Amanda Whitbread 3 weeks ago

Bernadette is an exceptional tutor. She strikes a fantastic balance between offering positive feedback and constructive tips for improvement, as well as industry advice. Her extensive experience, knowledge, connections and skill in the area of copywriting is evident.

I enjoyed learning a completely new skill, and seeing the potential, positive application to my new business.

I had not previously considered SEO copywriting as a line of work for me. Having attended this course, I now see it as potentially being a primary service in my new copywriting business. I do not have to be an 'IT guru' to be an SEO copywriter.

The AWC courses I have attended have offered a brilliant foundation for the start of my new writing career, in a surprisingly short space of time.

Christine Reeve 1 month ago

I can tell that Bernadette believes in what she is teaching and I feel she truly wants to help people to succeed. I've learnt things that I wouldn't have known that I needed to learn, including how my website will/should be worded.

Janine Wilson 3 months ago

Bernadette is very knowledgeable and shares real-world examples from her own experience. She clearly loves what she does and loves to build others up to do their best.

I feel more confident in being able to research the best keywords to use, and what SEO really means for web content and discoverability.

A great range of courses that equip you with practical skills to move you forward in your writing goals.

Amy Braes 3 months ago

I enjoyed the delivery mode, self-paced nature and regular feedback. Bernadette's feedback was useful and very helpful. I really look forward to that aspect of the courses.

The information on Google's overarching approach and the updates was really beneficial. As a new copywriting business owner, I am now confident to promote SEO copywriting and to implement these practices in all that I do.

Aaron Wilton 6 months ago

I had just started my career in sales and marketing and wished to improve my copywriting skills. By doing this course, it also eliminated the need to have an outsourced SEO writer and helped me become a more valuable asset in my new role.

Bernadette was fantastic, engaging and very articulate.

I enjoyed learning about the basics; having this new understanding of SEO allows me to understand digital copy much more and has helped shape how I work.

From Monday to Friday I am constantly writing copy - this course provided me with perspective on how to position myself as a client and write in a way that improves our SEO rankings.

AWC courses are very important to professional growth, and the topics covered are highly relevant and must be learnt to stay ahead of the curve.

Melissa D'Arcy 6 months ago

I love creating copy and this course for SEO was a perfect opportunity for me to grow and learn more about this field.

This course brought more of my creative mind forward. I enjoyed every bit of it. Would recommend to anyone with that creative writing mind.

I love all the courses I've done with Australian Writers' Centre.

Adrian Clark 6 months ago

I was interested in learning more about SEO, how it works, and how the art of good copywriting fits into this for my marketing and writing business.

Bernadette is a fantastic teacher and presenter, and I loved her curious nature and her friendly approach to the training. She made it a pleasure to dive in and do the course each week and was very engaging.

I thought the course was well structured, with the basics being established at the start. I also enjoyed the external references and videos Bernadette included - I thought they were highly relevant.

It has enabled me to understand what to focus the most on when it comes to SEO and copywriting (and sort through some of the myths that I had in my head after years of googling answers to my questions).

I thought the content around how to plan blog/ content topics using keyword research was really interesting and that has already really helped me with what I offer clients through my business.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a more thorough understanding of SEO and how good copywriting can build brands through SEO.

Tracey Bell 7 months ago

I really enjoyed all the lectures: perfect length, easy to understand and great downloads.

Bernadette was truly awesome! I loved her presentations, humour, kindness and generosity of spirit. What a remarkable woman. I am so grateful to learn from the best! She has thought of everything, her knowledge of the industry is second to none and her feedback on assignments was always so encouraging and constructive. I am hoping to do more courses with her in the future. A massive THANK YOU Bernadette!

I feel that I now have the skills and confidence to start a new career as a copywriter! I've already got my first client!

Chris Ponga 7 months ago

The feedback from Bernadette was superb, really in-depth feedback, which gives you a really good understanding of what you did well and what you did particularly well. This helps you to focus.

Bernadette has a very relatable and comfortable way of talking to you which makes it all sound so easy.

I find learning a new skill a lot of fun, and this course was fun. The courses give you confidence and the framework makes it easier to write.

Jodie Matheson 8 months ago

Bernadette is great, practical and informative.

I enjoyed learning more about SEO and how it fits into the world of copywriting in digestible bites. The course has given me tips to assess my own freelance business for SEO quality and tools to help me do the analysis.

Just a huge thank you.

Do it, you won't regret it.

Emma Lord 8 months ago

I've been a copywriter for over a decade, and I've never seen such high demand for SEO skills - so I'm upskilling accordingly.

I learned a lot but also really enjoyed the course. The weekly workload was manageable and the materials are very thorough,

Bernadette is excellent. Extremely thorough but also very encouraging and engaging.

I enjoyed having the elements of SEO demystified in a clear and concise way, and also playing with the readily available tools (which, up until I did the course, I had no idea existed).

I can use my newfound knowledge in both my copywriting career and also to build my personal profile as a fiction author.

The format and materials of this course are high-quality and specific to the subject matter. I've completed other writing courses that are very generic, so this has been a real treat.

Just a big thank you! I'm really glad I enrolled.

Leonie Jennings 9 months ago

I wanted to expand my copywriting skills, and make my copywriting as relevant as possible for the online world.

Bernadette's manner is conversational and easy to follow, the content she provides is relevant, and all of her advice is practical and useful.

The assignments were really good test drives for applying the principles and processes covered in each module.

I'm even more conscious of keywords and using the most relevant ones in my writing, and it's also given me a lot of food for thought about how I should present the services that I offer.

The AWC offers really well-designed, well-taught writing courses brimming with practical advice.

Silva 9 months ago

Bernadette is engaging and very experienced with a wealth of knowledge to offer and share.

I enjoyed reading everyone's weekly assignments - a great way to learn even more.

This course has shown me that I can actually make a successful business out of copywriting.

If you want to learn how to write great copy then enrol.

Mads Nielsen 9 months ago

The tutor was great; knows her stuff. Explains everything very well.

I enjoyed the weekly assignments - and the feedback to each.

Very well-presented and logical explanations.

I enjoyed it and learned so much that I signed up to the Copywriting Essentials course.

Christine 9 months ago

The tutor was very friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed learning from her.

The course has given me a clear direction on where to go with my copywriting career, what to focus on, and how to structure my writing. The blog formulas were so helpful.

If you want to further your career then this is the place for you. Study in the comfort of your own home, and feel more confident about your skills when you're finished.

Liz Rendalls 11 months ago

Bernadette has a wonderful voice and her style is authoritative without being condescending. Her sense of humour is refreshing and it felt like we were colleagues discussing SEO. There's always something to learn and this SEO Copywriting course will blow your mind.

I now know what NOT to do and what TO do, for SERPs to reach page 1 status in Google.

Bernadette is a gem of a find and I am glad she polished my idea of SEO.

The course is affordable and tutors are very real.

Sally Boyle 1 year ago

I knew I needed to complete this course to get a better understanding of SEO Copywriting and how it all fits into the line of work I'm currently doing.

Bernadette, you are amazing! The way you present your course is a huge credit to you. Your attention to detail made it so easy to understand and take on your feedback.

I enjoyed everything! From the audio, outline and feedback. Especially bonus module 6 with the quoting guides to potential customers.

You need to do this course! It's so beneficial if you'd like to understand how to write SEO Copy.

Kim Seidler 1 year ago

Bernadette is fantastic as always - she has a wealth of knowledge and is brilliant at her craft. Her feedback is extremely helpful.

I feel like I am more skilled as a writer. SEO doesn't have to be hard... it can be pretty fun! Once you wrap your head around it!

Do it! Do not hesitate. You will learn so much about yourself as well as new skills. The tutors are brilliant, and you will become addicted to learning more and more :)

Alistair McKillop 1 year ago

Bernadette obviously knows her material and structured the course well. I enjoyed learning how the component parts come together and how they add value.

I'll certainly be more mindful of keywords and keyword research when writing.

If you want to understand how SEO works and be able to add value with your copywriting, then this course will give you enough understanding to let you stand out from the crowd when dealing with clients.

Cassie Douglas 1 year ago

I really enjoyed this course! I tried a few YouTube tutorials here and there but this translated the tech terms SO well. Instead of overwhelmed, I really absorbed it and am keen to learn more.

The presenter is great! Quirky and professional and friendly.

I enjoyed the diversity in length and delivery. The instructor. The lack of pressure but also the interactivity with having to submit a weekly assignment - this helped me really absorb and integrate the lesson.

I feel that this course adds a clarity and professionalism to my work as a freelance copywriter. I feel clear on what services I'll be offering, what I will charge, my limitations and my worth.


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