WRITER 581: Alli Parker on her novel ‘At The Foot Of The Cherry Tree’.

Meet Alli Parker, author of the Australian historical fiction novel, At the Foot of the Cherry Tree. The novel is based on the real-life story of Alli's grandparents, who were among the first Australian-Japanese couples after the Second World War. The discussion covers Alli's journey as a writer, her transition from screenwriting to novel writing, the process of researching and writing the book, and her advice for aspiring writers. Alli is also a graduate of several courses at the Australian Writers' Centre, including the Write Your Novel program.

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00:00 Introduction and welcome
00:16 Recommendation: Pamela Hart’s ‘The Fatal Crossing'
01:39 Guest introduction and writing tip discussion
03:13 Writing organisation tips and tools
11:34 Win ‘The Broken Wave' by Matthew Ryan Davies
13:53 Word of the week segment
14:20 Interview with Writer in Residence: Alli Parker
21:04 Writing journey and inspiration
21:13 Transition from screenwriting to novel writing
22:22 Breaking into the screenwriting industry
24:17 Decision to write a novel
26:33 Pathway to novel writing
28:05 Getting published and media coverage
30:11 Planning the story arc
39:31 Future writing projects
40:36 Advice for aspiring writers
43:08 Fun fact: what is the origin of the word “dubious”

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Writer in residence: Alli Parker

Alli Parker is a Japanese-Australian author and screenwriter, with a background in script editing and script co-ordinating. Her debut historical fiction novel, At the Foot of the Cherry Tree, is a novelisation of the true story of Australia's first Japanese war bride and Alli's grandmother. She co-wrote episodes of crime drama series Jack Irish, romantic thriller series Secret Bridesmaids' Business and mystery telemovie series Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries. Her credits as a script editor and co-ordinator include Irreverent, Jack Irish series 1, 2, & 3, Shantaram, Secret Bridesmaids' Business, Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries, Ride Like A Girl, Sunshine, Please Like Me series 4 and Utopia series 1 & 2.

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