Copywriting Podcast Episode 025: How to transition from a traditional career to full-time copywriting, with Gabi Pasztor

Copywriting careers start anywhere – even on Nepalese hiking trips! Gabi Pasztor shares her story of transitioning from a career in teaching to become a full time freelance copywriter.

Gabi Pasztor loved her job as a teacher but when a tour guide on a Nepalese hiking trip asked her to write the copy for his tour website, she thought, maybe others could use my services too!

With zero experience in business, or networking, or client development, she is now the owner of a very successful copywriting business, sets her own hours, works with who she wants when she wants and has never looked back.

In this podcast I talk to Gabi about how she transitioned from being a teacher to being a full-time copywriter, the steps she took to make it happen, the mistakes she made and the lessons she’s learnt along the way.

We talk about how Gabi:

  • transitioned from being a teacher to a copywriter
  • set up her copywriting business from scratch, and why not having a business background was an asset
  • found her first few clients
  • leveraged her personal network to find work
  • built strategic partnerships to generate high value clients
  • turned word-of-mouth introductions into long term clients
  • built her website (and why she’d do it oh-so-differently next time)
  • outsources key activities
  • uses LinkedIn to gain connections and engagement
  • pitched to clients and the script she uses that gets great results.

If you’re keen to transition from one career to another, and find a side hustle that inspires you, check out our copywriting courses and discover, as Gabi did, that creating a copywriting career is well within reach of anyone.

Mentioned in this episode:

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