Nan Hewitt 1 month ago

I found it really useful in terms of the building blocks of writing - character, setting, scene etc. I found the feedback provided very helpful, not just that provided to me, but to other students as well.

I enjoyed the interaction with other writers and reading their work.

I'm still waiting for some aspects to gel, but I understand much more fully what is involved in writing a novel.

I'd say that the course I completed was very helpful in developing my craft as a writer. I found engaging with other students really helpful and the course helped improve my confidence in my ability.

Lily Fields 1 month ago

Top class information and delivery through video lessons with Valerie and interviewing a professional travel writer with great tips!

All the practical information and behind the scenes lifestyle of a professional writer. It's like going on a virtual world tour, enjoying the ride, and ready to take flight to amazing destinations!

The course content and delivery are beyond expectation. Great tips and pitfalls of travel articles through many practical examples, including the last module 18 of Valerie's insights and personal experiences.

Highly recommended for anyone who's considering a career as a travel writer. Valerie is a great presenter and all the modules are well structured.

Mary dos Santos 1 month ago

Pamela is an excellent teacher - clear, concise, articulate. She makes use of relevant practical examples to support her explanations. Pamela is always easy to listen to.

This was just what I needed to help with my writing. It answered questions that I didn't even know I should be asking!

The Australian Writers' Centre is an excellent place for sound content and teaching about writing from creative, to children's books, to copywriting, to murder mysteries. The eclectic list of courses is amazing.

Ktima Heathcote 1 month ago

I loved the video chats between Valerie and the travel writer and her quick video tips while on travel writing trips. I felt the mixture of video and handouts kept the course entertaining and engaging.

I'm a content copy writer for a tourism and events organisation and often write listicles. However, it was great to be reminded of the fundamentals, given practical advice and to revisit certain aspects, like coming up with fresh hooks and intriguing angles and the art of pitching to magazines and newspapers, and to people who don't know me. The course also got my creative juices flowing again. I needed inspiration and this happened to me during the course.

The Australian Writers' Centre is great for beginner writers and for experienced ones, too. You can never learn too much. People who want a career in copy writing and freelance journalism will also benefit. The courses provide a mixture of practical and creative advice in easy-to-digest modules, including handouts and videos. Nothing beats actually writing or coming up with ideas but these courses get you thinking, provide lots of inspiration and point you in the right direction.

Simone Curtis 1 month ago

Cathie was respectfully constructive in her criticism. I liked the fact Cathie didn't sugar coat things if there was an issue. I enjoyed watching improvement in my skill.

The Australian Writers' Centre has the online platform down pat; it was easy to navigate and was well set out. The online course was well constructed and, in a short time, there was a lot of learning.

Vicki Ible-rochau 1 month ago

I was using Scrivener and had written two chapters but felt that I was missing out on some of the functions.

I had no hesitations enrolling in this course because I had completed a few other AWC courses and knew that they were very always clear, targeted and well set out for an optimum learning experience.

I appreciated how Natasha would reinforce learning from previous videos incidentally as she moved through new concepts.

I will be starting my project anew - transferring research and chapters - with much greater confidence that I'm heading in the right direction.

David Christensen 1 month ago

The course was very well presented, and easy to follow. Michelle's presentation style was clear, engaging, and to the point.

It has given me a clearer direction for creating and maintaining a suitable personal website. The insights around how to present a website for an unpublished author were very helpful.

This particular course is good value - well worth doing.

Emilie 1 month ago

Grammar and punctuation have always been the weakest part of my editing skills. I relied on my instincts but didn't know the rules.

Everything in the course was explained simply and clearly. I have awareness of the rules now.

If you never got grammar and punctuation in school, this course will teach you everything you missed.

Lara Geach 1 month ago

This was so inspirational. It took me a while to complete the challenges, but they were interesting, tested my mettle and activated another part of my brain. Writing is now a daily practice. Thank you, Kate!

Kate made a statement to the effect, "You never know what words you might write which could heal the pain in another's heart." That really resonated with me.

I absolutely would recommend the AWC. A great range of courses at very reasonable rates. It's great to see how many authors go on to be published after doing these courses.

Karen Lieversz 1 month ago

Pamela is always a clear presenter, making the content entertaining and easy to understand and apply.

I'm now clearer that my story should be written with flashbacks rather than dual timeline.

Wes 1 month ago

Chock full of useful information explained simply and clearly with supporting examples. Showed me where my weaknesses are and, more importantly, how to correct them.

If you are serious about learning the craft of writing, enrol in AWC courses.

Mary dos Santos 1 month ago

AWC has always provided high-quality courses and so I knew that this course would also be both beneficial and high-quality.

It was well-presented and informative. Easy to listen to and a very clear outline of the steps to follow to publish on Kindle. The steps of how to upload were clear and made me feel as though it is achievable even if I am not 'tech savvy'.

The Australian Writers' Centre is the best place to go to find out everything that you need to inspire your writing and to guide you through all of the stages. The courses offer value that far outweighs the monetary cost!

Susan Shaw 1 month ago

I'm planning a 'silver gap year' in 2024 and was looking for a way to share my experiences with others. I needed some knowledge about how to write successfully.

The course is very well-paced. I appreciated the modular approach and the detailed information and handouts. Knowing how experienced Valerie is meant her presentation was a warts-and-all approach which I appreciated. Hearing from other successful writers was also useful.

I have a much greater understanding of what's involved in travel writing, how to go about it and will definitely pitch my ideas to editors now. Without the course, I would never have done that.

Yvonne McClaren 1 month ago

I love the way Bernadette provides bespoke feedback and that we get to listen in on others feedback; it's hugely helpful.

I can do this and I am good at this!

Kirsten Due 1 month ago

I appreciated the amount of work that has gone in behind the scenes to prepare and record the material to such a high quality.

Of all the courses I have done in my life (on any topic), those offered by AWC are by far the highest quality. Each lecture is packed with relevant information. So much thought has gone into the material and pitching it at the right level. They seem to genuinely want to produce better writers. The passion and dedication shines through.

Laura 1 month ago

Chapter books are so hot in the market right now. I write picture books so am clear on that structure, but was seeking clarification on the characteristics of a chapter book, and how to go about writing them.

It was so helpful that Lesley used real chapter books as examples to illustrate different characteristics. They were helpful in providing clarification and to build a reading list. I also enjoyed the comparisons to picture books and middle grade novels, which gave me insight into the market.

I've been wanting to explore chapter books for a while, and thanks to this course I have a clear idea of how to start. Rather than putting it on my 'one day' list, I'm getting started today!

AWC courses are clearly presented by industry professionals. They avoid 'fluff' and get straight down to business, respecting our busy schedules. The courses offer insights that are simply not available through individual or online research.

Lesley was an authentic and inspiring presenter. I'd definitely come back for more courses with her!

Penny McKee 1 month ago

I was at a crossroads with what direction to take in my writing and needed 'detangling'. The course gave me a new focus and who can resist Valerie's motivation?!

Rachael 1 month ago

I loved all the practical tips. It's given me direction to start my book.

If you're looking for inspiration and practical strategies, the Australian Writers' Centre has lots of courses to help you start your creative journey or build on your writing skills.

Helen Jin 1 month ago

As I was listening to Pamela, I would wander off into my own stories and I already could see that what I thought would work, wouldn't. It was funny: I found myself constantly rewinding it because my mind wandered so much into my own story. I felt excited, inspired and hopeful about it.

I feel like writing again. It was uplifting at a time I needed exactly that because I could see where my stories could go. Maybe I could see this through after all.

When listening to Pamela, in that same one moment, I realised that something made no sense in the flow of my story, and via a domino type thought process I arrived at a possible way out of this conundrum. I think I could listen to it over and over again and I would hear something different each time, be inspired differently each time. Pamela's descriptions of this genre's mechanics and flow are priceless. Her affection for writing is precious and inspiring. All is thoughtfully presented.

Don't hesitate. If you want to write, or want to work through something, pick one of the AWC short introductory courses that speak to you and see where it takes you.

Ben 1 month ago

I knew I was stuck but I didn't know how. This course really helped. It was great to assess other people's work and having a number of responses to my work really helped me sort out what was wrong with it.

Louisa was excellent. I felt in safe hands and respected her knowledge and experience.

I really liked the course content to be honest. But the student feedback to my work was also very helpful.

Clarity! I feel like I've been taken back to basics and can restart with a much clearer idea of my writing style and how to tell a compelling story. People were consistently positive about my story idea and I feel fairly confident in my writing ability so I'm happy to get stuck into it again.

Great, practical and supportive courses run by professionals.


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