Copywriting Podcast Episode 068: In conversation with Radek Sali, former CEO of Swisse, about his new book.

Have you ever considered adding ghostwriting of business memoirs to your suite of services?

In today's episode, we explore the riveting tale behind the meteoric rise of Swisse Wellness, as recounted in the new book, “How to Build a Billion-Dollar Business” by Radek Sali, the visionary entrepreneur and former Swisse CEO. I happened to be his co-author on this project so I thought it’d be interesting to have a chat with Radek about the ghost-writing process and to share some hints and tips on how you too can add ghostwriting to your suite of services.

The book details how Radek and his team turned a company that had $15 million in revenue and 30 employees, into a colossal $2.1 billion empire with over 1000 employees. He openly shares the highs and lows of his incredible journey, from teetering on personal bankruptcy, to engaging the world’s top celebrities as ambassadors. The book also covers how he steered Swisse from the brink of collapse and spearheaded the sale of Swisse to the Hong Kong based Biostime, which became one of Australia’s largest ever private business transactions.

In this episode, we look at:

  • The benefits of writing a business book
  • Why a hard copy book is so much more powerful than a collection of online blogs and articles
  • What can people learn from Radek’s business journey and how to apply it to their own business
  • How he chose his ghostwriter and what he looked for in a collaborator
  • The challenges of writing a book with a collaborator
  • How to hold your ghostwriting client accountable and challenge their assumptions
  • Tips and hints for how other business leaders can get the most from a ghostwriter
  • The connection between copywriting and ghostwriting
  • Strategies for advertising and promoting a startup

About Radek:

Radek Sali is the former CEO of Swisse and a brand visionary who revolutionised the vitamin and supplements industry. Under his leadership, Swisse surged from a $15 million company with 30 employees to an astounding $2.1 billion enterprise with 1,000 employees in less than a decade. Swisse became Australia’s largest global wellness company and the number 1 natural health brand in Australia and China. Swisse was awarded Australia’s Best Private Business 2012 and The Best Place to Work in Australia for 2015 and 2016 and in 2012 Radek won GQ Australia’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. Currently, he is the Founder and Chairman of Light Warrior Group, Light Warrior Wellness and Wanderlust Group and is the Founder and Director of Stratosphere, Conscious Investment Management and Anthem.

Mentioned in this episode:

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