Ep 333 We chat to Tara Moss, author of ‘The Cobra Queen’.

In Episode 333 of So You Want To Be A Writer: We chat to Tara Moss, author of The Cobra Queen. Discover how to write your novel while juggling your day job. We're currently developing a Teenage Creative Writers' Program for budding authors which will be available very soon. Plus, we have 3 ‘Pussweek packs' by Bexy McFly (AWC alumnae) containing PUSSWEEK: A Cat's Guide to Feline Empowerment and Cats Are The Worst to give away.

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Show Notes

5 ways to write your novel while juggling your day job

Writer in Residence

Tara Moss

Tara Moss – author, journalist, documentary-maker and human rights activist. Since 1999 Tara Moss has written 13 bestselling books, published in 19 countries and 13 languages.

Tara explains her latest paranormal fiction novel The Cobra Queen, the fourth book in the Pandora English series following The Skeleton Key. Amidst paranormal fiction, crime fiction and non-fiction, Tara also enjoys writing historical fiction where she mixes facts with fictitious narrative. Tara discusses her research methods for creating an authentic character’s experience and well-developed world as she ‘tours where mortals can go’ to creating a new world for her readers. The research stories she shares with Valerie are marvellous – from roaming museums in New York until closing time to stories of firing a gun and being set on fire … need we need to say more?

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