Creative Writing Stage 1

Creative Writing Stage 1

Our popular five-week online classroom in storytelling and creativity

This course is ideal for: Writers of all levels who want to learn the secrets to writing compelling fiction

You will:
Indulge your creativity
Learn the key skills needed to write engaging stories
Receive valuable online tutor feedback each week
Enjoy access to experts who are active in the industry
Unlock your storytelling potential!

“I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but I found myself addicted!
I am inspired. Get into it. It’s great fun and great for the mind.”

- Suzie Lindsay, Creative Writing Stage 1 graduate






Starts Monday 8 July 2019 , Any time during the week
5 weeks (Allow 3-4 hours per week)
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Starts Monday 24 June 2019 , Any time during the week
5 weeks (Allow 3-4 hours per week)

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Creative Writing Stage 1 is also offered in our Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane classrooms.


Creative Writing Stage 1 – an overview

This online course teaches you the foundation techniques needed to create compelling stories. By understanding and using these building blocks, you will become a better writer.

Lessons include:

  1. Creating compelling characters

    Discover how to master memorable characters, filling in their backstories and body language, appearance and other quirks to keep readers captivated. You’ll receive feedback on your characterisation and dialogue.

  2. Finding your narrative voice

    First person? Third person limited? Omniscient narrator? Explore the various types of points of view with which you can tell a story – they all have their advantages and disadvantages! You'll complete exercises and receive feedback on your narrative voice.

  3. How to create gripping scenes

    Scenes are the building blocks of stories, so learn the secrets of scene construction and editing – how to write descriptions that allow your readers to feel like they’re there. In this lesson you’ll create and receive feedback on an authentic scene that captures this.

  4. Building stories with form, structure and plot

    Learn how to apply simple techniques to stop your stories from unravelling and, instead, hold a structure that keeps reader interest high from start to finish. You'll explore the vital points of a narrative and receive feedback on writing in different points of view.

  5. Putting it all together

    Reveal a map through the wilderness of creative writing, with clear instructions for where to go to succeed in the next part of your writing journey. You'll receive feedback on a scene that incorporates all of the techniques you've mastered.

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Joanna completed Creative Writing Stage 1

“The course was the absolute nuts and bolts approach I was looking for. I loved the logical step-by-step approach to the craft of writing. It sounds strange but although I’d been a voracious reader all my life, I’d never stopped to consider how a book was actually written, or even that it was divided into a series of scenes with a defined structure. It’s obvious now, but at the time I thought I’d discovered radium!"

– Joanna Nell,
now a published author, whose lead character for her debut novel ‘The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village‘ was developed in week 1 of her course...

“Is this course for me?”

Creative Writing Stage 1 suits a wide range of people at various stages of life. These include:

Enjoy the benefits of your online classroom

  • This course gives you access to your own online classroom, where you’ll be able to connect with other classmates and share your stories with each other in a supportive environment – with people who share your passion!
  • Your class also has its own online tutor – on hand and online for any questions you may have and to provide personal feedback on your work. Our tutors are experienced experts with years of knowledge to draw on. They’re your secret weapon!
  • Each Monday we’ll release a new learning module in the form of audio lessons, along with handouts and other resources. You can choose to save the audio and listen to it later on – perhaps during your favourite walk or on the commute in the car. It’s up to you!
  • A fan of 9am starts? Easy. 2pm before the kids get home? Sure. 10pm? 5am? You choose the time and place that best suits you schedule. A practical weekly assignment (assessed by your tutor) will help you stay on track and gauge your progress along the way.

Want to write a novel? It all starts here

If your goal is to write a novel, AWC offers three stages of creative support and guidance to help you get there. Creative Writing Stage 1 kicks things off – giving you a solid understanding of how to build your story. In Novel Writing Essentials and Write Your Novel, you will workshop your actual manuscript and take it from its beginnings to completion.

By the end of this course, you will have:

KNOWLEDGE: of all the important elements that all work together to create engaging fiction.
CONFIDENCE: in your writing abilities and as a creative human being. Knowledge is powerful stuff!
INSPIRATION: from your online tutor, other classmates and the fabulous creative community. You’ll be buzzing with new ideas, techniques and insight into creating compelling fiction – that you can immediately apply to your own writing.
MOTIVATION: to pursue further writing goals such as short stories or to write the next great novel. You’ll also have the momentum to succeed, thanks to plenty of online resources and 12 months' access to all online course materials.

Reviews of Creative Writing Stage 1

“I’ve been writing my whole life, but these tricks and tips really opened my eyes on how to write more effectively. I think it’s an extremely valuable course for anyone who enjoys both reading and writing, whether you want to get a book published or just enjoy writing for yourself.”

– Donna Marriot

“What impressed me was the sheer amount of information packed into each week’s tuition. What we learnt one week was built on the following week... every aspect of creating a readable story. Thank-you.”

– Kathleen Mueller

“I enjoyed listening to the course content by audio. I could listen in the car, while working in the garden, even hanging out the washing. And I enjoy supplementing this with the podcasts.”

– Julie Skerman

“I really enjoyed that there was a lot of interesting and really useful content about structuring a fiction novel. A lot of tips that I am excited to put into practice. I also really liked reading other students’ work and the feel of a community. The online option makes life easier if travel and life commitments make a five-week course at a set time and place hard to commit to.”

– Katie Hoskins

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Creative Writing Stage 1 is also offered in our Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane classrooms.