WRITER 584: Michael Thompson’s debut novel, ‘How To Be Remembered’, is being adapted into a movie.

Meet Michael Thompson, a journalist, producer, media executive, and author of the novel How To Be Remembered. He shares his journey from being a journalist to becoming a published novelist, his inspiration behind his unique book premise, tackling numerous rejections, the movie deal for his novel, his writing process, and advice for aspiring writers wanting to break into the world of publishing.

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00:01 Introduction and updates
04:53 Writing tip: Understanding your writing style
08:40 Win ‘First Lie Wins’ by Ashley Elston
10:30 Word of the week: plethoric
13:55 Interview with Michael Thompson
15:33 Michael's writing journey
24:20 Writing the first draft
24:56 Securing a book deal
25:57 The journey of rejection and persistence
26:55 Securing a literary agent and getting published
27:28 Feedback and revision process
29:24 The joy of finally getting published
29:52 Dealing with rejections
32:53 The excitement of film adaptation
35:06 Translation and global reach
40:42 Balancing writing and podcasting
43:11 Tips for aspiring writers

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Writer in residence: Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson has been a journalist, producer and media executive for the last fifteen years. He now co-owns a podcast production company called Fear and Greed – home of Australia’s most popular business podcast. He lives in Sydney with his wife, two young children, a black and white cat, and his beloved lawn. How to Be Remembered is Michael’s first novel.

He loves speaking about books and writing, and is always keen to hear from book clubs!

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