Ep 043: How to charge for your copywriting work

Christian Simovic is a man on a mission. At just 22 years old and with only 10 months under his belt as an email copywriter, he has taken the risky path of offering his clients a no-results-no pay model. Gutsy? Yes, but it works and in this session he shows us exactly how he created this business model, why his clients love it, the pitfalls attached to it and how he came to be so confident at such a young age. Follow his email methodology and it could potentially net you $15,000 to $20,000 per month, so take a moment to listen and see how he does it.

In this session, you will discover how he:

  • promises his clients he’ll generate $30K in revenue in under 60 days (or the work is free!)
  • got started as a copywriter
  • finds his clients using cold call techniques
  • writes his ‘welcome’ sequences (and the exact wording he uses in each email)
  • uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate leads
  • chooses the right brands and sectors that match his skill sets
  • increases email deliverability to avoid the spam bots
  • created his risk reversal (no results – no pay) policy
  • conducts his client onboarding process
  • justifies his ‘email a day’ cadence
  • leverages his storytelling technique to write email copy
  • always uses plain text (never HTML) and why
  • creates his subject lines and optimal email length of copy
  • builds his email list
  • uses the PAS (problem/agitation/solution) formula to write his copy
  • deliberately misspells words to gain reader engagement
  • justifies his fees
  • uses affiliate programs to track his success
  • uses birthdays to build rapport in email campaigns
  • uses Reddit to source great stories and ideas for his email sequences

About Christian:

Christian Simovic is the founder of Honey Badger Marketing, a plain-text email marketing agency. His clients have ranged from small organic skincare brands to reality TV stars. His background in research and writing reports for the real estate industry has prepared him well for a world of words, wisdom, and persuasion.”

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