Copywriting Podcast Episode 049: How to launch a podcast that builds authority and generates leads with guest Ash Roy

Launching a podcast is a brilliant way to build your copywriting business. It helps you build your authority, find new clients and create new connections with interesting and high-profile people. If you’ve ever wanted a map for how to build, launch and promote your podcast, this is the episode for you.

Ash Roy is a podcast and digital marketing expert and is a global authority on productivity and business growth. He has attracted big names to appear on his podcast, including Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, the motivational expert, Brian Clarke, the founder of Copy Blogger and Rand Fishkin one of the original co-founders of

In this podcast I talk to Ash about how to:

  • to launch a podcast
  • get celebrities on to your podcast
  • choose the right title for your podcast
  • find great titles using Uber Suggest keyword research tool
  • use an empathy map to identify your target audience
  • identify the right content and questions to ask
  • understand the technical side of recording a podcast
  • monetise your podcast and why you need to play the long game
  • find partners and advertise your podcast
  • use guest blogging to promote your podcast and build your domain authority
  • use podcasts to build your subscriber base
  • choose the right length for each podcast
  • niche your podcast to find new clients
  • edit your podcast, find the right editor and what to pay them
  • launch your podcast onto the various platforms
  • propagate your podcast to increase your reach
  • buy the right microphone


After a corporate career in finance and strategy, that spanned 15 years in large multinational corporations, a CPA, and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management (Distinction), Ash Roy founded Productive Insights in 2013.  

Productive Insights’ passion is to partner with service-based small business owners to help them grow sustainably and profitably using strategies that actually work. 

He hosts a successful podcast called Productive Insights Podcast with over 200 episodes. It features some of the world’s leading online entrepreneurs including Seth Godin (episode 200), Guy Kawasaki (episode 210), Rand Fishkin (episodes 38, 126 & 159), Neil Patel (episodes 1&212), Ryan Deiss (episode 170), Amy Porterfield (episodes 145 & 201), Sonia Simone (episodes 107,108 & 144), Noah Kagan (episode 147), and many others. You can access it via this link:

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