Alistair McKillop 1 year ago

Bernadette obviously knows her material and structured the course well. I enjoyed learning how the component parts come together and how they add value.

I'll certainly be more mindful of keywords and keyword research when writing.

If you want to understand how SEO works and be able to add value with your copywriting, then this course will give you enough understanding to let you stand out from the crowd when dealing with clients.

Amy Dewhurst 1 year ago

I had never encountered the term 'SEO' before I tried to build my own website. As a graduate of the Copywriting Essentials course, I enrolled in SEO Copywriting to learn about a type of writing completely new to me.

Being entirely unfamiliar with SEO, I was amazed at how much I was able to learn and apply to my website project immediately. And it works! I also learned a great deal from the other writers in my cohort and their assignments.

SEO Copywriting was my third course with Bernadette, and I have learned and grown tremendously as a writer and small business owner in each of her courses. I regularly reference my course materials and audio lessons. Bernadette's feedback is sincere and constructive, and always reflects on skill development in the context of wider business practices. Her courses have been transformational for me.

I loved the audio lessons! They're so good! Repeat! The assignments, feedback, and learning from other students was also fantastic.

SEO Copywriting has given me another set of skills and layer to consider in all of my content writing. It has also been a huge help to my two website projects for my own businesses.

You will never find better value for money, time, and effort than the courses at AWC. The instructors and feedback are superb, and the content is always practical and immediately useful in my projects. So worthwhile!

Thanks so much, Bernadette and AWC!

Maureen Johnson 1 year ago

Absolutely loved Bernadette's online videos and feedback. Could listen to her all day. Loved her humour too. The content of each module was fascinating and the assessments were not demanding but challenging nonetheless.

I enjoyed being back in the learning zone. Learning something so completely new via such informative and interesting modules and now being able to practically apply it in my own business. I've completely changed my business website and I will also now start exploring a career in copywriting in general with SEO already under my belt.

Take a look at the courses. I think I've done 5 or 6 now and they've been self-paced, 6 weeks online and 6 months with tutor. There is something for everyone.

Adrian 1 year ago

Having previously completed Copywriting Essentials I felt this was an important next step to building my business.

I found Bernadette to be very generous with her time and feedback. It's clear she is an expert and keeps up to date to ensure the material is relevant. I enjoy learning from Bernadette as she takes the time to explain concepts in a simple and easy way that everyone can understand!

The most enjoyable and valuable part of the course is the feedback on our assignments. This was the most important reason I selected AWC as I felt feedback was critical to my success as a copywriter.

If you want a local Australian perspective of modern copywriting with a supportive team and mentors, AWC should be at the top of the list. The learning is self-paced with a mix of video, presentations, handouts and audio to cater for all. It's been a great learning experience!

Cathy Geeves 1 year ago

Bernadette was phenomenal. I loved her style of teaching. She is so easy to learn from and a wealth of knowledge. A great, straightforward style of teaching.

I thought the audio feedback each week on our submitted work was invaluable. A great bonus to the course.

It has definitely reignited my love for writing again, which has been on hold for quite a while.

I would highly recommend AWC to writers of all levels of experience. Bernadette is an exceptional teacher with a wealth of experience and knowledge that is invaluable in the industry. The information provided is insightful and the 12-month access to the course files is an added bonus to be able to circle back on needed segments. I love this course and am looking forward to my next AWC course. I am figuring out which one to do next!

Carmen Jenner 1 year ago

Bernadette was very knowledgeable and her feedback on the assignments was very encouraging and helpful.

I enjoyed how easy it was to follow.

It helped build my confidence as I was already familiar with many of the principles but it helped confirm that I'm on the right track.

Paula 1 year ago

Bernadette is a wonderful presenter/tutor and provides great resources and explanations along the way. Feedback is also helpful. I came to understand that SEO is a real 'writing science' - and the tools taught really help the student to better understand this writing style/science.

I enjoyed:
1. The quality of the material and resources provided in the course.
2. Bernadette's extensive knowledge and understanding of the SEO arena.
3. The pace of the course - 5 weeks is an ideal amount of time to work through and grasp the information and then to provide time to respond to the information being taught via the assignments set by Bernadette/online presenter.

Bernadette's very useful handouts and assignment templates helped me to make better sense of the concepts being taught. More specifically, Bernadette's examples clearly demonstrated to the student what was required and how to go about getting to that assignment end point.

AWC delivers fun, interesting and engaging writing courses that are suited to any writer no matter where they may be on their writing journey: beginner or advanced.

Keep up the great content and courses, AWC!

Neerja 1 year ago

Absolutely loved the course! Bernadette is by far the best online tutor I've ever come across. Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely cares about helping her students to take the necessary first steps to become freelance copywriters.

I always had trouble getting to the point and often wrote long-winded sentences. Thanks to this course, I've been able to start articles or any written pieces with short, succinct, fun, appropriate 'hooks'.

JUST DO IT! And you'll thank me for it!

Phi Phi Nguyen 1 year ago

I know SEO is really important but never really understood what it was or how to integrate it in my writing. I wanted to learn how to.

The tutor was fantastic. Super informative, clear and engaging. As mentioned, I knew nothing about SEO, so I really appreciate the time she took to explain everything from scratch.

Being able to see how other people approached the assignments was really encouraging. The feedback was always really constructive and I always felt included and quite empowered!

It's provided me with practical tools I can use in my everyday work. I have a newfound appreciation of SEO and am interested in continuing to utilise the skills I learnt.

I love that the AWC was able to take a really complex and sophisticated subject and make it easy to understand in a flexible format. The content was not only interesting, but super practical and I've taken away some really useful skills I can integrate in my career moving forward. Enrolling with a mixture of people also kept me engaged, and I always felt empowered to participate in assignments.

Thank you!

Fiona Stock 1 year ago

Loved the specific tools, websites, etc to show exactly how to do keyword research, find source code, etc. Also loved the extensive coverage of my nemesis - writing a good title. Being given title formulas has relieved a lot of the anxiety I had around writing them. Felt I got good value in terms of content.

Bernadette has a very warm, open and personable teaching style.

I found the assignments really useful, as I used my real-life clients as examples, so got feedback on work that I can actually pursue with them.

The online format is very accessible, the course is well-paced and the assignments just enough to make you think, but not so onerous they become a burden. For the courses I've undertaken, the presenter has been extremely knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge.

I really loved this course. Felt like excellent value.

Jan Samuels 1 year ago

Bernadette is a great tutor, with extensive knowledge and business nous. This is the third Copywriting course I've taken with Bernadette and AWC, and I have found them both challenging and exciting.

I enjoyed learning so much about how Google works and how much we are/can be manipulated by it! (But on the other hand, also learning how to work with Google to serve potential clients and the community.) Fascinating stuff!

Understanding SEO and how it can enhance my services /skills is an absolute no-brainer in adding to my income and value as a content writer.

AWC offers great courses, with valuable content, skilled tutors and practically-focused programs that can make an immediate difference to your skills and confidence.

Holly Latham 2 years ago

I've had my own copywriting business for just over 2 years and wanted to get a better understanding of the SEO elements.

Bernadette is a fantastic tutor and provides amazing feedback. I now have a much better understanding of SEO that I can now offer to my clients.

Great course, great value for money, fantastic tutor.

Brandon Davidson 2 years ago

As always, Bernadette's wisdom has been a great source of education. This course has pushed me in the right direction to truly become a freelance copywriter straight out of the gate.

Martine Barclay 2 years ago

Subsequent to finishing the course, I realise how much I learnt. It has changed the way I write my blogs and I am getting more enquiries. I write with more of the reader in mind and the opportunity to increase organic search for me. I feel more confident publishing my own blogs rather than using PLR.

It is a high-quality course and the structure is suitable for non-writers.

Rachel Oehme 2 years ago

Bernadette is an extremely knowledgeable and valuable guide to all things copywriting. She gave many helpful tips and advice on topics related to what she was teaching us, which were obviously intended to help us in our copywriting journey.

I enjoyed the practical tips and tricks that make SEO copywriting relatable and implementable into real-life. It has helped me find meaning and excitement in my everyday job writing blogs etc for my work.

Just do it. Somehow, in only a few weeks, AWC can turn you from a hesitant beginner to a master wordsmith with all the tips and tricks of the trade.

Love, love, love what you guys do.

Craig Smith 2 years ago

I've done a few of Bernadette's courses and I feel very comfortable with her content and delivery. Bernadette is a professional communicator - it shows in her clear, fluid and seamless delivery. I learn a lot just from hearing her present.

I now know where to find SEO when the need arises - and it helps me to think in a particular way. Thanks once again.

Gerry Mezzina 2 years ago

Great, practical, useable information. I've used the reference sheets and they're a resource I'll use for years to come.

Bernadette is great. Feedback is clear and positive, and suggested improvements are always clearly articulated.

Easy to follow, and great flexibility. I'm introverted, so the learn in your own time factor helps a lot. It's given me the tools and confidence to add SEO writing (and greater knowledge on SEO overall) to my consulting services.

Don't hesitate. Great courses, great tutors, and great flexibility.

Sara McCullough 2 years ago

Wonderful delivery. Bernadette was clear, concise, inspiring, and pleasant to listen to. Her feedback was extremely helpful and detailed.

I enjoyed the homework as it provided that practical application that I am craving to implement in my business.

Go for it! Gobble up their courses! They are great!

Shannon Benton 2 years ago

I had previously completed Copywriting Essentials and knew that Bernadette would give good, practical advice on how to break into SEO copywriting.

I thought it may get quite techy, but it didn't - everything was explained in a very user-friendly way.

Shannon Benton 2 years ago

Bernadette was a fantastic tutor for SEO Copywriting (as she is for anything copywriting!)

I enjoyed the common-sense approach without jargon. Feeling much more confident to tackle anything 'SEO'.


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