Copywriting Podcast Episode 035: How to automate your copywriting business, with guest Charlotte Isaac

Charlotte Isaac is a systems expert. Wait! Come back. She is actually very interesting.

She works with copywriters to help them automate the hard bits, the unpleasant bits, the daunting bits – the bits that stop us from succeeding.

Things like:

  • Sending invoices
  • Following up leads
  • Closing off jobs
  • Telling clients ‘no more edits’
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Automating the lead generation process.

Systems really are the difference between working in your business and on your business. If you know that your lack of systems is really letting you down, now is the time to get those systems set up. You can check out Charlotte’s free course in the show notes below.

About Charlotte:
Charlotte Isaac is a Business Operations Consultant who gave up her role as a corporate ops manager inside of a creative agency so that she could serve small business owners who love their people just as much as she does hers. Through her signature program, Ease Seekers Society, and her DIY Dubsado shop, Charlotte helps overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneurs build customized solutions so they can serve their clients better, automate busywork, and feel confident in their business. Blessed with a travel bug herself, Charlotte leads by example, having designed her own business in a way that allows plenty of space to enjoy life with her husband, both in their hometown of Sydney, Australia and around the world.

Links mentioned in this episode

Free offer:
Enrol in Charlotte’s free ‘7 Steps to Automation’ course so you can set up your first systems and save hours of time. This comprehensive course includes video lessons, exercises and templates to learn and set up all the key features in Dubsado.

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