Sarah Bravo 7 months ago

Grant was warm and engaging and certainly knew what he was talking about. The structure was good, and I learnt a lot.

I'm really enthused about my job now. Everyone in companies just writes things, with some boundaries given by templates or guides. Apart from spelling, punctuation and grammar, we don't really think of it as something that is reasoned out or needs to be taught. I learnt there are techniques for planning content around a structure.

Very engaging, and definitely worthwhile. Grant was an awesome facilitator.

Amal Trad 8 months ago

Grant was great at delivering the content. He did it in a way that flowed well, spoke clearly and was very straightforward in his delivery.

I loved the workbook with the exercises, and the ease of understanding the course.

It's given me the tools to hone my content and letter writing skills. Little things, like being reminded to write to audience, made all the difference.

The course is definitely worth the investment.

I look forward to do more courses through AWC, and not just on a personal level.

Angela Mejia 8 months ago

Grant was very helpful during and outside of the sessions; he promptly attended to our doubts and listened to our comments.

I think the workbook as we followed the lessons was a good idea and I enjoyed having material to work with besides the presentation.

I am more aware of all the steps I should follow to write in a better way with a more clear and simple message.

From my personal experience, I am grateful I could take this course and I could recommend it to professionals who want to improve their English writing.

Mikaela 8 months ago

The tutor was very engaging and was an expert on the subject. I liked the use of examples from Grant's work experience.

It was extremely useful in educating you on how to plan and execute your writing to meet the needs of the reader and engage them. It was applicable to any audience and type of writing e.g. webpage, article, report etc.

I believe this was money well spent.

Erika 8 months ago

I'm in a secondment to a new position that requires a lot of business writing (briefing papers) and have not had prior experience in this area.

Grant was excellent - the right amount of professionalism, mixed in with a laid back nature. Excellent content and clearly an expert in the area.

I enjoyed the fact that it was spread across 2 days - it broke it up nicely and wasn't too overwhelming this way. Also I liked the info on apostrophes and grammar, which often get overlooked on MS Word spell/grammar check.

The course has helped me to organise thoughts, improve understanding of grammatical rules, and increase knowledge of currently available resources, such as those for checking readability.

It's worth the money and helps provide a really good guide to any type of communication required and for any audience type. Plus lots of additional tips and resources for use down the track.

It was a great course and probably the most impressed that I've been with a course in quite some time.

Sandi Franco 8 months ago

Grant was very knowledgeable with great experience.

I enjoyed the easy-to-understand content. I now know where I can find the suggested tools. Plus it helped me realise a few things I was not clear on.

It was a great introduction to business writing.

Kirsten Webster 11 months ago

My undergrad is English literature. Business English is very different to story writing, and this was made very clear over the two mornings. The inverted pyramid literally flips my background on its head. However it makes perfect sense.

Grant was a very approachable trainer and certainly knew his subject. His background in journalism made him a very believable teacher.

It was an enjoyable few hours. I certainly learnt a few things that will help me moving forwards. The course is a very good introduction to business writing.

Kate Wilson 11 months ago

Grant is an expert in the subject matter but not on a soap box. He was easy to interact with, and seemed like an active listener, active learner who wants to share his experiences and empower others.

The small group setting is invaluable. I had several aha! moments and will put what I've learned into immediate action.

A lot of what I learned in my social studies is not applicable to business writing and needs to go out the window. I feel empowered to disregard those old rules and focus on readability and getting my CTA across.

Excellent value for any writer looking to refresh or up their game.

Tania 11 months ago

A fantastic and informative course. The tutor was very interactive and friendly and created a safe space.

I now think about the person reading my content and how it may affect them especially in a time-poor environment.

Thank you so much. I've been wanting to do this course for a long time.

Angela Faye Peters 1 year ago

I was attracted to the course to brush up on my skills for digital grammar and readability, along with the need for me to translate USA wording to an AU audience.

I appreciated Grant's willingness to share and work with us when we asked examples and wanted to know: yes or no, wrong or right.

This course will not only help me in my day-to-day work, but also in my everyday life. It's a great course to assist with learning the basics of grammar and writing or reminding us of these.

Serrin Bertino 1 year ago

It was great. I learnt so much. The tutor was friendly and knowledgeable. I feel so much more confident in my writing ability.

Farhan Habib 1 year ago

The instructor made the course pretty engaging. He was seasoned and had in-depth knowledge of the content. He was enthusiastic about questions being asked and made sessions interactive as much as possible.

I have learnt many tips to improve my daily writing skills. It has been only a day, and I am structuring my daily emails in much better format.

Irrespective of English being first or second language, as is the case for me, the insights and learnings are amazing.

Karlee Latimer 1 year ago

Grant was really engaging with the information available and is very knowledgeable. I've been able to take out a few things to implement into my writing.

A very interesting and engaging course.

Trudy Lennon-Bowers 1 year ago

I really enjoyed this as editing and proofreading are passions of mine. I enjoyed the extra content Grant provided whilst remaining faithful to the curriculum. Learning more about areas of how to be more concise.

In the course, I sharpened my skills, learnt about editing software, external resources and other ways to do things.

The AWC is a great place to learn more about what you think you already know.

Xavier Di Toro 1 year ago

I was looking for something to improve my writing as I find myself adding 'fluff' to my text. This website was recommended to me by a colleague.

Grant Doyle was fantastic in his presentation and explanations. He was clear when speaking and obviously understood the subject matter very well. He was engaging and interesting to listen to. Fantastic course; I picked up many things that I will use going forward.

It was well run with a great presenter and you will definitely get something out of it.

Donna Cruz 1 year ago

It was a great refresher and updated some of my old conventional practices. The tutor was a very clear communicator and made the course interesting while moving through efficiently.

I enjoyed the clarification of some concepts such as active and passive voice and commonly misused words.

It was an accessible and practical course. It has made me think more about my writing style and I'm keen to sharpen my writing from now on.

Donna Cruz 1 year ago

Michelle was very good and clearly explained each of the sections in the course. Updating old knowledge to current conventions was valuable.

It has made me mindful of my writing and I'm looking forward to putting into practice the editing skills that I learned.

It covers a lot of valuable information in two sessions, which was time well spent.

Tamara 1 year ago

I am writing more newsletters, business correspondence and creating scientific/educational resources and wanted to improve my plain English skills.

The course was well presented with good examples for each rule and tip. It was easy to understand and the examples gave the rules context. I also liked the opportunity to have my work reviewed.

I have a good reference or key grammar rules now as well as the 11 golden rules. Makes thinking about writing in a professional manner more accessible.

Mitch 2 years ago

Michelle obviously has a lot of knowledge in this domain and was willing to share. Very clear, very thorough.

Great refresher to take before getting too deep into writing documents in our business.

Tracy 2 years ago

Michele was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed having a guide to refer to and improve my writing.

The course was great. It really showed how things have changed and the best way to write professionally now.


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