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We’re only a few weeks in but this year has already been a rough ride, with so many other things to distract and deter you from your wordsmithery. So as the entrance gates to Twenty Twenty start to fade in the rear-view mirror, it’s a great time to sit up straight, look ahead, and dial up that mix of motivation, inspiration and perspiration known as your MOJO. Here’s some ideas to help you ROAR this year:


You know that feeling where you’ll be driving home and suddenly you’re in your driveway and you don’t remember how you got there? The surroundings were so familiar and the routine so regular that they literally blurred into the background. Well, this is the opposite of that, and it’s pretty easy to do. Simply go somewhere that you’ve never been before (or second best, somewhere you haven’t been to for a long time). It could be a destination or it could simply be a new route on your morning walk with the dog. With everything new and unfamiliar, your senses are heightened and so too is your creativity. Take a notepad, jot down ideas that jump out at you. After all, there’s a reason why they call it a ‘novel’… so try a novel experience today!


Now this one won’t be popular with the night owls, but then again, if you’re struggling to find motivation, perhaps you’re stuck in a late night rut. So yes, you’ll want to be going to bed at a time to allow you to get your optimum hours' sleep (typically 6-8 hours) – but by giving yourself extra time in the morning, not only will you start the day feeling unrushed, but you have the opportunity to set the tone. While many choose to write (6am is a popular time), it doesn’t need to be about writing. You might meditate or do some exercise. It could be a morning walk to watch the sunrise each day. Whatever it is, make it a habit and by starting the day on YOUR terms, you’ll feel in control for what life throws at you.


If you’re anything like us, the smell and feel of a crisp new notebook is actually enough to generate a couple of new creative ideas on the spot. Of course, there is an art to selecting just the right notebook for your needs. Will you require lines or is it for freeform scribbling? Grid squares or dots perhaps? And then, the type of paper. The size and the colour of the cover. Does it have one of those page marking tassels or wrap around elastic? The eternal question of why two seemingly identical books retail for $9.99 and $54 respectively… Yes, if the act of buying the book doesn’t fire up your mojo engines, then filling it will. Consider a colour-coded set for different themes or uses – and of course, always ensure you have one next to you at night for all those ‘bedsideas’…


Feeling low? Stuck in that foggy inertia? You need music. Grab your favourite tune and turn it up. Then get up. Get the blood flowing and DANCE like no one’s watching (because it’s best if no one is). Flail those arms about like an inflatable thing outside a car yard. Tap those toes like you’re an Irish dancer performing morse code with their feet. Swing those hips like you just don’t care. Music has a way of snapping us out of things, so make it work for you. After all, life’s too short to suffer in silence.


Oh yes, of course! A great way to load up on MOJO is by surrounding yourself with a bunch of other creative people and supporting each other through 29 days of online fun writing challenges, motivational tasks, daily inspiration and general hilarity. That’s right – after a hugely successful first outing in September last year, MOJO MONTH is back and better than ever! It’s from the team that created Furious Fiction (so you know it’s going to be a lot of fun), delivering you a daily dose of MOJO to your inbox every morning for an entire month. Think of it as a personal trainer for your soul – a great way for you to banish procrastination, set goals and form new habits. And all for less than the price of a coffee a day.

Places are now open so come and join the party from 1 February for MOJO MONTH: Leap into 2020

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