Amanda Freeman 2 years ago

Bernadette is thorough and gives clear explanations and instructions. Great detailed feedback on assignments!

I've learned the skills to be more strategic with content. I love the practical, hands-on nature of AWC courses.

Lauren Bremner 2 years ago

Bernadette is the best presenter!

The handout summaries are great. I also took many screenshots of the various diagrams and infographics Bernadette shared. There was a simplicity to the course structure, making it really clear what to focus on in the realm of SEO copywriting.

I go off on tangents looking at competitor websites and their DA scores like it's a sport :-D

I got confirmation that the SEO stuff I'd originally completed for my previous company website was the correct thing to do, which is a huge relief. Now I'm confident that I know that and I can do it better in future.

Now I have completed all 3 copywriting courses, I feel confident in this continued professional learning and how it relates to my on-the-job experience. I think it's a very worthwhile course, even for keeping up to date with best practice techniques.

Thank you, Bernadette, and AWC for this course!

Jo Grofski 2 years ago

I had already done a self-study course with AWC which I really enjoyed, and then wanted to learn about SEO for our website. I liked the 5-week length of the course, so I could really focus on the topic.

I found Bernadette to be very easy to listen to on the videos, and her chatty style of presentation was engaging. It has left me considering doing another of her courses. Her feedback was extremely helpful, and gave me confidence in my ability.

It is now clear to me what SEO copywriting is all about, and I actually enjoy it! I now have lots of great ideas to implement on our website.

If you're interested in writing, definitely go ahead and do a course. It is so worth the investment, and will save you time trying to do your own research on the topic.

Great course, thank you Bernadette.

Sandra Randall 2 years ago

Bernadette has a lot of knowledge and shares it willingly. She gives personal feedback that is helpful but at the same time supportive and shows us how to improve our work. I've done three courses with Bernadette and loved them all! Thank you :)

I enjoyed the assignments. They were practical tasters and gave us a challenge in a supportive environment.

Whilst doing the course I was also building my website. I was able to apply my new knowledge to my website and make sure that it has every chance of being found!

Kristy Tracey 2 years ago

I took Copywriting Essentials and loved it. This was the next step.

Bernadette is a great mentor and delivers the course material clearly and concisely. Her anecdotal infusions are funny and enlightening. She is amazing.

Leanne Holman 2 years ago

I liked the balance between the more technical info and the pure copywriting content. The best part was listening to the review of the assessments - this is where I saw the ideas in practice, learning from others in the course.

I've already started writing blogs for other people (thanks to a course with AWC years ago) and this gave me a deeper level of understanding about structuring keywords for improved writing and SEO results.

Audrey Niven 2 years ago

I saw it on an AWC newsletter and it was timely because I was just quitting my job and looking to build a more creatively based work life (with more balance!) after a long career in advertising and marketing research.

I was surprised at how engaged I was in the topic. Every lesson seemed interesting and exciting. I could see how this built on my past experience and how I could parlay that into a new skill that I would enjoy and be stretched by.

I liked the flexibility of a-synchronous learning and the deadline was easy to meet. Homework was a great tool to embed the learning and yet was not too onerous in terms of time and the amount of work involved.

I feel very confident about what SEO copywriting is, how it will be useful to me in building my business and secure in knowing I have the tools and materials as backup if I need to refresh my memory.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have now signed up for Copywriting Essentials. Thank you, Bernadette, and all at AWC!

Susannah Thomson 2 years ago

Bernadette is excellent. I previously did the Copywriting Essentials course and loved her manner.

It has inspired me to explore the possibility of offering SEO services as part of my VA business.

Kylie Upitis 2 years ago

I really like Bernadette's teaching & feedback style - it is super helpful, insightful and relatable. Thanks Bernadette, I really appreciated everything!

It was easy to follow and I looked forward to listening to the new lessons each week. They were engaging and relevant - thankyou!

It will help me on my freelance journey - it's given me confidence to go ahead and offer SEO services to my future clients!

AWC courses are relevant, easy to follow and a great insight to how someone can improve their existing skills, or learn new ones!

Fiona Crowson 2 years ago

To a certain extent, I've felt like I've had a virtual mentor over the past 5 weeks. Someone to kindly advise and gently push me on.

Bernadette delivered the lessons with humour, clarity and words of encouragement. Her feedback was far more detailed and personalised than I anticipated, which meant that I really valued (and looked forward to) hearing it.

I enjoyed being forced out of my comfort zone in having to deliver homework on time each week and to also more closely examine how I write each day.

It's strangely encouraged me to do more creative writing and to be a bit kinder to myself about my decision to go down the path of copywriting. Suddenly I'm receiving more cold enquiries from agencies and recruitment consultants about potential roles or work. Even if they don't eventuate, they're a welcome boost to my confidence!

Rosemary Groenestyn 2 years ago

So much of the content in this course brought together what I'd learnt in the Copywriting Essentials course. I pulled out and used many of the handouts from the Essentials course to write for the SEO course (although most were provided again anyway). This was a great way to nail-in the techniques, get more practise and learn how they apply to SEO.

Bernadette is simply fabulous. Her feedback on each assignment is detailed and customised to each student in the course. I also got a lot out of hearing her comments on the assignments of my peers - what works and what can be enhanced.

I enjoyed the assignments. They really kicked my brain into gear. Each time I handed them in, I felt a sense of achievement and like I'd really learnt something.

I now know that I can do this, that my work is as good as my peers. I just need to start.

Australian Writers' Centre courses teach skills that you can really use. They are low on academia and high on practical tips and templates you can use straight away.

Colleen Gee 2 years ago

Bernadette has a huge depth of knowledge and you can tell by the way she gets her message across that it is ingrained. Responses and information flow from her in an automatic and natural way.

The learning is fast-paced and the improvement seen in my writing is great. It provided me with more confidence that I can do this.

If you have a bit of technological understanding and want to be more helpful to your copywriting clients, then do the AWC SEO Copywriting course. It will open up a whole new world of wonder to you. Much of it includes using tools that will provide you with the information you need for your clients to surpass their competitors and return to you when they need further assistance.

Johanna Leggatt 2 years ago

Bernadette was very knowledgeable and passionate about copywriting.

I knew a little about SEO, but in just a short amount of time I 10x my SEO knowledge. The best part was, I was applying what I was learning to my clients' projects in real time.

Rachel Maher 2 years ago

From the moment I enrolled and began receiving the course notifications I felt very confident in the professionalism and organisation of the course material. As I work full-time, I was particularly appreciative of how clear each module's requirements were.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Now it's time to ensure I cement the wonderful learnings into my role.

I found Bernadette incredibly engaging and knowledgeable. Every week I looked forward to listening to her feedback for every single course participant because she always infused so much passion and value into her assessment feedback.

It was so well structured whilst giving the perfect amount of flexibility, allowing me to complete each week's module comfortably given I was working full-time.

I'm now approaching every piece of content I write in a very aware and strategic way.

The AWC is a brilliant, concise and well-organised online course provider - I thoroughly enjoyed the SEO copywriting course from start to finish. Thank you for a wonderful course.

Megan Daniher 2 years ago

This course has given me an extra boost of confidence in regards to copywriting as I can now include the SEO factor into my pitch for clients which is a huge plus.

I enjoy Bernadette’s courses. She is a great presenter and the content is all relevant and easy to understand. The feedback for the assignments is always very thorough and worth listening to comments on other people’s work as there are interesting points made and it’s good to see what other people are doing.

I got my first client during this course by being able to explain SEO and its importance to a new business. During the course I was speaking to someone who is starting a business and we were chatting about their website and reach into the market. I wasn't pitching but before I knew it, I ended up with a copywriting job for a new business in my industry with people I never really imagined I would be working with.

Elizabeth McClenaghan 3 years ago

This course actually got me excited about writing for SEO purposes, and helped me to see just how valuable it is for a business. It gave me practical skills that I can now take back to my employer and hopefully use to improve our SEO rankings and onsite traffic.

The course also helped me understand how valuable my skills are as a writer. Bernadette really has a way of making you feel important and needed and good about yourself for having these skills and for pursuing them further. In my experience, people don't always appreciate the value of good copy and can make you feel like your career choice was a waste.

Bernadette is obviously an expert in the field and gave excellent insight and feedback.

I was taking my learnings back to my manager and to my current role and I was able to point out things we should be doing and things we can do better, and he now calls me an "seo expert" even though I've only done this one course!

Emilie Deacon 3 years ago

Bernadette is excellent. I have learned so much both from the course content and the feedback. There was so much crammed in to learn.

Do it. Mad if you don't.

Jade Fernandes 3 years ago

The tutor was superb! I enjoyed the feedback and Bernadette's delivery style - she is very relatable, you feel like she is in the room!

I feel confident that I have found my new profession.

Bernadette commented that Copywriting is the perfect "fusion of art and science" and she also said that it's a good trade for someone who has done "a bit of this and that - Jack of all trades" which really resonated with me and where I am currently at.

The AWC is the best in the industry. Thank you!

Jocelyn Watts 3 years ago

This course not only covered what I wanted to know about SEO, but it also revealed other opportunities worth exploring. The tutor was excellent!

I enjoyed the wealth of information provided.

It's given me some direction on how to move forward with my website which has been in limbo since my husband died seven years ago. Working through the nuts and bolts of SEO revealed a focus for my website that's worth further investigation.

Learning about SEO copywiting is worth it, even if becoming a copywriter isn't your main goal. Having broad knowledge of the topic is valuable in many ways.

Nikki Dennis 3 years ago

Bernadette did a great job of opening my eyes to the world of SEO without being too technical and taking away from what I like best, the writing part.

I think Bernadette's approach was very friendly and informative. The course was full of practical info presented in a clear manner and demonstrated well with examples. Feedback was detailed and helpful.

It's really opened my eyes to the possibilities of a copywriting business. I've always liked writing, now I can hopefully make some more money from it!

The course has shown me how to create another revenue stream for my consulting business doing something I love.

Definitely go for it, you won't be disappointed.


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