Ep 013: AI expert Suzette Bailey on using artificial intelligence to write your copy

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we live, but it’s also changing the way we write copy. 

In this episode we talk to Suzette Bailey who is an expert at the building AI platforms that help us write copy – and lots of it.

If you fancy writing a 500-word article on a specific topic of your choice, in under 30 seconds, or writing a LinkedIn article that makes you look like an expert at the same time, this podcast is for you.

In this episode you discover how:

  • AI can be used to write professional quality copy in seconds 
  • to write Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, emailers and more using Ai
  • to use keywords to get the exact copy you need 
  • schools and uni students and teachers will need to revise the way they write and assess assignments in the future
  • AI is forcing us to redefine what creativity, originality and thought leadership really is
  • To use AI ethically

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About SimpleMarketing.ai and Suzette Bailey

In 2018 Suzette Bailey was a successful information management advisor for  government agencies. When she pivoted to help small business owners to systemise their operations, she found her skill of closing 6-figure deals didn’t translate to selling $500 courses. 

She struggled to continually generate the content required to market her new business.

In late 2020 she saw the opportunity to use world-leading AI to generate marketing content for businesses like hers.

Co-founding SimpleMarketing.AI, Suzette has built the business with a focus on helping businesses short on marketing and technical skills to generate the marketing content they need to attract and engage customers.

With an initial product on the market, and a free account for light users, SimpleMarketing.AI is now helping businesses around the world to generate the content they need every day to market and grow. 


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