Renee Zaia 4 days ago

Bernadette is a champion! Her knowledge and experience are exceptional.

Not only does Bernadette teach you the fundamentals but it is also the side stories about working with clients and also the 'what not to do' in the copywriting industry were particularly beneficial.

I've yet to implement all of the learnings but just the use of the headings, the DA and the benefits of writing blogs for other sites that link back to your site are good.

AWC offers highly professional and purposeful training courses that get you industry ready.

Sonja Armytage 3 weeks ago

I really enjoy how well Bernadette explains each topic with fantastic real world and personal examples.

I loved completing the weekly assignments. They are enjoyable and challenging. While assignments can be daunting they do help you to understand each topic. Bernadette's feedback and insights are extremely helpful and reassuring. Her feedback together with her incredible knowledge helped me to understand when I was on the right track, as well as how I needed to improve.

I feel I have added another string to my bow, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

Just do it! You will learn so much and your confidence will soar to new heights.

Clare Hattersley 1 month ago

It is a great course, very useful, thanks! I enjoyed learning the tools of the trade. I know that it will make a big impact as I begin really using it for my clients and my own business.

Bernadette is excellent, and provided great feedback.

Madi McCarthy 4 months ago

Bernadette was great - an easy, confident speaker. Kept the videos short and to the point. Like Mark, her feedback was very positive.

I enjoyed the assignments - putting what I had learned into action.

Enjoyed learning about some of the SEO tools that can be used to check out how well a website or webpage is ranking. It has taught me more about the factors that are at work with Google rankings, key words etc.

The AWC courses are jam-packed with useful, easy-to-digest information that provide a solid foundation to build a copywriting business. I thoroughly enjoyed Copywriting Essentials and SEO Copywriting. Worth the price.

Renee Zaia 4 months ago

Loved the course. The detail was amazing and was presented so clearly.

Bernadette is a champion! Her experience speaks for itself.

I like how the online platform helps to build community in that you can like other people's comments, there are self-introductions at the beginning and you can see each other's assignments which is great for sharing ideas too.

Highly professional and easy-to-use online platform that makes learning fun and easy. The format of weekly assignments allows for progressive learning that builds on week to week. The experience of the tutor was amazing and provided real-world industry examples.

Helen Gowdie 4 months ago

The more I have learned through the suite of copywriting courses I have undertaken, the more I have realised how much more I need to learn about. SEO was a key aspect that, to be honest, I didn't even know about at all! So I put this course on my 'essentials' to do list.

I am an experienced writer but I knew I was naive about the google world and how and why it works - so yes I was concerned about how I would go with this course.

Very comprehensive - so much great information and clever practical strategies covered and generously shared.

Bernadette is a delightful and very knowledgeable tutor - she shares her experience and observations generously and her feedback combines insight, suggestions and encouragement.

I enjoy the natural approachable presentation of the course and that this is backed up with comprehensive resources that I can return to and double check as I grow my knowledge and practice.

I now look at my google searching and the content of results with an informed and critical eye - a fascinating additional view of what works and why. AND I analyse what I can take from it and how I could apply it (and be alert to the tension between persuasion and manipulation we all face every day!)

The AWC copywriting courses have cut out any waffle, mystification and distractions and deliver what you really need to know with practical resources and strategies to draw on, apply now and succeed 'your way'.

Ewelina 4 months ago

I like to continuously learn and develop my skills that can benefit in the workplace and beyond. Something that I've been wanting to get back to is writing, specifically copywriting. Having a look at what courses are out there and asking for recommendations from colleagues, I decided to sign up for this course with AWC.

It was good to get feedback each week and have the chance to reflect on it before submitting the next assignment.

I enjoyed having a structured set of courses each week, having all the materials available, and being challenged to think about the theory and apply it in a 'real' scenario of our choice.

The course is a good opportunity to learn new elements that I'll be able to apply in my workplace and beyond. Before completing the course I started implementing the writing formulas for blogs and socials and seeing how the engagement levels are positively impacted by this word smithing - and that's great to see.

Whether you're an expert in the field, refreshing your toolkit, or starting out - give it a go, because you'll be sure to learn something.

Kristine 6 months ago

I've pretty much pivoted in my job. I have been in marketing for years, but I do a bit of everything. I wanted to focus on the writing. This course has helped me do that.

So much useful and practical advice. I completed most of the course a while back. However, I hadn't completed the final module. I wish I had. I've been working in copywriting now for a few months, and I wish I'd listened to the advice about pricing and presenting the work to the client before now. Would have come in handy.

Great practical courses, and good value for money.

Amanda Whitbread 8 months ago

Bernadette is an exceptional tutor. She strikes a fantastic balance between offering positive feedback and constructive tips for improvement, as well as industry advice. Her extensive experience, knowledge, connections and skill in the area of copywriting is evident.

I enjoyed learning a completely new skill, and seeing the potential, positive application to my new business.

I had not previously considered SEO copywriting as a line of work for me. Having attended this course, I now see it as potentially being a primary service in my new copywriting business. I do not have to be an 'IT guru' to be an SEO copywriter.

The AWC courses I have attended have offered a brilliant foundation for the start of my new writing career, in a surprisingly short space of time.

Christine Reeve 8 months ago

I can tell that Bernadette believes in what she is teaching and I feel she truly wants to help people to succeed. I've learnt things that I wouldn't have known that I needed to learn, including how my website will/should be worded.

Janine Wilson 11 months ago

Bernadette is very knowledgeable and shares real-world examples from her own experience. She clearly loves what she does and loves to build others up to do their best.

I feel more confident in being able to research the best keywords to use, and what SEO really means for web content and discoverability.

A great range of courses that equip you with practical skills to move you forward in your writing goals.

Amy Braes 11 months ago

I enjoyed the delivery mode, self-paced nature and regular feedback. Bernadette's feedback was useful and very helpful. I really look forward to that aspect of the courses.

The information on Google's overarching approach and the updates was really beneficial. As a new copywriting business owner, I am now confident to promote SEO copywriting and to implement these practices in all that I do.

Aaron Wilton 1 year ago

I had just started my career in sales and marketing and wished to improve my copywriting skills. By doing this course, it also eliminated the need to have an outsourced SEO writer and helped me become a more valuable asset in my new role.

Bernadette was fantastic, engaging and very articulate.

I enjoyed learning about the basics; having this new understanding of SEO allows me to understand digital copy much more and has helped shape how I work.

From Monday to Friday I am constantly writing copy - this course provided me with perspective on how to position myself as a client and write in a way that improves our SEO rankings.

AWC courses are very important to professional growth, and the topics covered are highly relevant and must be learnt to stay ahead of the curve.

Melissa D'Arcy 1 year ago

I love creating copy and this course for SEO was a perfect opportunity for me to grow and learn more about this field.

This course brought more of my creative mind forward. I enjoyed every bit of it. Would recommend to anyone with that creative writing mind.

I love all the courses I've done with Australian Writers' Centre.

Adrian Clark 1 year ago

I was interested in learning more about SEO, how it works, and how the art of good copywriting fits into this for my marketing and writing business.

Bernadette is a fantastic teacher and presenter, and I loved her curious nature and her friendly approach to the training. She made it a pleasure to dive in and do the course each week and was very engaging.

I thought the course was well structured, with the basics being established at the start. I also enjoyed the external references and videos Bernadette included - I thought they were highly relevant.

It has enabled me to understand what to focus the most on when it comes to SEO and copywriting (and sort through some of the myths that I had in my head after years of googling answers to my questions).

I thought the content around how to plan blog/ content topics using keyword research was really interesting and that has already really helped me with what I offer clients through my business.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a more thorough understanding of SEO and how good copywriting can build brands through SEO.

Tracey Bell 1 year ago

I really enjoyed all the lectures: perfect length, easy to understand and great downloads.

Bernadette was truly awesome! I loved her presentations, humour, kindness and generosity of spirit. What a remarkable woman. I am so grateful to learn from the best! She has thought of everything, her knowledge of the industry is second to none and her feedback on assignments was always so encouraging and constructive. I am hoping to do more courses with her in the future. A massive THANK YOU Bernadette!

I feel that I now have the skills and confidence to start a new career as a copywriter! I've already got my first client!

Chris Ponga 1 year ago

The feedback from Bernadette was superb, really in-depth feedback, which gives you a really good understanding of what you did well and what you did particularly well. This helps you to focus.

Bernadette has a very relatable and comfortable way of talking to you which makes it all sound so easy.

I find learning a new skill a lot of fun, and this course was fun. The courses give you confidence and the framework makes it easier to write.

Jodie Matheson 1 year ago

Bernadette is great, practical and informative.

I enjoyed learning more about SEO and how it fits into the world of copywriting in digestible bites. The course has given me tips to assess my own freelance business for SEO quality and tools to help me do the analysis.

Just a huge thank you.

Do it, you won't regret it.

Emma Lord 1 year ago

I've been a copywriter for over a decade, and I've never seen such high demand for SEO skills - so I'm upskilling accordingly.

I learned a lot but also really enjoyed the course. The weekly workload was manageable and the materials are very thorough,

Bernadette is excellent. Extremely thorough but also very encouraging and engaging.

I enjoyed having the elements of SEO demystified in a clear and concise way, and also playing with the readily available tools (which, up until I did the course, I had no idea existed).

I can use my newfound knowledge in both my copywriting career and also to build my personal profile as a fiction author.

The format and materials of this course are high-quality and specific to the subject matter. I've completed other writing courses that are very generic, so this has been a real treat.

Just a big thank you! I'm really glad I enrolled.

Mads Nielsen 1 year ago

The tutor was great; knows her stuff. Explains everything very well.

I enjoyed the weekly assignments - and the feedback to each.

Very well-presented and logical explanations.

I enjoyed it and learned so much that I signed up to the Copywriting Essentials course.


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