Inside Publishing

What you need to know to get published.

This course is ideal for: Anyone who wants to maximise their chances of getting a book deal

You'll discover:
An overview of the entire publishing industry
Your rights as an author
An understanding of copyright and how it affects you
Whether traditional or self-publishing is best for you
The process, including advances and royalties






At your own pace

Understand the nuts and bolts of publishing – and how to make it work for you

Thinking of writing a book? Do you want to get it published? Or are you already an author trying to navigate the complex world of publishing?

Publishing is a global enterprise, with lots of traps for new players. We’ll show you how it works: the laws, the customs, the pitfalls, the specialised language – and how to make all that work in your favour.

This course is essential if you:

  • are a newbie and hope you get your book published any time in the next three years
  • are an existing author who wants to understand rights, territories, contracts and royalties
  • want an inside look into the how publishing really works
  • are a writer who wants to understand the pros and cons of the industry – so you can use this to your advantage.

Inside Publishing: What You Need to Know to Get Published is a five-part course suited to people who want to really understand how the business of publishing works worldwide so they are informed and well-positioned – either for dealing with publishers or for self-publishing. This course will help you to understand your rights as an author and what approach will be best for you.

Knowledge is everything

If you want to submit your novel or memoir or non-fiction book to a publisher, or to self-publish as an indie author, it pays to know how the business works.

Do you know:

  • what the difference is between copyright and territorial rights?
  • how much a publisher should be paying you?
  • the difference is between an A format and a B format paperback, and which is better?
  • if you should go the self-publishing route or try for a traditional publisher?
  • how, exactly, you get a publisher to read your work?
  • what happens after that?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What rights you have as an author over your work.
  • How those rights can be sold all over the world.
  • What not to do with your copyright.
  • What kind of publication is right for you: traditional versus indie publishing, hardcopy versus ebook.
  • How to go about getting published: the process and the pitfalls.
  • What an advance is and the difference between that and royalties.
  • What happens after a publisher likes your work – from their first reading to publication, and after.
  • And so much more it would take pages to list!

This self-paced course consists of five modules. It’s ideal if you spread your learning over five weeks – digesting one module per week. Or you can power through it all in one go – that’s the beauty of a self-paced course!

In each module – mainly through audio and some handouts, as well as links to resources – you will learn about a different part of the publishing business, from the overall legal framework to the nitty-gritty of negotiating with a publisher.

Inside Publishing: What You Need to Know to Get Published concentrates on helping you understand how publishing works, and how to get your book published.

It doesn’t go into detail about how to prepare a submission or how to pitch your novel – or how to write. If you are confident that you understand how publishing works, you’ve finished your umpteenth draft and you just want to know how to get a publisher to read your manuscript, then you may prefer these courses:

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