6 signs you should become a writer

If you’ve thought about becoming a writer before, but you’ve never made that leap, it can be hard to work up the courage. You might feel like you’re not cut out for it, but don’t worry – plenty of writers feel that way. If you need a kickstart, read our 6 signs you should become a writer and see if they apply to you.

1. You love to read

It sounds obvious, but it’s true; professional writers read widely and constantly. It’s how you learn to write well, it’s where you get inspiration – and, if there’s a writer inside you desperate to get out, it will spark that little voice in your brain thinking, “Wait, I could do that…”

2. You dreamt of being a writer when you grew up

Always had your head in a book? Loved creative writing class? Excelled in high-school English? If you’ve got a passion for writing which goes back to childhood, then don’t ignore it any longer.

3. You wish you had more opportunities to be creative at work

Sure, writing might not have been the right career path for you. Lots of writers come back to it later in life because their job just doesn’t scratch the writing itch. If you find yourself spending more time than necessary crafting witty emails or memos that nobody outside your organisation will ever see, perhaps it’s time to put your creativity into a better outlet.

4. You’re curious about the world

Whether it’s an enjoyment of history, a passion for travel or simply a fascination with the people around you, writers are curious and interested in the world. They want to know what’s happening and why. If you’re inquisitive and always open to new ideas, you might just be a born writer.

5. You prefer communicating in a written format

The stereotype that writers are all introverts isn’t necessarily true – plenty are outgoing extroverts. Still, many writers feel more comfortable communicating in a written format. If you’d rather write an op-ed than give a speech, we’re talking to you.

6. You have vivid daydreams

Real life can be dull, but your imagination is limitless. If you frequently drift off into a different world, and like spending time alone with your own thoughts, writing those daydreams down is a perfect starting point for a short story, novel or any other kind of creative fiction. 

Now you know you should become a writer, but you’re not sure where to get started? Our course Creative Writing Stage 1 is ideal if you want to write fiction and our course Freelance Writing Stage 1 is perfect for anyone wanting to explore freelance writing as a new source of income. 

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