Top 10 Q&As of 2020

Q: What’s all this then?

A: It’s the end of the year.

Q: Oh, so they want us to pick our favourite chats?

A: Exactly. Always so difficult – like choosing a favourite child.

Q: Nah, some of our chats are definitely better than others.

A: Really?

Q: Yeah, there are some weeks when I can just tell that you’ve phoned it in.

A: Oh. Didn’t realise you felt that way.

Q: Totally. Some weeks are rubbish. 

A: Um.

Q: But that’s okay, I’m sure we’ll scrape together 10.

A: “Scrape together”?? We had more than 50 discussions this year. Surely there are more than 10 good ones.

Q: Maybe. They all blur into one after a while… 

A: Well on that note, here are our top 10 Q&A posts for 2020…

What better place to start with how the year began, filled with FIRE, as we grappled with how to spell this flaming adjective.

The topical news headline grabbing hits continued in 2020 with this post from early March, when everyone was asking the same thing…

We w/racked our brains to come up with this next one, as often people are w/racked with guilt over which one they should use. This should help clear that up…

It was certainly a year for angry hordes/hoards – seeking out toilet paper or seeking out justice in race riots. This article helped clear up the pesky spelling confusion

If you’re a fan of the Fast and the Furious films, then you may appreciate this conversation more than most about the spelling and origins of the phrase “suped/souped up’

As the year wore on, we were all asked to remember to “practise social distancing” – in fact we practised so much, we practically perfected it… But how was it spelt?

There was much discussion about “the new normal” in 2020 and what the world would look like when things returned to… um… “normality”? Or “normalcy”? Hmmm…

Wow, there really were a lot of topical topics in 2020 – and this one about the rise of “Karen” as a complaining catch-all debuted around the time of the Bunnings mask incident…

This weighty issue proved a popular topic back in September, as we explored the origins and oddities of the imperial measurements for mass…

And finally, if you didn’t think we’d end this list by blowing the lid off this phrase, then you have “another think coming”… one that might surprise even the smartest of smartypants…

Actually, this list WAS rather tricky to compile because there have been a heap of good topics explored this year. To see them all, go here and you can splash about in the shallow gene pool of the English language all summer long!

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