Editing Essentials

Editing Essentials

Review words with ease, speed and accuracy

This course is ideal for: Anyone who works with words (theirs or others) and wanting wants to edit efficiently.

You will learn:
How to edit business documents with ease
‘Big picture’ editing and when to use it
Rules for punctuation, bullet lists and more
Industry proofreading symbols and style guides
And much more






Starts Thursday 8 March 2018 , 9am–5pm
One day
With Deb Doyle
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Become red-pen ready and learn the rules of editing

  • Does your job require you to review other people’s business writing?
  • Do you know when someones document doesn’t read well, but struggle with how to improve it?
  • Did you spot the missing apostrophe in the last bullet?
  • Want to know how to turn substandard into sublime, in one day?
  • Do you want to learn how to apply more clarity, confidence and clout to your editing skills?

Finding the way

If the English language were a road, there wouldn’t just be potholes everywhere, but a random assortment of bumps, sharp turns, broken glass and poorly marked exits. Naturally, this makes navigating a correct route extremely difficult – especially in a business context.

But the good news? You can learn the best way to negotiate that road, with our one-day Editing Essentials course. Here, you’ll be taught the rules and standard conventions for maintaining great flowing text and superb style every time.

And time is definitely one of your biggest benefits. Namely, you’ll have more of it as you fly through editing in record speed!

In one day, you’ll learn:

  • a step-by-step guide to successful structure and style
  • ‘big picture’ editing – what it is and when to do it
  • style guides – what they are, and how to create your own
  • rules for common speed bumps like hyphens, quote marks, parentheses (always tricky), lists and more
  • editing numerical information
  • common formatting issues and proofreading symbols
  • much, much more!

In a word: sensational. Do it. Without hesitation. You'll be amazed at what you're doing wrong.

- Francesca Stevens

Mind your business

Editing Essentials unfolds through a series of practical exercises that sharpen your newfound skills in the business context. By unlocking the secrets to clear, concise and accurate editing, you’ll be learning essential communication skills that cross into all areas of your life.

This one day course is ideal for those dealing with reports, proposals or business documents on a regular basis. So replace guesswork with best work and navigate your way to better editing today!

Eliminate guesswork – and make your job easier

Editing doesn’t have to be hard. Imagine receiving a document that needs an overhaul. Let’s face it, sometimes the written communication you receive can be unwieldy, convoluted and even – in some cases – nonsensical.

When you learn the right skills, you can turn the most difficult document into a clear and concise piece of writing. Often people learn editing skills over time. This course fast tracks what you need to know so you can edit with confidence and clarity.

I enjoyed learning editing skills and doing practical examples with the class. Deb was very professional and knowledgeable, and fantastic at explaining how editing works. She is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to grammar and it was great to learn some tricks of the trade!

- Elizabeth Langton

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