Nandika 2 months ago

I really enjoy writing and this course seemed perfect for me to improve my writing skills.

I enjoyed the in-depth audios and exercises.

I am now a better and more confident writer and I believe I can be a published author someday.

It's an amazing course and you should definitely join it.

Maddi 5 months ago

The course has helped me begin a story different to anything I've written before (I used to only write fantasy, but my most recent project is a young adult book set in London).

My aha moment would be realising that people actually planned scenes, instead of just writing them and seeing where they go.

I would say the course covers a variety of aspects of writing.

Daisy S. 6 months ago

I love writing and I wanted to improve my writing and gain new skills which I can use in more stories.

I really liked my online tutor. She made the audio lessons fun and gave a lot of tips and advice to writing that I hadn't known. I really enjoyed working on character developments and learning more about how publishing works.

I feel like I now look at writing and planning my stories in a whole new way and have learnt so much in how to improve my writing.

This course has re-inspired me to want to become a writer in the future and has motivated me because now I have some tools and techniques to help me. Thank you!

AWC have great writing courses that you can do anytime you like and learn so much more about writing.

Aurora 7 months ago

I really loved this course! My tutor was excellent! The feedback was really helpful.

I learned a lot about planning techniques. I was really happy when I figured out the outline for my story.

I would say that this course is an excellent way to learn how to write an awesome story, and be able to appreciate other stories even more.

I loved this course!!!

Joanna 7 months ago

I was trying to find a way to improve my writing skills and my mother came across this course so I thought it would be helpful to see if I could learn anything from it.

The feedback was very useful, and the tutor pointed out some issues in my story plot that I otherwise would not have noticed.

The course taught me interesting things that can improve my writing.

The AWC is extremely helpful if you want to improve your writing and that its definitely worth your time.

Ivy 8 months ago

The tutor gave great feedback which really helped deepen my writing and has helped me improve in many ways.

I'd say that this course helps improve your writing and you're able to do it at your own pace. It's really good.

Tiana 8 months ago

I wanted to do this course to further develop my writing skills. I found the course to be good, not too overwhelming.

The tutor was nice and gave kind, constructive feedback that I think I benefitted from. I feel more encouraged and self-motivated to write.

It's a fun, not too overwhelming course that helps and encourages you to write in any and every way you want to.

Eden 11 months ago

The Teenage Creative Writers' Program taught me everything I was curious about in creative writing, including common tricks authors use to make their stories interesting and satisfying to read. The course has made me so much more confident in any creative writing I do and now I feel fully equipped to reach my goal of writing a young adult fiction book.

The feedback that my tutor provided was specific and helpful, because she also gave me a specific way that I could apply it within the pieces of writing that I submitted in my assignments. She also made all of the modules interesting and engaging, presenting the information in ways I could relate to and that I understood.

I loved getting to explore a range of stories and characters throughout all the modules and exercises. I also liked how throughout a lot of the exercises we could take creative freedom with the characters, setting etc. to write about what we knew and what we found interesting instead of being given a rigid set of guidelines to follow. In assignments, I also liked how we could get feedback without worrying about marking well. I loved everything about the course!

I feel confident that I could actually pursue becoming an author, when before I felt like it wouldn't be possible. It also made me feel confident in being able to learn any new skill and feel way more confident with it in a fairly short amount of time.

I really enjoyed the course and hope I can take another one with AWC soon! :)

Joshua 11 months ago

I fell in love with this course from module one and now I have completed the course and am more confident in my writing ability. Now, fully inspired, my dream as a future author is more possible and probable than before the course.

My online tutor was wonderful. When she reviewed my writing and gave me her feedback, it was really positive and was the first feedback from someone who is a professional in this field. When I showed the feedback to my mum, she had tears of pride for me.

I enjoyed learning new ways of how to start thinking like a writer.

Before I started the course, I had already been writing for a span of five years. But, through discovering and enrolling in this course, I found a lot more skills in writing.

Trust me. If you enrol in the Australian Writers' Centre, I one hundred per cent guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Phena 11 months ago

My mum was doing some research on writing courses and told me about it. I read the stuff on the website about the course and decided it would be a very good thing for me to do, as there were a couple of modules that I thought would be extremely beneficial to me and pretty much all the others were definitely useful.

My only slight hesitation was whether or not there would be too much that I already knew that would be covered. In the end I decided it didn't matter anyway.

I got so much more out of the course than I ever thought I would/could. I feel much more confident about one day achieving my dream of becoming a published author based on the tips that were given on what publishers look for when excepting manuscripts.

I liked the tutor and her feedback was very supportive.

I probably enjoyed the audio lessons the most, because I took A LOT of notes every time, no matter how much I told myself, 'OK, this time I'll just write down the absolute essentials. The bare bones of what is being said.' It never worked. But I got a lot out of it, so I'm not complaining that's for sure!

I have a lot more knowledge, especially about publishing and re-drafting and creating characters and creating a world. I've always been a bit nervous about writing fantasy because I've never really known how to create a good fantasy world and not info dump. I think I've also been a little bit, sort of scared, because I read a lot of good fantasy books and I've always thought, 'gosh, I hope I can write like that one day too.'

This course is amazing. I will do more of your courses in the future, definitely. And hopefully when I'm a published author one day, I'll be able to mention AWC in my acknowledgements page as helping me get the skills I need to become a published author!

Whether you want to become a published author or just want to improve your writing skills a bit, you should definitely do this course. You'll get so much out of it.

Ava 1 year ago

Thank you for this experience! Very friendly people and heaps of fun tasks!

The tutor was very accurate and aware - I loved the feedback given to me. I've fixed things I didn't even know where broken! And very sweet too.

The tasks were my favourite. It felt like I was being taken seriously even though I'm not a writer (yet)! :)

This course was very straight forward and informative. I feel more confident now! I may still be improving, but the writing community around me is very supportive and makes me want to look down this path further.

The AWC has amazing people! And no one is ever cruel - you don't have to be afraid of being a beginner here; everyone else was/is too!

Sparrow 1 year ago

Originally I thought this course was going to be too basic for me as a lot of the other writing courses I've looked at have been very basic or are targeted towards adults only. I was pleasantly surprised at how in-depth the course was despite it being targeted towards young people and I really appreciated the ability to access a service that met my level and age.

The tutor's feedback was very helpful and in-depth which allowed me to improve my writing and think about things I hadn't considered myself. I really loved how when giving points to work on she didn't make it feel like an assignment or as if I had done something wrong but instead was really encouraging and enthusiastic about my work and helping me to develop it further. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Getting feedback on my writing was probably the most enjoyable part of the course. I loved implementing the tactics I learnt throughout the course and being able to see the difference they made in my writing and then having someone look over it to make sure I was on the right track.

I think that doing this course has stopped me from giving excuses for not writing. The deadlines and modules really helped to motivate me to write more and allowed me to believe that I actually could write a novel if I work at it.

My aha moment in this course was during the end of the course when plot building started to happen. I struggle with creating plots so the ability to be able to create a plot based on the character's wants and desires was a game changer for me.

If you are struggling with starting or constantly running into problems then doing this course would be one of the best things you could do.

Ava S. 1 year ago

My overall impression of Jo was that she's an amazing writer and she knows how to write well and give amazing feedback.

I enjoyed submitting assignments and getting feedback from an actual author instead of friends/family.

It has given me the confidence to publish books when I'm older.

It is an amazing course that really helps boost your writing skills in a fun and easy way.

Thank you so much AWC. I had heaps of fun doing it and it really helped with my writing skills.

Kathryn 1 year ago

My online teacher was very good and I particularly enjoyed the video format in which feedback was issued. The critique I got was very insightful and allowed me to improve on my story.

I enjoyed completing the weekly activities and receiving feedback the most.

The course has allowed me to look at my writing from a more critical perspective and taught me many things about constructing believable characters and creating an engaging story.

One major 'aha' moment in the course was when I learnt how to more expertly create a unique voice for my characters. Before, this was something I struggled with, but the course has helped me on the road to improving this skill.

I would say that the course is very extensive and helpful to teens such as myself who are just starting to find their way in the complex world of writing. It gave me a greater understanding in just about every area of storytelling.

Gemma S. 1 year ago

I like creative writing in general, and wanted to know how to make my own story for fun by knowing the basics, how to construct the plot, make a character, etc.

I found doing the assignments most enjoyable, because it was fun for me to write something in where I'd get feedback on without there being a mark.

This course helped me with how to construct a character which does impact my writing skills quite a lot within stories.

The Australian Writers' Centre is an excellent source to learn about different forms of writing and can help improve your writing skills.

Amelia L. 1 year ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 lessons and found this to be a great experience.

It made me think more about what was going into my writing and how to put it all together more effectively. I enjoyed the overall outcomes that I was able to achieve. I gained the feeling of accomplishment.

If you want to improve your writing skills with honest but positive feedback in an environment that suits you and creates a safe place, this is the one.

Panya S. 2 years ago

The tutor gave detailed feedback and I liked the videos they sent back so they could actually show what I needed to improve.

I liked the audio activity in module 8 that told me to visualise my settings and it really helped!

I learnt the proper structure to write an engaging story. I became more comfortable writing formally and for older audiences.

Try this writing course. It's really good and will change the way you write.

Emerald 2 years ago

I liked how the audio lessons weren't strict and formal but were fun and relatable. I learnt new useful skills to enhance my writing.

If you really care about taking your writing to a whole new level, try it.

Leah J. 2 years ago

One of my favourite things to do in the world is reading and writing. I have loved books for a long time and love creating my own world. I have needed some help though and this seemed like the perfect course for it.

I had no hesitations. I believed that it would be perfect and it has been!

My tutor was very good, providing helpful feedback, both negative and positive, and it was very helpful. Thank you for the excellent help.

I enjoyed the part where I got to work on my story, like making my characters, their feelings, appearances, and the world around them.

It has helped me start a story for the first time which I am confident with. I always struggled with starting stories.

I would say that it is a very good course that can help your writing skills improve and can give you personal feedback that is unbiased, because it is not from family or friends.

It was perfect. Thank you.

Clementine B. 2 years ago

I've always loved stories and writing as a hobby. One night my mother suggested this program. I was keen to get advice and guidance from an experienced author on how to improve your writing.

The online tutor was very insightful and had very good genuine feedback. She explained the good feedback of my work and some areas that needed work on very clearly. I've learnt now the difference between a climax and a backstory.

I found the audio exercises most enjoyable because they included a guide of how to set your setting, which I've continued to do for other pieces of writing for school and non-school pieces. I've also gone back into one of my own pieces which I'm working on and used it.

If you enjoy writing as a hobby and are keen to get advice or another person's way of it, go for it. They have good exercises and audios. And it doesn't take up much of your time.

I really enjoyed sitting down with a notebook and pen in my spare time, listening to the audios and writing down key points. It was an enjoyable experience with zero stress.


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