Linda Holdaway 3 days ago

Love how practical and straightforward it was, no fluff, just facts and formulas for success.

I can use these new skills in my employment (writing board reports and investor presentations) as well as for trying my hand at feature writing - something I have always been interested in.

The course is logical, straightforward and there are formulas you can follow as a starting point. Very practical and well worth the money and the time commitment.

Loved it!

Sarah Jovanovski 2 weeks ago

I loved all the clear and succinct explanations and how modules were broken down. All the information was very clear to follow and every minute of every module was of value.

Our tutor was always prompt with replies and always supportive. I felt part of the process, rather than being dictated to by someone. I really like the feeling of collaboration.

I enjoyed tackling a different aspect of feature writing in each assignment. I didn't know what was coming in the week ahead and that made it exciting for me.

I feel like I can do this. I've sidelined writing my whole life. Now I feel ready to just get in and do it. The course made the world of professional writing feel accessible, and that there's a place for anyone who's interested in it and ready to apply themselves.

Thank you for creating this course. It's so practical, full of valuable learning, and it's fun. Do it.

Jude Parsons 2 weeks ago

I was attracted to the practical business side of getting articles ready and how to pitch to editors etc. that the course offered.

Val's audio recordings are easy to listen to and all information is presented clearly and concisely. I enjoy her no-nonsense approach coupled with her belief that her students will succeed if they put the teaching into practice.

Cindy gave useful, targeted feedback on the work we submitted. It was helpful to hear her feedback on other participants' work as well as my own and to learn from that also. I appreciate knowing that tutor and presenters are working writers who have 'walked' the path they are teaching about.

Interviewing a participant and writing a mini profile was great fun and really helpful homework. Overall, I enjoyed the module content and have come away with a clear idea of how to proceed. I also enjoyed the connection with other participants provided via the chat. The handouts were useful and I particularly valued having Valerie highlight excellent writing and also poorly executed writing from various examples of published articles. This made the learning very tangible and confirmed my own ability to assess what I am reading.

The course provided the information I need to get on with the work of researching, writing and pitching. I am confident that the course has set me up for success.

Elaine McDonnell 2 weeks ago

Thank you, Cindy and AWC. I really enjoyed the course. The collaborative nature was so much fun and I feel like I learned so much.

Cindy was knowledgeable. Her feedback was specific and she always had positive and constructive feedback. I liked that she would mention how to improve upon the work but also point out the positives.

I feel excited to keep gaining confidence and pitch some ideas to publications. It feels like a possibility to continue. I would like to revise some of the material but, once I have, then it feels like something that was a "pipe dream" could be a reality.

Lauretta Davies 4 weeks ago

Doing the course gave me confidence to submit a whimsical article to the Weekend Australian Travel and Luxury liftout. They'll be publishing it in July!!

Doing an AWC course makes all the difference in having the confidence to move from dreamer to doer.

Thanks folks!!

Claire O'Brien 1 month ago

I have recently thought I might like to get involved with writing but not sure as to which specific type of writing and whether it would be a side-hustle activity or to aim for it to become my main source of income. So, I thought I would give the Freelance Writing course a go and to learn what was involved in putting together a feature article.

I thought Vivienne was great, I got a lot out of her feedback both on my and fellow online students' assignments.

The structure of the course was great in the modular format in which it was laid out. It has made the possibility of having an article published by newbie freelance writers seem doable!

I would definitely recommend a course by the AWC based on my positive experience of the Freelance Writing course.

Ben 1 month ago

I'd always struggled with the idea of having to do a multiyear course. I want to write and I want to write now, and it seemed like the perfect springboard.

Vivienne was awesome, she gave really in-depth feedback that I found very helpful. She's really nice and it was lovely having her as a tutor.

I enjoyed the assignments, but also learning and constantly getting ideas and inspiration. It was exactly what I needed right now and has left me feeling reinvigorated.

I feel like this is a possibility for me now. Not that I'll automatically become a freelancer but it has inspired me to actually give it a crack.

Thanks Valerie and Vivienne, it was a great experience.

Laura 1 month ago

Alex was fantastic. She pointed out things I never thought of. I started pitching publications before doing the course and wasn't getting much luck. Her feedback on the assignment really highlighted flaws in the language/inclusions of my pitches and I'm so grateful for that.

Alida Galati 1 month ago

I have looked at this course a number of times over the last few years, but doing it online just didn't grab me at all. I needn't have had any trepidation - it was fantastic! And in fact, there is so much information in it (and practise) that I don't know how it would have been all covered so comprehensively in a weekend workshop (let alone be absorbed into my brain!)

Alex was terrific. She responded to all the posted questions thoroughly, and the feedback she provided on the assignments was practical and targeted. She was encouraging and positive, and reinforced what had been covered in that particular week's information module in relation to the work we submitted. She offered good insights and industry examples that were relevant to our work.

It's given me a real, practical insight to the freelancing industry. I now feel I have the tools to sit back and contemplate which direction I want to take, and start putting these new skills into practice. I 'went in' with a broad sense of what I thought I wanted to do ... but now I'm finding I'm re-evaluating ... so watch this space(!)

This was a terrific course and very manageable timewise. I really appreciate the work that has gone into producing it, and especially the feedback from my tutor, Alex Spring. Online was great - no need to hesitate! Many thanks again - it definitely was time (and money) well spent.

The AWC supports writers with practical information at all stages of their careers, and has great short courses to not only whet your writing appetite, but keep you motivated to keep writing and experience success.

Alicia Marcus 1 month ago

I found the online tutor helpful, knowledgeable and interactive.

I enjoyed the extent to which the course offered insight into all areas of freelance writing, even areas I'd not really considered myself such as invoicing. It was a comprehensive and relevant curriculum. At no point did I feel that I was being taught unnecessary 'filler' content.

It has given me great insight into the professional world of freelance writing and valuable feedback on my own work.

I would say it's a great introduction to the world of freelance writing filled with valuable content. I would definitely recommend.

Amara Seabrook 1 month ago

I was expecting a lot from this course and it delivered even more!

Cindy was helpful and seemed to provide appropriate feedback. She answered the questions posed by students in the chat box promptly.

I enjoyed Valerie's excellent presentation style and incredibly practical and wise teaching. Has shown step by step how to write and pitch freelance articles with confidence.

Thank you! I'm so happy to have discovered the AWC. The structure of the courses and the quality of teaching is outstanding, breaking the seemingly impossible down into achievable steps with a wealth of wisdom.

Rachel Jonmundsson 1 month ago

I thought Cindy was fantastic. I really valued her input- she always highlighted positive aspects of the work, as well as providing clear feedback on a range of aspects of the assignments.

I enjoyed being able to learn from other people as well as by myself. I really liked the content in the handouts highlighting both excellent and poor examples of feature writing. This really helped cement the ideas taught.

I was sceptical about how much I could learn in the period of time, but it was extremely informative. Having been out of study for a long time I was unsure how I would find online study but it was very simple and I had no issues.

This course is an extremely practical, clear and inspiring way to understand how freelance writing works, and it will equip you with the tools to actually get started. The weekly assignments really help you apply the knowledge from the audio modules, and the feedback you receive from your online tutor is extremely valuable.

Lauren Allers 2 months ago

The audio lessons were a lot of information jampacked into short sessions which I think is such a good way in which to take the work in. I could do one audio lesson a day and mull over the info for the rest of the day.

Vivienne was very good. She made a big effort to give us feedback promptly (even when she was impacted by the floods) and to answer all of our questions. Her personal feedback was easy to follow and apply in my future assignments. I like that she gave very personalised and detailed feedback so I had a lot to work with.

I've realised that I truly do love writing and even if I never get published I will continue to write because it absolutely sparks joy in me.

The biggest thing that I learnt is that it isn't so much about whether you're a fantastic writer or not, it's more about applying the principles that work. This is opposite to what I thought of freelance writing, I thought that you were either a good writer or not.

It's a practical, useful short course if you're looking to learn the basics of freelance writing.

Juanne Osigweh 2 months ago

The course gave me clarity about feature writing. I now understand the various types of stories, how to research and create balanced pieces, and how to market my ideas.

If you want to learn freelance writing, this is the course to start with.

Amanda De George 2 months ago

This was one of the best courses I have ever done - and I say this as a uni graduate. The quality of the information and the presentation was engaging and useful and all round fabulous. Can't stop raving.

Loved Vivienne. So encouraging and always giving interesting and constructive feedback.

I got commissioned DURING the course! I got so much confidence that yes, I can do this that I threw all caution to the wind. And now I feel like I have some real solid foundations on how to pitch especially which has been so great.

Thank you so much for such a lovely supportive environment. I could not be happier with what I've learnt.

Melissa Austwick 2 months ago

I felt that Valerie has distilled the essence of feature writing information into a succinct, current and highly relevant course. She is generous, honest and practical with the information she gives and clearly warns of pitfalls for the unwary novice writer.

I feel that I have the confidence to pitch to an editor as I know how to construct a feature with an angle and subject relevant to a particular publication.

Go ahead and do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Mary Graham 2 months ago

I learnt a lot of valuable lessons, helping me to develop ways to write articles for magazines and newspapers.

Alexandra is an excellent tutor providing encouraging and knowledgeable feedback that is useful for me.

I feel more confident that I can accomplish the task of writing articles, and I have been given the tools for writing them.

Thank you so much for a well thought out, inclusive, and supportive course. I enjoyed the learning and feel positive about being able to write articles.

Monique Brunello 3 months ago

The modules are so well designed with a wealth of practical information, great resources and the group were supportive and so interesting. I learned lots that I'd never even thought of before.

Cindy was quick to respond and provided useful and constructive feedback.

I enjoyed opening the module on Mondays to discover the audio lessons, and download the resources. Knowing my classmates were all taking a deep breath and embarking on the new week's assignment was great too.

I feel I have the skills and confidence to write my first articles and pitch them.

If you've ever thought you'd love to write either as a creative outlet, paid hobby or career, do an AWC course. It will kickstart your dream and introduce you to a great writing community.

Thank you, I'm looking forward to undertaking more AWC courses and taking part in events.

Sarah Betteridge 3 months ago

After getting feedback from our tutor, I realised that I already knew how to write but needed guidance to work out how to turn it into a career.

I have been given some really practical steps and guidelines for the process of setting up as a freelance writer and approaching specific publications with ideas for articles.

Zahara Harrison 3 months ago

The assignments were the most enjoyable part as I am very much a 'learning by doing' person. It was really great and I got really in-depth feedback!

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