David T. Crum 3 weeks ago

The Australian Writers' Centre is great. The lessons are detailed and personable. I am already using the material in my existing writing gigs.

Alex was kind and thorough in her feedback. I saved all of her grading feedback for real-life implementation.

Kiara Conaghan 2 months ago

Alex provided fantastic feedback each week that really helped you to improve. She was very informative; I enjoyed receiving the feedback over video as well. She provided ideas and suggestions that were always beneficial, and gave a mix of constructive and positive criticism so that you felt supported and positive the whole way through.

I truly appreciate the emphasis in the course that it is possible to get published. Too often there is an assumption that any creative industry is so competitive there's no point even trying, but this course constantly challenged that stigma, and it made it an even more positive experience.

I enjoyed the assignments! I enjoyed being able to explore an article idea the whole way through, to get a glimpse of how it feels writing articles and going through the process in the industry. The assignments really do mimic the process quite well, so you don't feel like you're doing everything for the first time.

I have a far clearer idea of what I'm going to do in this industry, the kinds of articles I want to write, and a greater trust in myself to be able to do the right research, ask for interviews, etc. The discussion around including smaller details and beautiful lyrical writing showed how fun this can be.

AWC provides exceptionally informative courses that provide practical, real world skills. They use plenty of informative examples, including examples of graduates from the courses to show that their courses work. The courses are flexible, can be worked into any busy routine, they're very affordable and have more variety than any other educator provider I've found in Australia.

Sue Morris 2 months ago

Vivienne was wonderful. She was very helpful, insightful and generous. She provided the feedback I needed to help me learn.

I thought the assignments were well thought out. Vivienne's video feedback was personalised by seeing her face in the video. The ability to read the other students' work and feedback was helpful.

I now have an idea of how to write for media even though I have not trained as a journalist.

The course is very practical and by the end of it you will be able to propose a feature to an editor and may be able to be published.

Sarah Delaney 3 months ago

I liked the format of being online, but with some structure. The 5-week timeframe was appropriate for me to manage.

Alex gave timely and helpful feedback. She was knowledgeable about the industry.

I liked doing the assignments, and then reflecting on them after I had received feedback. Good learning process and I think I am reading and writing more consciously now.

Andrew Whalan 3 months ago

I work as a technical documentation writer and trainer and I also blog so I was looking to improve my skills and see if there is a market for what I write.

Alex was an excellent tutor. She provided excellent and constructive feedback as well as carrying out extra research to assist with the details of her feedback.

During the research and interview sections, I realised that I do this as a trainer and technical writer and that could be adapted.

If you write and are thinking about writing for money, check this course out; it provides techniques and background you'll need to start your writing journey.

Chris Rose 4 months ago

This is a very well put together course, highly efficient and effective because of its focus on core skills. And it lived up to the promise of the promo.

Alex's feedback was thorough, constructive and on point. I found it very helpful.

I enjoyed the way it broke down the steps and elements of freelance article writing. I left with a clear sense of what I need to do, and a framework for ongoing development, from start to finish.

I'm an experienced writer, but in institutional settings (government, law, academia), so this has given me the tools to quickly adapt and transition to feature writing and the confidence to make a start on a new career.

Do it if you want to quickly learn the skills to embark on feature writing as a part- or full-time pursuit.

Sylvia Jimenez 4 months ago

To have a professional edit your work is priceless and I appreciate the way in which Alex delivered the feedback on the tasks each week. She delivered thorough feedback, gave examples of what could be tweaked and suggested areas for improvement. Thank you Alex for your time and attention to detail.

I enjoyed the course overall. I'm motivated by weekly tasks and I liked that we had feedback in real time. The handouts were helpful and the encouragement from the classmates was great.

It's given me the courage and the tools to venture out and 'put my name out there' to have an article(s) published.

Take a course, upskill, learning will always get you closer to your goal and through AWC you can connect with so many people who want you to succeed.

Margie Lamperd 4 months ago

I have been listening to the Australian Writers' Centre podcasts for years and have often dreamed about doing one of their courses. I completed Reinvent Yourself in 2020 and finally felt ready to commit to this course. I'm so glad I did.

My main concern was not having the time to do the course justice but I found I got better at prioritising the course over everything else. It was a great feeling. I was also fearful that I would find it too hard as I have not studied since school - and that was a very long time ago!

Alex is very knowledgeable and was able to critique our assignments and offer suggestions on the fly.

I enjoyed the way the modules and handouts were released each week so that the course didn't become overwhelming, especially for someone like me who hasn't really studied before. I also thought that the assignments were varied, interesting and relevant.

I have mentioned the AWC to a lot of people and I always mention your podcast, especially the author talks. I love them as Valerie's questions unearth so much detail about each author, their journey and their process.

Alexandra Larach 6 months ago

Feedback was great, and the tutor was always willing to respond to any questions. I enjoyed the fact that it was structured but still some freedom around the lectures etc.

I tend to have some difficulty around reading my own work and seeing the required edits but this has helped me in gaining ideas for editing. And it has shown me that I can proceed with a career in freelance writing.

The courses offered by AWC are practical and understandable; there is no 'in-the-clouds thinking or learnings' but lessons that you can implement at any time.

Larissa Patton 6 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Vivienne's manner and her ideas and suggestions when providing feedback. She would suggest how something could be improved and off everything she picked up, I would think, 'Oh, of course!' I really appreciated her knowledge and ability to tune into each person's assignment, whatever their ideas.

I enjoyed the pace and the timing of the assignments, the amount of content and the time required to complete the modules, definitely the feedback, and the knowledge and confidence I've gained.

Christine Hart 6 months ago

I thought the recorded lessons were useful and liked the breakdown of the webinars. Great work from the tutor online, with concise and valuable information.

I feel I can break into a world of writing that I believed was for trained journalists.

These courses are achievable and can help you gain confidence.

Jane Newman 7 months ago

This course really provided a step by step on how to get started. I thought it was excellent.

Everything I was learning was relevant and the assignments were taking us through the steps we needed to learn to go out and be freelance writers. I enjoyed seeing what other people were writing and seeing how they were approaching their assignments. I also enjoyed the interview!

Alex's comments were always positive and insightful.

I know if I want to get started I have enough tools to 'have a go'. It's no longer a mystery.

Professional advice from professionals, presented in easily consumable pieces that are current and relevant. You won't get better writing courses in Australia.

Thankyou Valerie and Alex!

Rebecca O'Neill 7 months ago

Coming from a professional writing background, I have learned that I need to adopt a totally different writing style for feature articles. I feel more skilled and enthusiastic to pick up my blog that I've abandoned and also empowered to write for areas of interest to publications.

As a busy working mum, it was an easy to complete course with really helpful insights on not only how to write, but how to pitch articles and get published.

Amanda 7 months ago

I really enjoyed the course and the mix of tasks, the learning with others and resources.

Clearly the tutor is experienced and gave constructive feedback. I benefited greatly from seeing/listening to the feedback about other people's work as well; really useful!

Really well-honed course and delivers what is says it will. It got me writing! It helped me see that I can do it and that there are real avenues for income generation.

This was a fantastic, practical and insightful course that was perfectly pitched to people considering making a start in freelance writing for publications. Such great insights, real examples and practical tools so that the leap to putting forward a pitch to a publication feels possible! A great skill and confidence builder.

Lily Davidson 8 months ago

Feedback was both comprehensive and constructive. Thank you!

I gained a lot of technical knowledge that will be so useful! I really enjoyed the human aspect in the assignment where we interviewed a classmate.

This is a very worthwhile course to take if you're starting out in the industry, and it's packed with valuable resources!

Thomas Bevan 8 months ago

The course established the notion that freelance writing is doable. There was no abstract idea of what life will be like after completion, like there is at university. It was almost as if the assumption was there that students would go on to enter the world of freelance writing.

I feel empowered to enter a new phase of life - to pursue a dream, I suppose.

Alexandra was fantastic. Her feedback was frank and helpful.

I liked the style of introducing a small aspect of someone's life as a metaphor for the crux of the article. It was interesting to see the techniques and structure used in articles that I found pleasant. I'm excited to play with these ideas.

If you have ideas about what you want to write, it could be the gentle nudge you need to get going.

Aisha Al Ali 8 months ago

I wanted a course that covers the relevant issues related to freelance writing and goes beyond the writing part. I liked that this course includes real-world tips on publishing.

The tutor covered the relevant issues with details and the examples from her own experience helped solidify the information.

The course was informative and easygoing. I was always anxious about publishing and how it works, so this course helped break down the process of reaching out to publications.

It is a light and comprehensive way to introduce you to feature writing.

Catherine Enriquez 9 months ago

I loved writing growing up and wanted to explore if freelancing could be for me.

I've valued Alexandra's input each week and I am especially grateful for the additional information she provided.

I think the course covered everything that we need to know. Learning the techniques to pitch and tips on ways to structure the feature were really useful. I would have had no clues otherwise.

I have already recommended this course to an ex-colleague and I've mentioned to her that I've learnt a lot and that it is an excellent course. The investment is worth it.

Andrew Pettifer 9 months ago

The content was thorough. It was also good to be able to see what other students were doing and learn from their feedback.

It's given me the basic knowledge I need to get started and also to understand how the market works.

Good course content and structure at a fair price.

Maria Kirby 9 months ago

My career advisor had suggested I look for a career that was 'creative and literary' so I started researching courses and careers online. When I discovered the Australian Writers' Centre I was absolutely delighted. I wish I'd discovered this course years ago! The structure and content looked brilliant - extremely professional and well thought out. I also was inspired by watching the videos on your website by people who had never written professionally before but could do so after completing this course.

I was worried what I would do if I wasn't any good at it but decided to be brave and give it a go!

Vivienne's feedback was invaluable. She was constructive in her detailed feedback but was always encouraging and positive.

I loved the podcast aspect to the course. I downloaded the relevant documents on a Monday, read them and then was able to go out for a walk, listening to the modules. This helped me to really absorb the information. My favourite assignment was interviewing one of my classmates - it really helped to get to know another person on the course. I also enjoyed the feedback in video clip format. It was great to learn from other people's assignments too.

It has given me the confidence to believe that I can embark on a writing career. It has unlocked a door into the creative part of my brain - I find I'm always thinking of ideas and wondering how I could write about them. I discovered that I love writing descriptive hooks and I'm contemplating doing the creative writing course as well.

Absolutely go for it. The courses are so well thought out and carefully structured. You won't believe how much you can learn in 5 weeks - it's intense!

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