Naiara G. 3 years ago

I wanted to learn how to write fiction so I could write my own book and this course description sounded perfect for me and was exactly what I was looking for.

I loved the assignments and getting feedback on them.

Pamela was lovely and very encouraging. She provided me with wonderful feedback and opened my mind to many new ideas.

It really helped me to get into the nitty gritty of a story and made me think of all the little details that wouldn't normally cross my mind. Every time I read a book or watch a movie now, I really think about the characters and plot, what things work, what things don't and what things I like.

I loved everything about this Teen Creative Writers' course!

Jeff Mohun 3 years ago

Just thank you very much team. Everything went smoothly. I could not have asked for an online course to be managed any better.

Vivienne Barrett 3 years ago

I was curious about writing fiction but had no idea where to start. This course based on the feedback I read from others, was exactly right for me and the fact that I am a beginner.

I loved all aspects - the resources, the audios - I took many notes and I'm pleased that I will have access to them for 12 months, I enjoyed the interaction with others in the group as well.

For me receiving feedback from a published author and them saying how much they enjoyed reading my pieces and that the writing "worked" made me feel like I really could write a book. Also, the way the course sets out how to go about writing a novel was fabulous - I know that I will do the Writing Workout next and then do Novel Writing Essentials after that.

I would definitely recommend this program for people interested in exploring writing and taking it to the next step. The content was of high quality, the tutor was engaging and very helpful in her constructive feedback and the people on the course very supportive!

Thank you AWC for providing a way for absolute beginner writers to move forward in their writing dream. I can now actually imagine holding my book in my hand one day... taking it small steps at a time.

Mandy Clancey 3 years ago

I am interested in writing for children and I had not really previously considered writing humour. When I saw this course offered, I thought it would be worthwhile seeing if it was something I would enjoy and could be good at.

The video lessons were funny and very easy to understand. The activities were also fun to do.

I think I have learned that writing humour for children is possibly something I could do. At the very least it is an option which I hadn't considered before and can now look into expanding my skills if I want to.

Jo Crowe 3 years ago

I have completed a draft of a novel and needed some advice and direction on how to edit my work. (Also) I have done a couple of other AWC courses and really benefitted from the learnings.

The Course is thorough and gives specific advice on where to start with editing your first draft. Made me hone in on structure, and I now realise how much has to be done to get a manuscript up to scratch. I have a lot of work to do but feel motivated to do it with a clear process outlined for me.

I like that the modules are focussed on specific topics and split the editing process up so you can tackle one topic at a time. Feels less overwhelming. The handouts are great and a good resource to go back to whenever you need to.

I feel more energised to deal with the editing process and feel ready to make the time to write the next draft.

For anyone interested in writing a novel or having a career in writing, the AWC has so many great courses to choose from to help you on your way. I listen to the podcast weekly and love hearing about writer's journeys. It gives me inspiration to write and work towards my goal of completing a novel.

Mark Shannon 3 years ago

I'd read a number of positive reviews about the course so i thought i'd give it a go.

The course was great for giving me the discipline to sit down and get some writing done.

Annabel is a thoughtful, clear communicator and her feedback was always constructive. She followed up her feedback on my first assignment by providing me with some research on the issue I had attempted to portray.

Also, what seemed at first like restrictive word limits on the assignments actually helped me to produce some of the best writing I've done simply by making every word count. The process of editing the early drafts down to say 200 words has been a revelation. I found out that I write better when I have to edit ruthlessly.

I'd recommend this particular course to anybody starting out as a writer.

James Davidson 3 years ago

I most enjoyed being able to read the other students' work, and also listen to the feedback they received (from Annabel each week), as this provided a much wider range of critique and info to learn from. I also enjoyed commenting on other students work and having my own work discussed.

One hesitation was having to do it online (but this turned out totally fine). And the other was the price ..., but I would say that it was totally worth it in the end.

Had a lot of fun, will be doing another course in the near future!

Stephanie Wilson 3 years ago

Something that caught my attention was how much I didn't know about the craft of writing. I loved this. It was great to delve into different POVs, story structure, character descriptions, and pace. These are the things we don't often learn, even in university.

I think my tutor gave some excellent insight into our stories. She definitely knows what she's doing.

I've learnt that I need to learn the craft of writing, and this is actually a lot different to learning at uni.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain insight into how others perceive their writing (rather than just polite family and friends), and to those who want to learn about the craft of writing.

Great work team.

Angela Winton-Keirl 3 years ago

I loved listening and watching Leslie's presentations. She was so easy to follow; very pleasant.

The AWC is definitely worth signing up for. Plenty of advice, information and guidelines to assist in writing chapter books for 6-9 year olds.

The course has allowed me to sit down and focus on story-writing, instead of putting off writing.

Really enjoyed the course...Thank you.

Karen Rolandsen 3 years ago

The course is friendly and has great advice.

Melanie Powell 3 years ago

I am passionate about finishing my first novel and making it the best it can be. I have loved every course from the AWC - I particularly like the interaction and real-world examples.

The handouts are excellent - I particularly like the four colour scene builder/reminder, and the power editing process pictorial.

I have explored and enjoyed many courses through the AWC over the years, finally nailing what I am most passionate about - writing my first fiction novel.

The steps, structure and real-world examples have been invaluable - enabling me to improve my writing style, and I have especially loved the interaction and direct, specific and honest feedback by Pamela (and her humour and quick wit!) and in earlier courses Bernadette, Cathie and Allison. I have also made some friends for life.

Guy Rushton 3 years ago

I have been submitting entries to furious fiction, and although I have not yet made the long list, I have been quite pleased with my stories. I have also enjoyed writing them. I do not think my grammar is too bad, but I do not actually know the rules. I do not know the rules of punctuation either, but just wing it. With spelling, at least I know what I spell wrong, and how to use spell check. So I reckon I have probably benefited exponentially from doing this course and getting feedback. I expect I will do another course, but not until I have digested this one, and incorporated it into my writing. I do not expect that to take too long. I have enjoyed the last five weeks.

... it is fun, and will probably help you.

Necia Zimmermann 3 years ago

That feeling of butterflies in my body happened from the moment the first video started.

Am I becoming addicted to these wonderful courses?

Exceeded expectations. Thankyou.

Mandy Quadara 3 years ago

Zanni was a wonderful tutor, it was a pleasure to see she is committed to helping others achieve their dreams.

It makes you look at things so different, ‘oh there’s a story in that’ and the confidence it brings that it is actually possible to get your book published. I look forward to putting pen to paper now.

I have learnt so much from this course and I am looking forward to where this will take me next on my writing journey.

If anyone is thinking of doing this course I would highly recommend it.

Cherie Corbett-Jones 3 years ago

Picture books often seem magical and doing this course is like being given the spell book that tells you all the ingredients you need to create one of these deceptively simple books. From structure and story arc to language and characters, this course has it all. I know that I'll be referring back to the notes often as I construct more stories to send out into the world.

If you're interested in writing or even learning about picture books this is something worth investing in! It's packed full of information and tips and you'll never look at a picture book in the same way again.

Christine Jones 3 years ago

Thank you, a lot of information was given. Some is common sense and other parts I did not know. Ultimately the learning is great.

It has certainly given me a lot to consider and think about. Go for it!

Stephanie Hope 3 years ago

The Freelance Writing course is comprehensive without being overwhelming and gives you the confidence to give it a go!

The length of the course is a big win - being able to learn so much in a short period time is so helpful.

Joanne Malherbe 3 years ago

Profile writing can be an uncertain activity with as many variables as stories to tell. David Leser from the AWC Profile Writing course has compiled a tool kit to help structure and work with all the uncertainty. He generously shares his extensive knowledge and experience in a comfortable and friendly manner and offers industry tips and suggestions all the way through the course. I highly recommend the course.

David Leser is inspiring and although he sets a high bar he makes me believe I can reach for it. I have been writing life stories for a local Hospice in a volunteer capacity for the past few years. I am always seeking to improve my writing in anyway I can. This course has helped give structure to my story writing approach and the tool kit I have been given is something I will rely on heavily going forward. Thank you.

Leah Eichner 3 years ago

I love to write and have a few stories in the works but I really had no idea how to finish them with a view to being published traditionally. The first thing I wanted was tips on how to complete my manuscript, which in turn would help me move on to the next stage.

Writing is a true love of mine and studying it or being able to get a job in the field would be a dream.

I enjoyed reading other students work. It really helped me decide what I should and shouldn't be doing. My classmates were very helpful.

Angela was very positive and informative. I got a lot out of the course because of her attitude towards writing.

The comments about being committed to your writing really inspired me. The second and third drafts and how to get them done was very valuable information for me at this stage.

I'd like to thank everyone for putting these courses together and for creating a place us writers feel comfortable.

Anne Fithall-Jones 3 years ago

I've had ideas for books in my mind for about 20yrs, but never known what to do with them. I googled and researched writing courses and this one drew me in.

Angela's responses/feedback were positive with insightful criticisms that provided opportunity for growth.

Every time I wrote, regardless of topic and difficulty of subject matter, I would find myself excited and stimulated; eager to write more.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the process and am now eager to push forward with my first book.


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