitely lived up to my first wonderful learning experience with the Centre. It offered me real, practical guidance to ethical questions, writing practice and feedback. The entire experience felt like fun, not work.

I've now got my sights set on the courses in Food Writing and How to Get Your Book Published. I'll definitely keep coming back for more. One of the best things about the Australian Writers' Centre is the ongoing support. Valerie, Sue and the other teachers don't just cut you loose once you've finished your course. They keep helping you through the email newsletter, blogs, Graduates' Club and more. I wholeheartedly recommend trying a course with them. The only thing you'll regret is not giving it a go sooner.

— Rebecca Douglas

The course outline covered all of the topics I expected from an introduction to freelance writing. The length (over a weekend) meant I could have dedicated classroom time that fit with my full-time work commitments, plus having an instructor of Cindy's calibre gave me confidence in the quality of content. The number of attendees wasn't too large, yet there were enough of us with varied backgrounds to bring different perspectives to the course. Cindy has an extensive background in the industry and was able to bring real-world experience and knowledge to the course. The feedback she gave on the assignment was clear and constructive.

— Matt Crane

With her years of experience, Cindy offered very knowledgeable insights into what essentially makes an article work or not. The Freelance Writing Stage 1 course is very useful if you're trying to decide if a career in freelance writing is suitable for you. You'll be offered a truthful account of the industry and it's opportunities and challenges.

— Catherine McInerney

Cindy was an engaging facilitator. I particularly loved the deconstruction of published articles Cindy provided a great balance of wry humour, sharing of real experiences and trade knowledge. The Australian Writers' Centre offers a non-threatening, non-academic approach to writing workshops ‚ a safe place to give writing a go.

— Julie Pearce

I really enjoyed that the course was informal and extremely informative. Cindy was very knowledgeable and had a relaxed teaching style which meant that as a participant I felt very comfortable. If you want to further your writing ability and potential freelance work then this is a must do. I highly recommend the course.

— Nicole Poole

Great course. Steps you through the elements of writing feature articles and how to get published. Plus they provide loads of examples and information sheets.

— Frith Fairley

The course has been invaluable in many respects: I now know the different types of articles, how to structure an article and much more. Sue is very knowledgeable and an experienced writer. She was very helpful and always answered my questions in detail.

— Vicki Drozdowski

I have never done an online course like this before so felt a little vulnerable in the 'online classroom'. After the first week, though, I realised everyone was in the same boat and all the other participants in my group seemed like lovely people who were genuinely interested in getting the most out of each week's lesson. It was clearly structured and easy to navigate each week. From the start, our tutor, Sue White, established a very welcoming and friendly course environment and encouraged everyone within the group to share, question and support each other.

— Kerry Bellett

Sue was always very positive ‚ yet constructive ‚ in her criticism and comments, validating our work and offering very practical and helpful advice on how to improve our writing. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

— Kerry Bellett

Great course. Very motivating. Alex was very knowledgeable. This is a practical, achievable course. Do it.

— Melissa Gerke

The course content was very informative and I feel I learnt a lot in the five weeks. Sue was excellent ‚ very knowledgeable and gave great constructive criticism and advice! I would definitely recommend Australian Writers' Centre and say the content is really engaging and comprehensive. I feel like I've ambled along career-wise in recent years and accidentally ended up in an industry unsuited to my skills and interests. When I finally took the time to think about what I wanted to do, writing was the only thing that made sense. This course has been an absolute revelation for me; I couldn't wait to study each week and it's the first time I've been excited about my future career prospects in many, many years. Thank you Australian Writers' Centre!

— Kristy Miller

Sue was good, knowledgeable and responsive. The Australian Writers' Centre courses are run by experienced people who give practical tips on improving your writing skills and your job prospects.

— Denise Beecroft

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I was surprised how much I learned in such a short time. The course was well-paced and the assignments were not only relevant but helped me to move through my own fears around each stage of the process. Valerie's lectures and handouts were engaging and felt more like a face-to-face classroom than simply pre-recorded lectures that get trotted out each month. I appreciated Valerie's willingness to share her wealth of experience and I valued Sue's recorded feedback. By recording the feedback, I felt I was able to engage with her comments. I feel well-prepared to begin pitching ideas to Editors now (still scary, but the opportunity for another week to ask questions and refine the first pitch is like still holding a hand while moving in to a completely unknown world, letting go a bit by bit until I am ready at the end of the week). Thank you Valerie for putting together a wonderful course and to Sue for your insightful comments and encouragement.

— Natalie Hunter

The course exceeded my expectations mainly in the feedback received for the interview assignment. I experienced first-hand what was taught in the audio and the handouts. Linking with the Business Course was good in that it gave the finer points of being in business. The pitch scripts are great and a real confidence booster. Alex was professional, knowledgeable and the feedback was spot on with all the assignments. The Australian Writers' Centre provides excellent courses that are focused on delivering what they say they are going to. There are all sorts of bonuses being a member like the Facebook page, Furious Fiction and other fun and challenging activities.

— Trish Armstrong

I really enjoyed the ease of accessing the information each week and ability to communicate with my classmates and my tutor. Alex was knowledgeable and very positive about people's work.

— Jacqueline Burrell

Having not been formally trained as a journalist, it made this dream of mine achievable. We all have a voice of value. The course has given me tools to use it.

— Aisha O'Donoughue

The course was a small group of lovely people and an informative, great presenter. Cindy knows her stuff! I always feel better being given information from an industry professional and Cindy is that in spades. Thanks Australian Writers' Centre!

— Elizabeth Dracopoulos

I truly learnt so much and have come away inspired and wanting to know more. You really can't ask for much more than that. Alex was a wonderful presenter and really positive and engaging. There were a beautiful bunch of supportive women at the course. You attract a nice group of attendees! I'm already looking into dates for the Grammar and Punctuation Essential and Editing Essentials course. AWC is a really great place to start to take your writing more seriously.

— Rachel Harman

I was originally looking to do a degree in journalism or communications, but my friend recommended the course as she had recently completed it and enjoyed it. Alexandra was brilliant, she was so motivating and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed learning from her and made me feel as if I could absolutely do this. I enjoyed the fast pace of the learning and how as each section unfolded, I could visualise how it would fit into my life and how realistic it is that I could become a freelance writer. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to do it, but this course proved me wrong! Absolutely do this course if you want to become a writer. It is informative and practical and empowering.

— Julia Baker

Alex had so much practical advice! She was very experienced, knowledgeable and generous with her sharing.

— Fay Foster

Six years ago I did the Freelance Writing course with the aim of promoting rural Australia. In the current edition of RM Williams Outback I have the major story, a profile piece and a travel piece - all up 27 pages of words and photos. Thanks AWC for giving me the impetus to do this as a profession.

— Mandy McKeesick

I learnt more in two days than you would in a year at uni! Great location, great teacher and useful information that will help you get published. The course taught us real practical skills on how to write something and get published in a magazine or newspaper. Sue is an extremely good presenter. As a freelance writer she could tell us about various experiences she's had, which was very useful to me.

— Sarah Donovan

The presenter made the course enjoyable and I loved the really practical and useful information. Sue was really helpful, approachable and knowledgeable. She took the time to help us get the most out of the course material. It's a really professional set-up, teaching relevant material that really helps you reach your writing goals. I love the practical, real-world experience of the lecturers.

— Nikola Ellis

Being surrounded by motivated and like-minded people was inspiring and motivating. Sue was obviously very experienced as a writer and her personal input was invaluable.

— Tracey Markos

The entire course was so enjoyable that it is difficult to pin-point one particular aspect ‚ Sue made us all feel so comfortable and created a relaxed and open atmosphere that it would have been almost impossible to experience anything other than enjoyment. Because writing is a huge passion in my life, every topic we covered more than held my interest ‚ but the way in which Sue delivered the information enhanced this experience. Fantastic!

There is honestly not one tiny bit of negative or constructive criticism I could give on Sue. She created a warm space from the very second we opened, making sure everyone felt comfortable to speak up and be heard ‚ right to the very close of the weekend. No-one's opinion, comment or thought was more or less important than anyone else's. No matter what part of the writing journey the participant was on, Sue treated each and every one of us with the same level of respect. I would definitely do another course with Sue. She made me feel more confident in terms of my ability to continue my writing journey, and helped me come away with much needed clarity on a number of grey areas.

The Australian Writers' Centre is the perfect place for a writer of all levels to go ‚ whether it be a friend wanting to know how to begin their career, or a professional working in the field who needs a bit of a refresher. I would also recommend signing up to their fabulous e-newsletters.

— Diana Timmins

Great content. Marina was informative and patient. It was enjoyable to get out of the office to do something different and creative.

— Mary Dewar

I really enjoyed learning exactly what feature writing is, the importance of writing your articles to suit the magazine/target market, and how to pitch to editors. Marina was a great teacher. I gained so much from hearing her stories as an editor. Her knowledge has given me a better understanding of the role of an editor and what they're looking for in a writer/story idea. This will enable me to communicate with editors better as I start my career in freelance writing. The people at the Australian Writers' Centre really know their stuff about all things writing and the teachers live and breathe the industry. Everything I learnt was relevant and useful and the classes are really well organised.

— Miranda Ryan

Sue White's enthusiasm for writing made going to class on a Monday night worthwhile. She was fantastic!

— Alegria Alano

The course was so practical, and I left feeling like I could pitch a story and get published. I would say, do it! This is a super practical course that really breaks it down on what you need to do to get published.

— Erin Pfeiffer

I really enjoyed the writing exercises and interaction with other students. I enjoyed receiving feedback and found it to be helpful and timely.

— Teena van Winden

I was provided with constructive criticism and noticed a change in the quality of my writing. Sue was great.

— Melissa Freeman

I enjoyed the feedback. Sue didn't sugarcoat but provided real and constructive feedback. It kept me motivated and made me realise that maybe I AM good at this writing caper and can make a career of it. Sue didn't skimp on the detail when providing feedback and answers to our questions. I would definitely like to be tutored by Sue again.

— Kristie Armstrong

The Magazine and Newspaper Writing course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to make it in the professional world. With industry experts leading the way it was a perfectly tailored course that provided instant satisfaction. And it was knowledge that wasn't just confined to one genre. I went in with the desire to write an article about school teachers who go that extra distance to save their students and ended up transferring everything I learnt and more into my debut novel, The Good Teacher, which launched in October 2017. A big thank you to the Australian Writers Centre for sending me on my way.

— PJ Kelly

Freelance Writing Stage 1 was practical, relevant and I really appreciated the expertise and experience of the presenter. I enjoyed the interesting mix of people. Cindy MacDonald was relaxed, entertaining and inclusive ‚ clearly passionate about the industry with an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I really liked her style and responses to people's queries.

My biggest learning moment was that there are actually many many different publications, that would be well worth researching and considering to pitch a wide variety of stories. At Australian Writers' Centre you get high-level expertise in quality presenters, and the courses are practical and interesting.

The information is inspiring but also realistic so it balances encouragement with making known the realities of writing as a career. I love the Australian Writers' Centre newsletters which are always so inviting and encouraging.

— Andrea Blake

Cindy MacDonald was very knowledgeable and gave us many examples of her experience in the industry. She was very approachable and very helpful in answering questions related to the course and journalism in general.

— Nathalie Silva

I enrolled into Freelance Writing Stage 1 because I wanted to polish my skills learnt 20 years ago! I wanted up-to-date tips on how to get published and write better. The course covered relevant areas and the presenter was great at explaining things. The content flowed really well. Cindy MacDonald is very experienced, and still working in the industry ‚ so she was very relevant and I valued what she had to say. Thank you Cindy for giving your time and expertise. The Australian Writers' Centre is a great resource and educator.

— Janine Wilson

Freelance Writing Stage 1 was fantastic. I enjoyed Cindy MacDonald's presentation style. She was generous with her knowledge, covered great topics, and was extremely open and approachable. The Australian Writers' Centre is professional, organised and they're great with communication.

— Fiona McAdam

I wanted learn the ins and outs of freelance writing. I enjoyed the informative but relaxed teaching environment, and the chance to study real examples that brought to life the concepts we were discussing and learning about. Cindy MacDonald was good. She responded to my homework assignment with very helpful comments. She brought her experience into it but importantly, for me, she didn't labour on I did this or I do this, she talked in general terms, too, and used examples of lots of other writers. The course is great for giving you the tools to go away and make something happen. For a two-day course, which went quickly, I feel we covered a ton of ground and I now have a good foundation appreciation of all the topics we talked about.

— Lawrence West

I enjoyed meeting other budding freelance writers, and Cindy MacDonald was extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Australian Writers' Centre courses will teach you the fundamentals of what you need to become a paid and published writer. You get to learn from and network ‚ which is worth way more than the course cost. When you think about how much it could cost going back to University and studying, the Australian Writers' Centre is an excellent way to test the water.

— Vanessa Rawson

I've so far been unsuccessful at getting my writing published and this sounded like it would help. Having Cindy MacDonald as the instructor was also a big drawcard. Cindy was very generous with her knowledge, covered great topics, and was extremely open and approachable. The course was professional, organised, and exemplified great communication.

— Fiona McAdam

The course was practical, relevant and I really appreciated the expertise and experience of the tutor. Cindy was relaxed, entertaining and inclusive, clearly passionate about the industry and with an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I really liked her style and responses to people's queries. I have done a few other courses with AWC and really enjoyed them. You receive high level expertise in the quality tutors and the courses are practical and interesting. The information is inspiring but also realistic.

— Andrea Blake

Although I'd worked in the media before, I was unsure how to make a start as a freelance feature writer. Valerie Khoo's course on magazine writing went through the basics of developing story ideas relevant to specific newspapers and magazines; how to approach editors and pitch stories.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, an editor commissioned a story from me. It was just the break I needed and I've worked steadily as a freelance writer for the past three years.

— Jackie Woods

I found Valerie's course invaluable. I thought I knew how to write but Valerie gave us practical insights that helped me to improve my style as well as become a better editor of my own work.

Ultimately, it was the pragmatic approach to targeting and pitching that was most useful and I had my first successful pitch within two months of completing the course. Highly recommended.

— Cassandra Whobrey

Excellent! Will definitely give me a head start in a freelance magazine feature writing career!

— Monica Tan

Valerie's magazine writing course is great. It's very comprehensive and easy to follow. I am now more confident in the way I approach editors with my queries and it is paying off!

I have an article coming out in Ironman magazine and have been commissioned to do article for Fernwood magazine, with the prospect of another one.

— Lela Husen

I was thoroughly impressed with the course content and its time management. It was great to learn so much in depth in a relatively short space of time. It was informative, non-threatening and extremely comprehensive. A great way to get ahead with obviously simple but effective methods!

— Natalie Reiss

Valerie's course provides a valuable insight into the world of freelance writing. Her practical guidance and encouragement has given me the confidence to get out there and give it a go.

— Karin van Heerwaarden

I loved Valerie's course as it was full of practical tips and ideas that really changed my approach to writing. The course also introduced me to some fabulous fellow budding writers.

— Caroline Thomas

I would like to extend my thanks to you for such an enlightening course. The skills I have learnt from your expertise in the area of feature writing have surely inspired and motivated many people in the class, including me.

Since taking part in your short course I have gained the necessary confidence to pursue my passion for writing, and have since successfully submitted several features to a variety of media outlets. No mountain too small I say ... thanks for leading me out of base camp!

— Michelle Evans

The course was a great kickstart to become motivated to do something about my writing, and even make money out of it! Valerie showed us very practical ways to get work into print, and taught us that you don't necessarily have to study writing to become a published writer.

It definitely enhanced my writing skills and gave me more confidence, and also made me more critical of articles that I read. Valerie is friendly, funny and obviously very knowledgeable, making it a fun and interesting course which I looked forward to each week.

— Katie Delaney

The small class sizes gave us more personal attention and opportunity to chat with other classmates. Judy Skatssoon is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of subject knowledge and experience. Within a month of finishing the course, I had my first story printed as a full page spread in the Sun Herald! Since then, I have had further success with my stories getting picked up by a variety of other publications.

— Cindy Bingley-Pullin

Taking Judy Skatssoon's Magazine Writing course was a great investment. Not only did Judy pass on great tips for writing features, but her enthusiasm encouraged me to pursue work as a freelance writer. Since taking her course I have been published in the Australian Associated Press and Canberra Times and can't stop writing.

— Allison Garoza

I've already arranged a meeting with the editor of a magazine to pitch my idea in person.

— Lisa Yates

Judy is an excellent teacher whose knowledge of the industry is a valuable addition to the practical information shared throughout the course. The course has given me the kickstart I needed to start writing features.

— Jemma Gorman

Judy Skatssoon was excellent. Judy is dynamic, free spirited, and provides students with expert knowledge, insight and information. Judy's style is also interactive, which I enjoyed.

I have gained greater knowledge of feature writing, the structure, skill-set and style required. Also, from a business perspective, the invaluable knowledge of how to market and manage feature writing as an independent freelance writer.

— Gary Wells

I'm reading with fresh, discerning eyes and feel I have been given valuable insight into the publishing industry. The course has given me the basic skills to tackle the process of preparing and submitting my own work for publication.

Holly has a very appealing, informal and enthusiastic presentation style which seemed to engage most of the group. She made the course fun and informative at the same time.

— Leanne Gillespie

I have already recommended the course by saying it is valuable for learning how to structure a story and goes in depth about pitching, something they don't teach you at uni and invaluable if you want to make a career from freelancing. Some are born with a gift to write but that won't help you sell your work! The topics covered made it enjoyable as I was given real confidence that I would be able to use the skills learnt to make money from my writing. Sue gave great anecdotes was really informative. I felt she was a great teacher and facilitated learning really well.

— Leah Cuming

The course was taught in a practical and fun way. Sue is simply lovely! If you have any desire to write, do one of the Australian Writers' Centre courses.

— Lisa Fox

The course was fast-paced, loaded with information and perfect for those who really want to do feature writing. Sue was concise, friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable and offered a lot of herself.

— Jaci Byrne

The advice was so practical and really interesting. The information and skills I learnt were invaluable and it's hard to believe so much content fit into just two days. I wish there had been more and the course was longer ‚ it was just fantastic! Sue was a brilliant presenter, very friendly, and made the learning process really fun and easy. She had great examples for everything and made sure everything was fully covered and addressed. I would definitely recommend her. This course was really great, very practical and easy to understand with a great presenter who was passionate about her teaching topic.

— Kirsten Hyam

I was initially sceptical about doing an intensive two-day course, but it turned out to be fantastic. Sue was an excellent facilitator.

— Jane Copeland

Completing the Australian Writers' Centre Online Magazine Writing course gave me the confidence and skills to branch out on my own as a freelance writer. The five-week course provides a comprehensive but practical introduction to the world of feature writing, and this, coupled with Valerie's upbeat teaching style and real life examples, gives students a tremendous insight into the industry. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is even remotely interested in writing for magazines and newspapers.

— Nicole Richards

I've a clearer view on how feature articles are to be written, where to get information and ideas and how to eventually get myself published out there.

— Justina Goh

Whilst I have participated in other courses this one has got down to the nitty gritty and given me a different insight into how to start writing for money instead of free as I have been doing.

— Carole Lyden

I now have more confidence and heaps of useful information which is there for the keeping. The course is so manageable and the encouragement given is inspiring. This online delivery was easy. It gives the opportunity to 'sit in on the class' at a time that suits, which is so important in busy lives.

— Christine Huntdale

I know have a much clearer idea of how the industry works, what a good article consists of and how to get published. I enjoyed the flexibility, feedback from Valerie, and the amount of information I learnt in such a short time.

— Ben Harding

The course has given me the tools and confidence to enter this market. I have no doubt that I will get something published. I found it very interesting to learn about how to analyse mags, and how to go about writing in the relevant format. Overall, the course provides great insight into the industry.

— Tamzyn Dorfling

The content was extremely good and relevant and I could do it at the time most suitable to me. The course has given me a strong framework on how to take my feature writing forward and develop it into a viable incoming earning option in the future. The mode of delivery was excellent. It was great to be able to complete each module at a time that was suitable to me and my lifestyle (particularly with a small child).

— Suzanne Van Hese

Valerie shared her experience and insight generously and I feel like I have done a two-year English course in five weeks. I learnt a lot about the process of writing, and I especially liked the audio responses to our questions.

— Heather Smith

I have studied many tertiary subjects via distance modules and wish they had a spoken word component to them as this course did. I feel that my writing is quite good and may be suited to feature writing, however I didn't know how to structure, reference an article, or how to contact a magazine before this course. All this information has been great.

— Lucy Warden

I found the whole course to be interesting and relevant. It covered such a huge amount of material in a relatively short time and helped us all believe we have what it takes to pursue writing as a career! It has made me realise that if I choose to pursue feature writing as a career or part time interest I can do it! But I need to put in the hard work and time in order to get there - we now have the skills but need to make it happen for ourselves.

— Kristy McCormick

This is one of the few courses that I have done which was really worthwhile. Usually with a course, you find that they give you a textbook and you work your way through it. It's invaluable to get into Valerie's head and learn all the insider tips of an editor. You want to learn from someone who has several years experience working in the business.

— Gillian Nalletamby

Learning how to stucture my writing and having more insight into the media world has been a great benefit. The information was practical and very informative. Valerie has a down to earth approach to tutoring which makes the course user friendly.

— Kathy Newman

I enjoyed the wealth of knowledge that Valerie has, and her willingness to share. Valerie has a straight forward approach, so there is little room for wondering where you stand! The online delivery was fantastic. The best thing is being able to do it when it suited me. I have three kids and a husband who does rotating shift work, so attending in person is near impossible, but this has afforded me the wonderful opportunity of learning as much as I have.

— Diana Taylor

While I like to think I can write, I'm the first to admit I suck at research and pitching ideas to editors. After this course I feel a lot more confident about doing both. I definitely enjoyed the information Valerie gave us all - not just in the 'lessons', but also in the feedback. To get information like this from someone who's actively practising what she preaches is fantastic. (I put 'lessons' in quotes because they didn't really feel like lessons at all. It felt like we were just sitting down and talking about freelance writing. Kudos to everyone involved.)

— Bill Harper

I've had all of my questions answered about getting into freelance feature writing and now feel I have the confidence and knowledge to approach a publisher with a story idea. I think I found each module equally enjoyable ... I particularly enjoyed Valerie's presentation of each module and her audio feedback to comments and questions each week which I found almost resembled a real life classroom situation. I also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with virtual classmates (and to meet one of them in real life) and I found the assignments very useful and practical.

— Wendy Barilaro

I loved everything about the course! It was exactly what I was looking for when I enrolled. It was clear, practical and thorough. The information was fed to us at a great pace, in an order that made sense. The opportunity to ask questions was great - I would never have had the opportunity to ask someone with that amount of experience and knowledge all those questions I've been stewing on! I found Valerie completely inspiring - she was the best part of the course I'd have to say. Every time I listened a new module I had a smile on my face. She truly made me believe that being a feature writer was possible. I've benefited in a thousand ways! I know things now that would have taken me years to learn otherwise. I think the knowledge and skills Valerie taught us are invaluable.

— Velvet Garvey

I now have a much better understanding of freelance writing, including how to structure articles and approach editors. I really enjoyed how the course focussed on the practical aspects of freelance writing. The content was very down-to-earth, rather than being purely theoretical.

— Carol Howard

I knew nothing about writing or journalism before this course and the learning curve over just five weeks has been amazing. I enjoyed the presenter's real life experiences and ideas. And also the fact she transitioned into a writing career from another career... and made it all seem possible! The best thing was I could complete it in my own time. If I was too tired after work to do it all in one sitting, no problem, I could finish later during the week.

— Anna Day

I have learned a lot of 'insider' information, and I feel more confident in my quest to get published.

— Sean Wiid

I loved listening to the audio modules in my own time and found the handouts interesting and informative. It is nice to know you can access this kind of course even if you don't live in a big metrpolitan centre! I now have a greater understanding of how to structure and pitch strong feature articles, making them relevant to the publications I want to focus on.

The mode of delivery was seamless - you can access the modules at any time and re-play them at your own convenience. Valerie's style is personal, chatty and informative and posting comments is easy.

— Jacqui Walker

A lot of simple but practical 'insider' information with regard to pitching articles, transitions and analysing publications.

— Shannon Meyerkort

The content was clear, concise and easy to understand. It offered steps to adopt when writing a feature article and was supported by great examples and case studies. The online tutor was excellent. I have done university courses that don't event compare to her standard! The recordings were extremely clear and the technology used to enable online students to attend a class online was great. It was fantastic ‚ best online course I have done. And I have done a lot.

The Australian Writers' Centre really caters for the specific writing skills you are wanting to learn and refine. It is presented in clear and concise modules, accessible online classes, prepared for your convenience to study between all your other commitments.

— Renata Ogayar

It was very easy to do the course online. I liked that there was a whole week to do the modules and the fact that the classroom stays open after the course has finished.

— Lara Tulloch

Completing the Magazine Writing course with the Australian Writers' Centre gave me the confidence to take my writing further. The course content was relevant, well presented and easy to follow. The best thing about the course is how it's delivered - you can do it at your own pace and so it's very convenient. I used to download the sessions and listen to them at various times of the day. Also, Valerie was a fantastic presenter, sharing her own insight and experience. I have since had a 2 of Us, Good Weekend (Sydney Morning Herald) story published as well as several articles with different magazines.

— Claire McTaggart

I did the Australian Writers' Centre Magazine Writing course online. It was a life-changing experience for me. I was in a job 9-5 that I didn't really love, didn't have a lot of passion for, and the course gave the skills to get my writing career off the ground.

— Anna Spargo-Ryan

I've had an opinion piece printed in our local newspaper as a direct result of targetting my writing to their style by following Valerie's advice. The course was extremely practical. No fluff. I also enjoyed the welcoming environment. You were encouraged to ask any question and were not made to feel inadequate in any way. The online delivery was extremely convenient.

I looked forward to each Monday. I knew what to print out, what to download and could get myself organised so that on Tuesday I was ready to listen to Valerie.

— Lisa Hampson

Valerie Khoo was a brilliant presenter and her personality came across in her teaching which made the course thoroughly enjoyable. It has taught me some skills on how to write better and how to pitch ideas to editors.

— Joanna Greenway

It has given me a place to start. I've always thought I'd love to write feature articles for magazines but never knew where to start. It now seems like more of a reality rather than a pipe dream!

— Elaine Ballantine

I believe my writing skills have improved and I am also now armed with practical knowledge about the business of magazine writing. It was very easy and convenient to do the course online. I was actually surprised by how much it suited me. I didn't originally think I would get as much out of it as a face-to-face course, but I think I got even more. The best thing about this mode of delivery was the fact that you could download the audio and listen to it anytime. Also, the fact that you can listen to it again and again in case you missed something.

— Samantha Baker

I'm most impressed with the online course offered by Australian Writers' Centre. Responses to student work are considered, informed and honest. Most importantly, there is a high level of respect afforded to each student in the manner these responses are presented. Suffice to say, I now know so much more about magazine writing than I did five weeks ago, despite a lifetime of reading many different kinds of magazines, newspapers, online articles.

— Robyn O'Connell

Even though I have a background in journalism, I got a lot of practical information from the course which I can definitely apply to freelance writing in the future. I now have a plan of attack in terms of pitching story ideas to newspapers and magazines. It was so easy and convenient! I definitely felt part of a 'classroom' even though there was no face-to-face interaction.

— Belinda Zammit

I feel I have the skills and confidence to present my work as a professional. I have had one article accepted and have been asked for three more. I enjoyed the practical useful information from someone obviously skilled and passionate in the field.

— Alison Lee

I started the course having little experience in writing and have ended it with knowledge of how to construct quality feature articles. The delivery of the course online allowed me to undertake it in the comfort of my home at my pace. The mp3 audio files and notes were excellent. I feel incredibly grateful to have had access to such an experienced and knowledgeable presenter - thanks Valerie!

— Barbara Noller

I have been able to adopt my learning to my day job and will look to get a story published by the end of the year. That is, one outside of the corporate publications I currently get published in. The online delivery was very easy - in my opinion it couldn't have been made any easier.

— Kerrie Hawkins Waine

Valerie's course has given me a thorough understanding of working with editors in Australia and has made me aware of the freelance opportunities that are available. I'm sure I have a better chance succeeding in this market now that I'm armed with this valuable information.

— Michelle Balmer

Doing the course has stirred up my creative juices and given me some new thoughts about the future and my career direction. The best thing about the online delivery was being able to fit it in with other commitments.

— Jane Collis

Even being totally new to the world of freelance writing, I've learnt much more than I thought I would in the course. I'm looking forward to putting it into practise now! Valerie was fantastic, the content was terrific and the convenience of doing it online was great. I loved being able to do it at any time of the day or night which suited me.

— Melissa Anderson

The course was very well organised, well presented, I loved being able to do it at my own pace. I got very practical information and hints; it was great to have a course presenter who works in the field.

— Kerstin Pilz

For professionalism, relevance and sheer enjoyment, this course was streets ahead of any other I've done online ‚ and I've done a few. The information Valerie gave us in the first module alone was enough to justify the course fee. It was wonderful to get feedback from someone who's so obviously at the top of her game. I live in a remote part of Australia. If the course hadn't been offered online, I would have missed out on one of the most worthwhile professional development courses I've ever done.

— Niki Morrell

I am currently exploring different types of writing to find what I like best and this has given me a very good intro to feature writing and ideas of where I could go with it. It was very easy and convenient, [doing the course online] is the only option for me because of distance so it's great to have the opportunity to do it online, I hope more courses are made available soon!

— Gaye Nilson

I wanted to write and tell you some exciting news since I finished the online magazine writing course with you. The idea I put forward as my pitch in the course (a travel story on Griffith in NSW) has since been published in The Sydney Morning Herald Traveller section and I have another travel story coming out in the September issue of Coast and Country Magazine.

I've also been signed on as a regular freelance contributor with the Herald Sun Home Magazine, something that has meant I am now freelancing four days a week! It has been an amazing few months since I finished the course and I have to say, none of this would have been possible without your incredible skill and advice. So, many thanks once again for such a fabulous course, it really has changed my life!

— Penny Harrison

Thank you for your online 'writing for magazines and newspapers' course. Since completing your course I have been published in Insight magazine and French Provincial, with two more proposals accepted for the end of the year. I have also been sub-editing for a small women's magazine.

Although I had writing experience before your course, I didn't believe that the magazine industry was possible to break into. The language you use in the course is very empowering and the advice is practical.

— Amanda

It has surprised me how much I have learnt from this course in such a short time. The course exceeded my expectations.

— Gail Andrews

I've learnt practical tools to make my writing better, more interesting and more descriptive, and I now feel much more confident when being asked to write.

— Rene Chambers

The material struck just the right balance between informative and inspirational. I not only gained the knowledge to move forward but the confidence as well. I have attained an understanding of how to structure and frame my articles. I have learnt how to powerfully promote my craft and navigate the pitfalls and possibilities of the market place.

— Caroline McCullough

My knowledge and skills base as a writer has improved dramatically. Valerie gives all of that 'insider knowledge' that can make or break. I really enjoyed doing this course online. I've done other distance education but this was different. It didn't feel like there was any distance. The ability to post questions and have them answered the same week was great.

— Brooke Andrews

The most enjoyable part of the course is the ability to get the course done without hassles. The online concept is fantastic, and makes the course accessible. Also the fact that the course is delivered by a professional - who is also accessible. Valerie has earned her stripes, but speaks as though she is next to you, not a cut above.

— Tim McKeon

It was great being able to do it in your own time and being to pause and rewind to listen to parts over. Question and answer format was great too, really enjoyed getting feedback from Valerie.

— Susie Wicks

Just a short note to say thanks! Within a month of completing your online magazine writing course I've had my first article accepted for publication in 'Finally at 40 - Life Begins', with the promise of more work. I now have the confidence (and skills, thanks to you) to approach some bigger mags. My journey begins!¶

— Steve Wilkinson

Both of the courses I undertook through the Australian Writers' Centre (Magazine Writing 1 which I took online, and Magazine Writing 2) were invaluable in leading to my first commission for the Australian House & Garden's December issue. Apart from learning how to construct a feature article to make it enticingly readable, I also discovered how to find the right editor to talk to and how to pitch the concept so that I didn't look like a complete newcomer. The advice on contracts, how to invoice, and so on, also stood me in very good stead and I now have a 'Vendor Number' with ACP which, hopefully, means I'll be getting even more commissions. Thank you Valerie and all the staff, for excellent courses, great mentoring and unending enthusiasm.

— Shona Parker

I did your magazine writers course back in July and I thought I would send you an update of some of the things that have happened since then and thank you for a great course that helped me make the decision to pursue journalism as a career and a course of study. During the course I wrote an article tailored to Charter magazine (which they accepted).

I wouldn't have been in a position to produce anything worthy of publication if I hadn't done the course ... Thanks again for a great course ‚ my number one take away was the idea of writing as a craft, a skill that could be developed and nurtured, rather than some potentially unattainable creative gift.

— Rachael McKinney

I submitted my article and it's been accepted. The editor said it was a 'very, very fine article, very professionally done indeed'. I'm stoked. Thanks to the Australian Writers' Centre, thanks to Sue and most of all thanks to you for going out of your way to help me with this first article.

— Stephanie Hunt

This was an excellent course that contained everything you need to know to get straight into magazine writing. It didn't contain any unnecessary information. Everything was useful.

— Janis Love

The ability to listen to the modules at my own leisure was fantastic. I looked forward to them every week! The structure was brilliant and I have gained confidence in approaching publications. The Australian Writers' Centre is a great place to learn the ins and outs of a career in writing. They're professional, very friendly and have a wealth of experience in the field. I highly recommend it!

— Veeya Seekis

The course was easy to follow and easy to download and listen to on iTunes. It fitted in with my family commitments and I enjoyed the interaction with the tutor online. Sue was very helpful and current with her responses and she understood the needs of students at all levels.

— Melissa Sargent

The sessions gave a good progression through the structure, research and writing of a feature article. Sue's presentations were clear and easily understood. I especially appreciated the feedback she gave on my assignments. I work so the online delivery gave me lots of flexibility, but also let me feel I was part of a group.

— Nanette Irvine

I thought Sue was excellent. I felt she was a very approachable person who encouraged you with constructive comments. The online delivery was easy and convenient. It's fun!

— Michelle Browne

The information was very practical and relevant, and presented in a convenient and easy to understand format. Sue was wonderful with her feedback and information. Even though I always feel pressed for time in life I found it very easy to complete the course online and found it helpful downloading the modules to my iPod and listening to them on the train to work.

— Donna Webeck

Sue, you were great! Online learning is convenient and in this online course you'll learn so much about feature writing.

— Candice Laidlaw

I loved the referencing of actual feature articles and situations with the course content. It made it easy to see what we needed to do and what we shouldn't do. Sue was brilliant. It's so valuable to have hands-on industry advice like that on tap. I also loved the ability to be able to study at a time that suited my work and family situation. The Centre is extremely professional and the courses offered will get you started (or refresh you) on your writing journey.

— Nikki Parkinson

I now feel confident to approach editors with story ideas, knowing I'll be doing things right and not make a fool of myself by not following the unwritten 'rules'. I enjoyed the valuable real-life examples and insights from someone who's been there and done that.

— Micky Stuivenberg

I had my first article published within two months of finishing and sold an article soon after! I became more confident approaching editors and became motivated to actually do something every day. The online delivery was great for a mum of two children under two! I could balance a toddler on one knee while breastfeeding a newborn and still listen in.

— Christine Armstrong

I'd like to write for magazines, but had no idea where to start ‚ now I feel I understand the whole process much better. I thought the content and tutor were excellent. I'm planning to make a start as a writer, which I wouldn't have had the confidence to do five weeks ago.

— Susan Thorne

I have a clearer idea of the news industry and how to present my work to editors, magazines and newspapers; I learned how to make my work more relevant and effective. I enjoyed the structure of the course: the audio-modules with downloads; the way Valerie presented each topic in a simple and effective way; the possibility to listen to the modules over again during the week. It was very convenient and easy.

The best thing was being able to download each lesson and 'homework' and go through it at your own pace and according to your own schedule. I could follow the course despite living outside Sydney.

— Camilla Napoli

The techniques: lead-in lines, the structure, the language, the inclusions... it was all fascinating and opened up a new world. I read feature articles now in a completely new way. Learning about lead in times, approaching editors and other practical issues when considering magazines and papers was also enlightening. Extras like the info on recorders was appreciated.

The online delivery was easy and convenient. In my busy work schedule it meant I could listen at my own time, respond in my own time, and when necessary, catch up in my own time! Thanks Valerie for sharing your work with us. I greatly appreciate the skills and challenges that features writers have.

— Wendy Haynes

I am a writer for a newspaper and I lacked the confidence even to give freelancing a try. Valerie made me feel as though i could achieve my goals.

— Ilona Marchetta

As a 'newbie' to writing, I now have a complete structure and 'how tos'. Since completing the course, I have written an e-book, produced a manual, made a training course, and I'm now up to the marketing of my product! The product is a 'business in a box' - how to be a Wedding Planner. Your course has helped me write my book and produce the training manual for this.

— Cathy Morrissey

I feel more confident as a writer and that a previously missing journalism skill set has been added to my resume. The most enjoyable aspect of the course was the freedom of being able to do the course any time of the day or night. I loved the technology and the flexibility of the delivery.

— Sonia Menon

I loved Valerie's delivery - I could hear the genuine passion for her work in her voice. This was infectious and enhanced my learning. Valerie's feedback was excellent and spot on. And thanks for taking the trouble to show us how to use a phone recording device. This is the same attention to detail which was apparent throughout the course. I have lots of practical knowledge which is new to me. I know how to tackle writing an article and how to improve it. Valerie has shown me a high standard to strive for.

I liked the flexibility and convenience which meant I didn't miss a module. Even better with the online course, I could replay the audio to take notes or repeat key points. The handouts and examples were carefully selected and perfectly illustrated the points of each module.

— Marion Nicolson

The most enjoyable aspect of the course was Valerie's extensive practical knowledge and honest feedback. It makes the step to doing this as an (add-on) income earning activity very tangible and less abstract.

— Maurizio Floris

The most enjoyable thing about the course was the feeling that you were getting a real insider's look ... and a lot of great, genuinely practical tips at how to break into the market from someone who's actually qualified to give them. I feel like my writing's improved, and also my eye is now sharper in recognising information I need to further my attempts a lot better than I could beforehand.

— Nicole Forster

I now have the confidence to start writing feature articles and more importantly I now know where to begin with the process. I would look forward to every Monday morning to hear Valerie's response to our comments/questions. It was as good as being in a 'real' classroom', if not better.

— Anu John

Easy to follow, informative, credible, positive, objective, realistic. The course dispelled many of my reservations and confirmed many of my perceptions about feature writing. I was able to work around my schedule ‚ listen in the car or while walking the dog.

— Con Calagis

I loved how practical the course was. I've studied writing at uni but it was all theory and no practical. I feel like I have a lot more confidence to go out and pitch ‚ knowing exactly what editors expect.

— Maraya Bell

I completed Valerie's online course in November. By Christmas, I had secured my first freelance writing job! I was completely amazed at how quickly it all happened. Without Valerie's support and encouragement and of course the user-friendly online course, I would never have had the confidence to apply for this ongoing freelance writing position. If you follow Valerie's expert advice you really can't go wrong.

— Jo Harris

The course equipped me with all the practical information I needed to get started in my new career as a freelance writer. I learned how to develop and pitch appropriate ideas to editors, techniques for improving my writing plus countless insider tips that have helped me behave professionally in my dealings with magazines and newspapers. I believed I was a reasonable writer before I did the course but doing it has enabled me to get published.

I am now working as a writer and recommend 'Online Magazine and Newspaper Writing' to anyone wishing to do the same.

— Persephone Nicholas

I enjoyed Valerie's bright and, obviously, well informed presentation. And her energy and enthusiasm for the subject. I feel I know have an understanding of the techniques I've been needing. The online delivery was easy and convenient. I downloaded each module onto my mp3 player and took it on the bus, to the gym, wherever I was. Great stuff.

— Fran Tann

The emphasis on the structure of articles was very useful, particularly around transitions, case studies and quoting interviewees. I could see how to easily make improvements to pieces I had written in the past when I re-read them after the course.

I thought the presentation was very clear in terms of emphasising important points and not assuming any prior knowledge. I enjoyed the example articles and the commentary interspersed from Valerie were helpful.

— Simone Brandon

My work reads better and it seems to have rhythm and flow. The course has made my work more complete, showing me what I need to add/improve on, such as interviews, case studies etc. The access to excellent materials is convenient and simple. The best thing is being able to go back to the lectures and listen to them again and again.

— Chris Fitzgerald

I am writing to let you know that I can now call myself a professional writer! I submitted a piece for online publication ActNow, they published it last week and I will even get paid for it.

— Stephanie Johnston

It's practical, up to date with the industry and fun! Alecia is outstanding. She knows her stuff and is very encouraging and helpful.

— Vanessa D'Adamo

Allison was excellent in answering all the questions I asked; she was so approachable! The content was brilliant! Well-presented, easy to follow and very thorough.

— Rebecca Ray

Since completing the course I've had several pieces selected for publication on popular websites. It feels so good being paid to write! I've also secured a regular column at The Island Review, writing about life in Tasmania.

The AWC course was helpful to me in so many ways, but the single biggest advice I took away from it was on how to pitch. Before the course I had lots of ideas, I just didn't know what to do with them. Allison Tait's and the AWC taught me so much about how to construct a strong pitch tailored to a specific publication. The course boosted my confidence enormously, so that now when I email an editor with an idea I take the approach that I'm doing them a favour by offering them my skills as a writer, rather than feeling apologetic and awkward for taking up their time.

— Ruth Dawkins

Cindy was great! She had so much personal experience that was valuable. This course is a great way to learn the foundations in feature writing. I loved meeting other writers and learning from a industry leading editor.

— Cassie Lions

I enjoyed getting to meet other people who have the same aspirations and dreams. Cindy was very factual and interesting. Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 is definitely beneficial to anyone who wants to be inspired into getting into/back into the field.

— Julia Joubert

This course is a great way to learn the foundations in feature writing. I loved meeting other writers and learning from a industry leading editor. Cindy was great! She had so much personal experience that was valuable.

— Cassie Lions

Loved Cindy! She knew what she was talking about, and made it come to life for me.

— Carmela D'Amore

Cindy wasn't intimidating despite all her experience and was really approachable with questions and kind with feedback. I enjoyed the location and setting, the information being taught and the relaxed atmosphere.

— Dani Wright

The audio sessions were useful with relevant information and examples. Sue was attentive to what was submitted ‚ she was thorough with her feedback and gave clear and positive direction. The online platform made it relatively easy to give as much time to the modules as my schedule allowed.

— Ben Brooks

I enjoyed the whole course and its presentation. The audio made it feel like I was in an actual classroom and being able to interact with other students and their feedback was invaluable. Allison was excellent ‚ I gained so much valuable information and insight from her. The online platform was very easy ‚ I was able to access the course on all types of devices. I could study while I waited for the kids to finish their sporting activities. I felt like the course could easily be slotted into my busy lifestyle. Thank you!

— Liz Young

The course was uber inspiring ‚ it's like someone turned on a switch in my mind and BAM! There's a stage musical and the spotlight is on me, writing. Dancers leap across a Scrabble-like floor, covered in words, clutching books at their chest. The whole thing is so well-rehearsed, like it's been headlining on Broadway all. this. time! The Australian Writers' Centre bought me a ticket to my own show and I haven't stopped writing since! I sent off my first pitch within four days of completing the course. Bravo and thanks!

— Janelle Walters

Michael was fantastic, very knowledgable and approachable. I enjoyed that the course felt like a conversation. I've completed two courses now and both have been fantastic experiences.

— Penny Walters

I enjoyed the whole learning process. The knowledge I now have has made me even more interested in writing. Sue was fantastic and I felt very comfortable working with her.

— Yvette Frausin

I enjoyed learning from someone who has so much industry experience.

— Kate Daley

I liked all the different insights about 'show not tell' and how to pitch to an editor. I really enjoyed interviewing and writing about a classmate. Cindy is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable, and was keen to share what she knows. If you're thinking of doing this course, you should definitely go for it!

— Teri Foster

I really enjoyed the feedback and being able to see other people's work and hear the comments from Sue was so helpful. Sue was friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging ‚ just what a learner needs. JUST DO IT!

— Stephanie Haines

I really enjoyed the homework! It got the creative juices flowing again. Alex was knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and encouraging. Definitely do the course.

— Karen Simidis

Cindy was a very professional presenter and the class worked well together. Cindy has sound industry knowledge and is happy to share her insights. She also gave constructive feedback on our assignment. I highly recommend the AWC, they give you the tools and knowledge to allow you to reach your goals.

— Nanette Ferguson

It was easy and convenient to do the course online, as it allowed those of us in an isolated area to undertake the course. The virtual classroom meant we could run off all sheets for each week and to take notes from Val's comments. The price was extremely competitive.

— Mary McDougall

I have learnt practical information about feature writing and now feel confident in the knowledge that I can get out there and have a go! The content of the course was very interesting and practical ‚ which is what I wanted. Also, the convenience of doing it online was great. The best thing was being able to commit to doing the course while fitting it in around other commitments.

— Kate Stevenson

I really enjoyed learning about the 'technical' aspects of feature writing and Allison's feedback. She was at all times professional and gave valid and constructive criticism, which I valued. I loved, loved, loved, doing this course online. It allowed me to learn at my own pace and more importantly during times when it was convenient for ME!

— Rukita Okeroa

Allison was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. This was the first time I'd done an online course and I was worried it would be difficult for me as I'm a bit low tech, but I found it really easy. Even communicating with fellow students online was easy and felt quite friendly and connected.

— Anna Farr

The course has made me look differently at the way I do business, which is what I was hoping to achieve. Alecia was excellent ‚ so knowledgeable and with great examples. Do this course. It's a brilliant way to spend a weekend in a relaxed but very informative environment.

— Melissa Worthington

Alecia was able to relate back to personal experience and really showed how realistic it is to achieve our writing goals. She was easily understandable, someone we could relate to, and had no problems answering our questions and providing great feedback on our assignments.

— Ami O'Brien

The course was practical and offered so much real-world information. Alecia was well organised, encouraging and gave so much from her own experience. It was useful in not only telling us how to write features, but showing us how to get them published. She is a great presenter.

— Kathy Mueller

If you are planning on writing for a magazine, newsletter or newspaper, this is definitely the course for you. It was very informative. For someone that does not have a writing background, I gained a great understanding of what is required to get started. Alecia is a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter and kept the course interesting.

— Traceyanne Napier

I raved about this course to my husband. I told him it was well worth doing and that it has motivated me to begin freelancing. A very professional course.

— Tania Connolly

Alecia was great ‚ approachable, knowledgeable and professional. The opportunity to learn from a presenter with her resume and practical experience in the industry is fantastic. Gives everything she said weight. This was a great course!

— Danielle Ramsay

I took the Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 course back in 2009. I'd have to say that it is the best thing I've done for my writing career. Since finishing the course I've had 20 feature articles published.

It takes a lot of hard work to pitch and write articles but this course gives you all the tools you'll need to do it right. All the information you need to kickstart your career is included and the presenters are there with you, answering questions every step of the way.

Do this course. You won't regret it.

— Kristie Bradfield

I attended the online version of this course and loved its format, the interaction with Valerie and with other participants. There were several great learning points one can use to start feature writing for fun or for financial benefit. Well worth it.

— Nadine Zrinzo

As a long-time journo who had been working solidly without the need to pitch, I was out of practice. Then came a major shift in my circumstances and I needed to chase work again. I knew I needed to freshen up so I signed up to do this course. As with all the Australian Writers' Centre courses, it was excellent. A really practical, workable body of information that helps you craft a pitch and then aim it at the right target with confidence. Highly recommended.

— Liz Swanton

If I had not done the Magazine and Newspaper Writing course in January 2013 I would have crashed my writing career before it had the chance to take wing. I was doing EVERYTHING wrong; approaching editors upside down, filing a story 30 minutes after receiving a commission and generally making life more difficult than it should have been. Talk about flying blind.

The course taught me invaluable lessons such as how to approach an editor, gave me knowledgeable insights such as lead times on magazines, gave me skills to pitch a story and let me understand rejection was just a normal part of writing.

I've taken off since that course: Three articles (three! I'm still pinching myself) in the latest magazine, with regular commissions for 2014; a growing portfolio that allows me to promote my love of rural Australia; and the first taste of corporate work.

I cannot recommend your course enough. Actually I would say if you want to be a feature writer, don't bother until you've been to the Australian Writers' Centre.

— Mandy McKeesick

A great thorough course! I enjoyed every minute of it. Julietta made things interesting and easy to learn. Her friendly personality and extensive knowledge made this course well and truly value for money!

— Hayley Morcom

The structure of the course and content were magnificent. It was really a hands-on exercise - far from theoretical with no practical application. Julietta was excellent. She was able to balance giving critical feedback with praise which was very motivating. I loved the fact I could complete the reading and assignments in my own time. Great!

— Scott Williamson

I enjoyed meeting the other students and writing a profile on a partner. This was challenging and a lot of fun. Julietta was professional and punctual. She made some interesting points in the feedback which revealed how much there is to learn about crafting a piece that is right for the market.I was impressed with how easy it was to use the online modules. I also think a lot of content was covered in a short time, which was satisfying.

— Anna Humphries

I enjoyed the mix between audio, case studies, assignments and the online forum to share questions and comments with classmates. Felt like a great balance. Allison was very knowledgeable and gave good feedback and shared her insight.

— Stephanie Anderson

I thought the presentation style was relatable with good examples. There were a great amount of handy hints and I feel like I have a good understanding of what's required to get an feature published. I was a little afraid of not having a teacher to face and students to interact with, but as it turns out, we did get to interact. I enjoyed being able to get back over parts again and also accessing it when it suited me best, often breaking it up into 2 or 3 parts. The convenience of doing it from home was great.

— Sandra Shakespeare

Alex was an absolute pleasure. I loved being set a writing exercise and having an editor give feedback on it! I found that the course was useful, up to date and not too long. The presenters are excellent and I always learn something.

— Natasha Webb

Alex was fantastic! So knowledgeable and experienced but also friendly and approachable. It's a great course to gain insights into the industry from the eyes of a professional.

— Samantha Wasson

I loved hearing from Alex about her personal experiences, she was so generous with her advice. It was fantastic to have the course presented by someone who actually writes for a living!

— Christie White

Putting theory into practice was incredibly useful, as was the workshopping of story ideas and structures. Valerie was incredibly knowledgeable, and gave fantastic answers to all our questions. She was supportive, but also straight down the line when we were off the mark. A great balance.

— Louise Errington

I enjoyed getting practical tips about how to develop, package up your work and pitch to an editor. I loved how pragmatic the course was, and that I now have tools and templates to use going forward.

— Jane White

10/10. Informative and entertaining. The best course I have done in a very long time.

— Eugene Soh

Valerie's honesty has given me confidence to write, write, write. She is an industry expert who knows her stuff!

— Elise Maki

Loved that Valerie remained on topic over the two days and kept everything relevant. She treated us all like adults who'd paid our money to learn and all the anecdotes she used were relevant to the course ‚ I can't tell you how much I appreciated this. I can honestly say I got exactly what I paid for and what I'd hoped I'd get out of this course. It was jam-packed with so much information. A really excellent course.

— Tenar Dwyer

I enrolled in an AWC course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing with Sue White in 2011. Looking back now, it proved to be one of the best moves I made. Although I am not a features writer, doing the course kept me on the path of 'following my bliss' and connecting with freelancers via the Graduates' Club. This support system gave me the confidence to continue on my path both online and at networking events. I find I am always referring to Valerie and her work in my workshops and consults.

— Dianne Masri

I'd been writing and knew I wanted to make it my job, but I didn't know how to take it to the next level. When AWC's magazine writing course was recommended, I enrolled in their next online course ‚ and I haven't looked back. The biggest thing it did was give me the confidence to take leaps into the industry, and the support from their Graduates' Club and the people I've met through AWC has been amazing. I've been published in Jetstar magazine, My Career, Essential Kids, Practical Parenting and WellBeing, among others. I work from home and travel for my writing, and I also do corporate writing and have spoken about freelancing at conferences. But the best thing is that I'm now making a living from what I love ‚ all because I enrolled in an online course that day.

— Megan Blandford

I did the online course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing a year ago. Within the first two months of finishing this amazing course, I got my first two commissions from Women's Health and Green Lifestyle magazines. I have long-held a passion for writing, and this course ‚ taught expertly by Sue White ‚ let me explore this further and turn my dream of crafting words for a living into a reality. I recommend it to anyone who is keen to pursue a career as a freelance features writer.

— Nicola Saltman

I completed the online course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing in September 2010 and loved every minute of it. The information given was practical and useful straight away. I followed the guidelines on how to pitch to editors and was delighted when my very first pitch was accepted by Australian Family magazine in February 2011. Since then my byline has also appeared in Good Health, The West Australian, Essential Kids, Essential Baby, Web Child and The Hoopla. I am also a reporter for the regional newspapers out of Geraldton, WA. I'm living the dream and I give all the credit to Valerie and her team for their ongoing education and support.

— Jennifer Morton

I've always wanted to be a published writer and, in October 2011, I completed the AWC course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing. Since that time I've been published regularly and commissioned by publications such as Sunday Life!, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Life, Dumbo Feather, Jetstar magazine, Modern Farmer (US), Practical Parenting, Essential Kids, and more. The course gave me not only the confidence and information I needed to pitch my ideas to editors, but provided an insider's look into magazines and newspapers that would have taken me years to acquire on my own. Without hesitation I can say that the course changed my life.

— Lindy Alexander

What began as a hobby became my part-time and now full-time job in a matter of only two years. The Magazine and Newspaper Writing course taught me how to write, as well as become a writer. I had my first article commissioned by marie claire within months of completing the course. I've since also been published in Fairfax Life & Style, Elle Australia, Women's Fitness, Woman's Day and many more. Writing has opened up my world quite literally, I've travelled to Japan and jumped out of a plane all in the name of work! The ongoing support provided by AWC is invaluable and I think has been the key to my success. I truly am living my dream.

— Cassy Small

I enrolled in the Magazine and Newspaper Writing course with one aim ‚ to get one article published. I was at home, seven months pregnant and running after a two year old. After having a professional career, I was loving being a mum but needing something for me. 'Wow, I'd be so happy if I could get myself published,' I thought. And it was a bigger thrill than I had imagined to see my byline for the first time. I didn't stop there. I couldn't stop there. Something I'd started as a bit of an interest has become my passion. Twelve months on, it's the perfect part-time job. It's flexible and gives me the balance I need as a mum. It's creative, it's productive and it helps me make sense of what is happening around me. I've written for publications that I've always enjoyed reading: Essential Baby, Practical Parenting, Life&Style (SMH), My Career (SMH), body+soul and MiNDFOOD. I've interviewed many fascinating people and love that I'm continually learning about both the process of writing and the many topics my articles cover. I'd recommend the course to anyone interested in writing feature articles. I was extremely impressed with the content, the delivery and the support provided both during and after the course.

— Libby Hakim

The Australian Writers' Centre has made a huge difference to my professional life. Simply knowing 'how' to write won't get you too far these days. The AWC course I did showed me what kinds of opportunities existed for those wanting to make a living from writing, and taught me how to go about pursuing those opportunities.

It also gave me access to their amazing online Graduates' Club of writers and this, more than anything else, has been instrumental in any success I have achieved. I've been published extensively both online and off, and launched my first book on Amazon in January.

The online Graduates' Club provides huge support in the way of encouragement and advice and it's wonderful to have such ready access to a bunch of people who 'get' writing and have experienced all the same triumphs and knockbacks you have.

— Kelly Exeter

Taking the Australian Writers' Centre online course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing was such a great move for me. The course work was really enjoyable, I learnt far more than just a new style of writing, and I'm now a regular freelance contributor to a few of my favourite food and travel titles. You could certainly say I'm thrilled with the return on investment ‚ you can't put a price on loving your work.

— Edwina Dick

I completed the course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing in February 2013 and got my first commission within 10 weeks. In the last year, I have had articles published Practical Parenting, Mindfood and Sunday Life!. Online, I have become a regular contributor at Essential Baby and also write for Fairfax Life & Style and Women's Agenda. It was always my dream to write professionally ‚ and the AWC has turned that dream into a reality.

— Catherine Rodie

In 2011, I undertook the online course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 through AWC. As someone who was always saw her writing and blogging as a hobby, being able to take it to the next level, thanks to AWC, was thrilling.

My course taught me everything I needed to take that very first (very scary!) step into the publishing world, and beyond. Now, years on, my words have been featured numerous time on online publications such as Essential Baby, Essential Kids, The Hoopla and Kidspot, and in print with Sydney's Child and Newcastle's Child magazines.

I urge anyone else who has even the smallest seed of a dream inside them to see their name in print to do a course with AWC. The possibilities of what may blossom as a result are infinite!

— Donna Webeck

In the 12 months since completing the course Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1, I have been published in many online publications including Essential Baby, Mamamia, Daily Life and Life&Style. I have also seen my byline in several print magazines such as Melbourne's Child, Practical Parenting and Australian House & Garden. This course gave me the confidence and tools to pitch ideas that work. It also gave me access to a community of incredible writers who provide support, advice and encouragement. I cannot recommend this course more highly for anyone wanting to see their byline become a reality.

— Michaela Fox

Since I was at school, I've loved reading magazines, dreaming up article ideas, and preempting all the articles I read in my favourite teenage magazines. And I would think: 'I can write like that, or even better!'

Fast forward a few decades, I had a career as a pharmacist and, after my fourth child, I took a long break from pharmacy. On a whim, I decided to give writing a go when I saw the course Magazine and Newspaper Writing at AWC. Seeing my first byline in Sydney's Child and a second one The Sydney Morning Herald was surreal. I'm finally giving myself the opportunity to do what I really love: play with words ‚ and call it work! Thank you Valerie for a course that gave me all the information and confidence I needed to research, write and pitch articles to editors.

— Zohra Aly

It's excellent, you learn so much in only five weeks. The assignments are good, the feedback is constructive and I was able to do the course next to my fulltime job. The audio lessons made it feel like a real class and I learned so much from listening to them!

— Megan de Graaf

The course was very practical and hands-on with lots of tips, which is exactly what I needed. Allison was excellent. She gave great feedback in a thoughtful and encouraging manner and she obviously took the time to look properly at our assignments. Being a teacher myself, I've taken on board some of her methods for providing feedback.

— Samuel Huet

The Australian Writers' Centre Magazine Writing course is a must if you plan to tackle the world of freelance writing. Valerie Khoo not only provides an excellent class structure and industry knowledge but her enthusiasm is so infectious that you can't wait to get started! I've just had my first article published in the Autumn edition of My Child magazine and I'm hooked! Thank you so much for your invaluable class, advice and support.

— Candace Goffin

I knew I could write, the course has given me more confidence that there's a career out there.

— Matthew Mcholland

Valerie's knowledge of the industry and formulaic approach will help me pursue a career in writing. Valerie's personality and great presentation style. It was simple to follow and she was full of information.

— Marie Chemney

I found Valerie's style and enthusiasm fantastic ‚ she was direct, to the point and was very realistic about the expectations we should have.

— Alison Parr

It motivated me to start writing! It gave me a boost in confidence to take my ideas seriously and do something about them. The units on how to structure a feature article were extremely helpful.

— Johanna Rigg-Smith

Judy is a fantastic presenter ‚ enthusiastic, passionate, helpful and very knowledgable.

— Anna Warren

I just wanted to let you know that I have just started a full time job as a news reporter at Medical Observer. I just wanted to say thank you for putting me in touch with them, and also for the skills you taught me in the magazine writing course. I will certainly be putting them to good use in my new job.

— Catherine Hanrahan

Valerie Khoo is just mesmerising to listen to. She is very inspiring and has an uncanny talent of making you believe you can be a writer.

— Linda Habak

I completed the Magazine and Newspaper Writing course back in January 2007. After a job change, a move to Queensland and a redundancy I recently got out my course notes and decided to finally focus (properly) on my dream of freelance writing. After a few weeks I'm happy to say I've been published in the Courier Mail! After emailing a short article on spec, I was commissioned to expand it ‚ and it wound up getting a full page and colour pictures! I have also been commissioned by Mother & Baby magazine to expand on an article I wrote as part of the course. It's all very exciting!

Your insistence that 'there's plenty of work out there if you want it' was key in motivating me to send out my articles, and I just wanted to say thanks for a great course!

— Stephanie Allen

The best thing is the clear and succinct nature in which Valerie delivers the course. It is interesting, sharp, relevant and a useful manner in which it was delivered. I never lost interest... not even for one minute!

The course has improved the quality of my writing and the manner in which I deal with media (which is every week in my job... I was pretty ignorant until now). Increased my focus and clarity in writing as I now have more structure to pull all my (many, many) thoughts together.

— Tina Demetriou

Valerie was a fascinating presenter. I enjoyed the fast pace. Valerie's insights into the industry were invaluable. This was one of the best courses I've ever done.

— Anna Babatzanis

Valerie is a great teacher, extremely knowledgeable and has lots of great examples to illustrate her points. She is very direct and to the point which I found great for a course that is limited in its time. Overall I found the course very practical and informative.

— Eva Tanner

I knew how to write and that I wanted to make that into a career but Valerie's course taught me how to make that dream a reality. The details like how to pitch, how to stand out and what not to do were invaluable lessons. An idea I had in class turned into the City Weekly cover story and now I can't wait to build up my portfolio and get a full-time job in the print media industry. I now know this is possible and that in itself is a fantastic feeling.

Thank you to Valerie for her ongoing support and straight to the point honesty. Having competed school and university, and had numerous teachers, Valerie has been one of the very best.

— Tatyana Leonov

I really enjoyed the magazine writing course with Valerie and came away feeling inspired and well equipped to give it a go ‚ I just had to be brave and get on with it! A couple of months later, I was inspired by a day trip I did and found the enthusiasm to write a 1000 word piece easily the following afternoon. I knew it was appropriate for the weekend Sydney Morning Herald so I thought I might as well aim high. 10 days later on Saturday morning I enjoyed reading my name in print! First time lucky and I'm definitely going to try some more.

— Miranda Corkin

I thought I would let you know that I have a new job as in-house travel/features journalist for Caravan and Motorhomes magazine! I get to publish a lot of stories ‚ about five per month ‚ plus lots of travel in the outback (!) and photographing. So thank you for all that you taught us.

— Carly Middleton

You inspired and motivated me to believe that a freelance writing career is definitely possible. I am now a published writer! The first article I ever submitted was published in The Sydney Morning Herald. Now, a few months later, I am the web editor for Thank you to Valerie for your ongoing support, inspiration and encouragement.

Valerie is passionate about people pursuing their dream job and the magazine writing course was the beginning of my journey in believing a writing career is achievable. Valerie, thanks again for all your enthusiasm. It really is my dream job and I am still pinching myself.

— Marija Castellari

Fantastic. Very intense! No-nonsense, thorough and clear. The best writing course out there.

— Eden Riley

Thanks to your support and inspiration, I am now officially able to join the ranks of your published former students. If not for your very clear message that there is so much material being published that there is definitely work out there for those who want it, I would have given up, thinking it is a closed shop. Thanks for your support.

— Carolyn Swindell

Every bit of information that was provided was practical. Valerie's passion for writing was clearly evident and her enthusiasm to help others realise their dreams was awesome. Loved it. I would highly recommend it. I could not have imagined that I would have got so much out of it in such a small time frame.

— Ana Vavdinos

It was informative and easy to grasp with lots of very useful tips. Content was really good. Brilliant.

— Marcia Tsiliris

I thought Marina was an exceptional teacher and presenter. She offered a fantastic course structure plus tended to individual needs. I have worked in the publishing industry for 15 years and it was fantastic to have a presenter with so much experience and knowledge. It was just the dose of confidence I needed to plunge back into the world of publishing ‚ and now with the writing tips and tricks I lacked. Marina delivered above and beyond. I highly recommend you do the course as it offers tips and tricks, reputable presenters and a good dose of confidence.

— Didee Mitton

The course was very practical and I felt that, by the end of the five weeks, I had the tools submit a story. Marina's stories and tips were also great. She was engaging, interesting and really encouraging. A great course if you want practical tips in a short space of time and with a great teacher.

— Justine Sarpi

Marina's experience and easy to follow tips were brilliant. Marina is engaging and very knowledgeable. This course is a great way to kick start your writing passions.

— Laura Farmer

Marina was encouraging and very open in sharing her experience and knowledge.

— Flora Lee

Marina was fabulous, easy going, down to earth and happy to share information. She was very professional and personable at the same time.

I was very impressed with the ease of signing up, the communication leading to the course start date, the course content, the ease of parking and the great location. It was so easy to attend classes and enjoy the content. Overall it had a very good vibe!

— Marina Majeran

Marina ‚ what an inspiration. She was fantastic. Her own knowledge base was so incredible and the insight she brought as an editor was worth every cent. She was very generous with her time and approach. Do Marina's class. That woman is amazing.

— Julie Noever

I enjoyed the opportunity to learn so much from a presenter with passion and a clear understanding about the industry. Marina was great ‚ open and engaging, answered every question and made herself available between classes. The Australian Writers' Centre is the right place for anyone interested in writing. They give you the tools to change the direction of your career.

— Sarah Wayland

It was a fascinating course and I learnt a lot. I enjoyed getting to know Sue and my classmates. Sue is passionate, friendly, organised and was able to explain new information clearly. She always went the extra mile for the class.

— Rob Ashton

I did the magazine writing course at the Australian Writers' Centre and it changed my entire life. I met an amazing number of talented and interesting people and the support on the Facebook graduates page has been amazing. So many doors have opened up. Absolutely incredible.

— Rose Wintergreen

This course really reaffirmed my passion for writing and I would recommend it to anyone interested in journalism. It tells you everything you need to know about becoming a successful freelance journalist and helps budding journalists avoid some common pitfalls when starting out. During my interviews with the Australian Financial Review, the fact that I had done even a short course, helped show that I was committed to journalism.

— Katja Buhrer

Valerie was a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter and the course itself was practical and inspirational. Excellent for any writer or wannabe writer who wants the skills and know-how to launch a freelance career. I now have theoretical and practical knowledge of the process of writing a feature article and getting it published. I have been inspired to pursue my passion for writing.

— Samantha Lau

Friendly, laid back atmosphere. Content was simple to understand and plenty of time for discussion and feedback. Very helpful and supportive.

— Rachael Morris

The personal correspondence with Pamela was great! It was great how she would include her personal experiences and view as an experience editor.

— Raine Jackson

The information presented was very interesting and informative and covered all the relevant areas of freelance writing. I particularly enjoyed reading and analysing the sample feature articles provided. Pamela was a fantastic and inspiring teacher too.

— Nitasha Thomson

The course was excellent as it was tailored to suit those who had no prior experience in journalism or media and seeking a career change. The content was presented well, easy to understand and highly practical. Pamela gave consistent feedback throughout the course which allowed you to develop your skills as the course progressed. Pamela was more than willing to answer questions at any time.

— Diana Perich

I have finally had an article published in Home Beautiful! Thank you so much for all your wonderful help in assisting me to get to this point ‚ without your ongoing encouragement I doubt I would have persevered. I found your course to be not only extremely practical, but also inspirational and it certainly gave me the tools to pursue my dream of writing for interiors magazines.

— Angela Steyn

Pamela is a great teacher, very encouraging and motivating. There is an enormous amount of information covered, and by the end of the course you feel prepared to begin the freelance journey.

— Aja Stuart

I really liked Pamela. She was enthusiastic, experience and informative. A really excellent presenter ‚ friendly and helpful. She obviously knew what she was talking about and made the whole class feel supported.

— Catrin May

I now know so much more about feature writing than I did five weeks ago, despite a lifetime of reading many different kinds of magazines, newspapers, online articles. For five years, I coordinated articles for local newspapers so what more could there be to learn about writing for newspapers? So much and so much more again. Now I feel that I can really be a feature writer. It's up to me.

— Robyn Sharp

Despite a journalism qualification, I was unsure how and where to start writing. Pam's experience and positivity have given me a big push forward.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am sad it is over. Pamela is a talented presenter and I admire her method of answering questions without indulging her audience too much. We all appreciated her wealth of experience.

— Meryl Hancock

I enjoyed learning techniques and putting them into practice in a non-threatening forum. The course was easy and convenient. I liked that it could be done at any time of day.

— Gillian Clare Paxton

I enjoyed being able to take the class whenever I wanted from home, and the simple step-by-step process of the course. I thought everyone who was involved was excellent! I learned lots, and now feel more confident about my writing.

— Holly Lander

Such great practical advice that would normally takes years of industry experience to learn. Sue was great. Very knowledgeable and keen to help. The online delivery was very easy, very well structured and easy to navigate. This mode of delivery allows repeated listening to the modules which will be useful. Also, being able to do it in segments throughout the week whenever I had time was so convenient. Fantastic!

— Rachel Morton

It was very easy to do this online course. I'm hoping to take several more online courses! The best thing for me about this mode of delivery is that I could choose when to listen to the class material and listen as much as I needed to 'get it'. I enjoyed the step-by-step process taught in the course. I really felt I was learning. It was all out there for us to absorb. Thanks so much!

— Shawnnita Fairbairn

The course was convenient to do from home, and had great current, practical and professional advice on advancing a writing career.

— Jamie Barnes

The course was really practical, interesting and easy to follow. Sue was great! The online delivery was very convenient as I could fit it in around work and family commitments.

— Elizabeth Willmott

Sue is very helpful and provides practical feedback. I loved the convenience of the online course and would certainly love to do another one. Doing a course with the Australian Writers' Centre online stimulates creativity and shakes up the grey matter!

— Dawn Richards

I enjoyed learning how to write feature articles and pitch them. The assignments were very valuable and we got great feedback from the tutors. It was great doing the course online and listening to the mp3 at anytime that suited me. The Australian Writers' Centre is very professional ‚ practical, hands-on, and helpful in helping you to succeed to write.

— Maggie Perez

Just wanted to let you know Cosmo Bride magazine accepted my article '8 Negotiating Tips Every Bride Needs to Know'! It is slated for publication and I've even been paid already. Woohoo!

Thanks heaps for the wonderful practical information in the magazine writing course. It was not only amazingly useful for my future freelancing aspirations, but perfectly timed to help secure that Cosmo Bride gig. Thanks again for all your help and I'll definitely be doing more Australian Writers' Centre online courses in future!

— Beck Doyle

The presentation and content of the course were fantastic! I couldn't fault anything. It was as though Valerie was in my study teaching me face to face. Her style was friendly and each lesson was relevant and brought to life with interesting case studies. I learnt so much and am looking forward to the next online course. I just wish there were more online courses available!

— Silvana Wiggins

The feedback on my writing was invaluable. I also now know how to pitch to an and how to look at making a living doing this. Loved the examples provided - they really made you start to look at features and magazines in a very different way.

— Joanne Tracey

Valerie's course on magazine writing for magazines was wonderful. We explored the nuances, tips and tricks for writing for magazines while preparing work of our own and receiving Valerie's invaluable feedback. This course provided practical steps for writing, editing and learning the steps to see your work in print.

— Julia Bowyer

Valerie's vast knowledge and passion was evident in all of the sessions, and was a great inspiration. A well rounded, informative and highly practical course.

— Sally Pater

Sue was very easy to follow. She kept things on track, was personable, clear, experienced, and non-patronising. This was a very practical course with a great presenter and good content.

— Sheree Morrison

The course was well structured and a good balance between theory and practice. Marina's experience and stories added so much relevance and current knowledge to the course. The pace was good and the handouts and examples were very interesting and useful. Marina was fabulous. Relevant, engaging, encouraging and an enormous amount of experience to share with us. She'd be hard to beat as a presenter!

— Betty O'Neill

The best thing about the course was learning real insider info on how the freelance market works and how we can get started. It was very inspiring and motivational to get you kickstarted in actually doing something you've dreamed about for a while. Sue was a great presenter and very generous with sharing her experience and all the things she learned in her career, and delivering them in a way that was easy to understand and practical. If you're thinking of a career or even just trying out the idea of writing articles for magazines and newspapers, this course is a great place to start because it teaches you practical ways of getting into the market and gives you insider info on how to reach editors successfully.

— Leanne Gomez

Some courses get bogged down in trying to teach people how to write and you simply can't teach that in two days. So it was great to be on a course that avoided that trap and helped people who have solid writing skills already to learn how to structure their articles and pitch them effectively. Sue was terrific.

— Fiona Scragg

Sue bought the course to life. She was enthusiastic, friendly, open, thoughtful ‚ she's the best! This course is definitely worth doing whether you would like to pursue writing as a hobby or as a career.

— Kimberly Omodei

The practical advice offered gave excellent insight into how to become a feature writer within the Australian media landscape. Sue has so much experience and is more than happy to share her personal experience to provide real-life examples to the class, which was great!

The Australian Writers' Centre is in a beautiful location and offers extremely practical advice for a wide range of writing genres. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone interested in any form of writing!

— Tanya Hall

I enjoyed learning inside tips and analysing real writing examples ‚ the good and bad. The course is brilliant. It delivers real insight from experienced editors/writers in a friendly and encouraging environment.

— Carol Walker

I got a lot of value out of this course, I definitely feel like i know where to start and now have a good idea of how the freelance writing world works.

— Ashlea Carr

The depth of information imparted was great, I learnt so much from Valerie. I have more confidence to submit articles to magazines. The course was very comprehensive and yet with the online delivery there was no feeling of being overwhelmed. I could access the information whenever I needed to, even at 2am!

[In terms of how to improve the course] ... You can't improve perfection.

— Lee Franklin

I'm now much more confident about approaching editors. The most enjoyable aspect of the course was Valerie's feedback on our pitches. The best thing about it was that I could do the course in my own time.

— Tami Dower

The content and manner in which it was presented was excellent. A great learning tool. It has suprised me how much I have learnt from this course in such a short time. The course exceeded my expectations. It was very convenient to be able to do the course when it suited me.

— Gail Turnham

The flexible format was excellent. Valerie's presentation style was easy to follow and her practical insights into the industry were really valuable.

— David Kennedy

It was a fantastic insight into the world of magazine writing, I learned much more than I thought I would. It has given me the confidence to take my writing further.

— Aoife McGee

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