Ep 485: Meet Rae Cairns, author of the crime thriller ‘The Good Mother’

Meet Rae Cairns, author of The Good Mother, on her journey from indie author to publishing sensation; the most important thing you can do when interviewing someone; where Agatha Christie got all her ideas; and win Anna by Amy Odell, about iconic editor Anna Wintour.

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Writer in residence: Rae Cairns

Rae Cairns is a former youth worker who has turned to a life of crime… writing. She is fascinated with how ordinary people manage when faced with extraordinary circumstances, and the lengths everyday characters will go when all they love is put at risk. She writes crime with heart; thriller and suspense novels featuring everyman (and woman) characters.

Her debut novel, The Good Mother, draws on her background as a youth worker mentoring disadvantaged youth, many of them children of the paramilitaries, in Northern Ireland during the final years of ‘The Troubles’.

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