Six courses to start this summer

As we come to the pointy end of December, you may be feeling particularly inspired to kick some goals in the new year. The holiday period is a fantastic time to ride that burst of motivation. We’ve lined up six writing courses that you can start RIGHT NOW. All are online, on-demand and available for your learning pleasure. Get a head start on 2018 and spend this summer achieving your writing resolutions!

Short Story Essentials
What it’s about: Learn the techniques to compelling short-form fiction, from developing engaging characters, maintaining narrative tension and writing an effective climax that leaves your readers wanting more. You’ll discover how to write a riveting 2500 word-story from start to finish – perfect for entering competitions or anthologies (or smugly sharing with your family and friends). Plus you'll receive invaluable feedback on your finished piece from Cathie Tasker – a fiction editor with more than 25 years’ experience.

Ideal for: Emerging creative writers, short story competition fanatics, and absolutely anyone looking to finesse their storytelling skills. If you’ve ever struggled to finish a story (whether it's a novel, short story or anything in between) then this shorter format is the single best way to practise and polish your writing technique.

Anatomy of a Crime: How to Write About Murder
What it’s about: If you love reading or writing about the darker side of life, you’re not alone. Follow award-winning crime fiction author and crime buff Candice Fox into the world of murder. From uncovering what makes killers tick, delving into the police and forensic procedures, and understanding the legal and psychological aspects of murder cases – you’ll be able to take your writing to a new authentic level.

Ideal for: Writers who want to tell crime stories in a more realistic way. If you are an avid crime fiction fan, or have always been fascinated by everything grim and grisly, you’ll be blown away by this content-rich course.

Blogging for Beginners
What it’s about: Keen to break out of your shell and launch into the blogosphere? Jump aboard this course to learn the essentials of setting up your own blog. You’ll discover how simple it is to design professional looking corner of the internet, where you can write about absolutely anything that tickles your fancy. Just a word of warning: after completing this course – you may very well become a blogging addict.

Ideal for: Anyone who wants their own blog, but is unsure how to get started. If you’ve been toying with the idea of blogging, or just want a helping hand in setting it up – this is the course for you.

Make Time to Write
What it’s about: In short, this course is your powerful procrastination repellent. You’ll learn how to carve out time in your day to prioritise what you love to do – write. Find out how other authors manage it, practical strategies you can implement, and tools to use to get into a regular writing routine. You’ll also receive a bonus 30-day Bootcamp – a game-changing email program that will cement your good habits and help you churn out 10,000+ words!

Ideal for: Anyone reading this right now instead of writing. If finding time to write is one of the biggest problems holding you back, this course will become your new best friend. No matter how busy your life is right now, course creator (and author, mother, podcast host, freelance writer and AWC presenter) Allison Tait will show you exactly how you can make time to write.

Inside Publishing: What You Need to Know to Get Published
What it’s about: This the essential guide for any writer or aspiring author. Understand your rights as an author, how to select the right publisher, the process and pitfalls and the nitty gritty of negotiating your contract. Developed by Pamela Freeman (award-winning author of over 30 books), this is the course that she wished she could have armed herself with before being published.

Ideal for: Anyone either thinking of writing book, wondering how to get published, or looking to maximise their manuscript’s success. Knowledge is power, and the more you understand WHAT and WHAT NOT to do – the more equipped you’ll be to successfully navigate the publishing path.

Pitch Your Novel: How to attract agents and publishers
What it’s about: Learn from bestselling author Natasha Lester who shares the 10-step process to successfully pitch your book to agents and publishers. Natasha is a guru who speaks from experience – her recent book resulted in a bidding frenzy between four major publishers. You’ll find out how to choose the best agent and publisher for your book, how to write a winning synopsis and cover letter, skills to perfect your pitch and much more.

Ideal for: Fiction and memoir writers at any stage of the novel writing process. If you want the insider secrets to approaching agents and publishers with confidence, this course is a must-have.

The best part about all of these courses? They are yours to access over a 12 month period – giving you plenty of time to revisit and revise the content at your own pace. Start now, and this time next year you’ll be smashing your writing goals out of the ball park. Good luck!

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