Danielle Drummond 1 month ago

I actually got some really good tips about writing action scenes but it also confirmed some of the things I already do as being helpful. Pamela was knowledgeable and really lovely and addressed everyone's questions.

It really got me thinking about what I had written and I how to improve it to make it more impactful.

Robyn Wilson 1 month ago

Grant was enthusiastic and passionate about the topic. He really knew what he was talking about, and this came through very clearly.

I enjoyed the flow of the program. It was fast paced but there was still time for questions and reflection.

I now know what resources I could be using when I edit and it has excited me or re-awakened my passion for grammar!

You will find so many opportunities to learn and grow in your writing and editing skills with AWC courses. So easy to connect with Zoom. Everything was so well done. Thank you.

Claire Tarelli 1 month ago

Really enjoyed the two online meetups, and the connection to other writers via workshopping throughout. Nat is a great tutor and gave fantastic advice and direction. She was experienced and offered meaningful and useful direction and advice.

I enjoyed the expert tuition, the positivity and encouragement, the weekly podcasts and the accountability.

I am much more focused on getting the first draft finished and have made significant progress during the course by prioritising it above all else. I just hope I can maintain the momentum now!

We are all writers - when Nat said this, I switched over to being a writer, rather than someone who is fitting in writing around everything else.

Brilliant experience - would highly recommend. I'm sad it's finished, but will still go back over the podcasts to help maintain focus and motivation and will keep in touch with the other writers.

Fernanda Lima 1 month ago

The course goes straight to the point. I like that! It is very easy to understand.

I am aware what I can and cannot write. I printed all the tip sheets, and I am keeping on my desk! :)

I have already recommended it to a few friends. I would say that it is a great course, easy to learn, easy to access and cheap...

Wendy McCartney 1 month ago

Not only did the course meet my expectations, it far exceeded them. The segments were thoroughly thought out, extremely well organised with great breadth as well as depth.

An excellent, thorough guide to travel writing. You will be so impatient to get started after completing this journey.

Toria Macgregor 1 month ago

Mark is a deeply knowledgeable and experienced copywriter.

I enjoyed learning in bite-sized chunks. It was daunting at first to submit assignments each week, but in the end it was an extremely valuable practice in perfecting your skills and trying new things.

The course had an impact on my writing in many ways! Bringing more focus to the headlines (what works, what doesn't) and the beauty of using linking words. Plus, practical tips on finding and nurturing potential new clients. I'm impressed with the wealth of handouts provided, which I'm already putting to good use.

Today I landed another big copywriting job! Although this new job was already in the pipeline, doing this course has certainly given me the confidence and know-how to take my writing to the next level and achieve real results for my clients. Thank you!

Jodie Fitzsimons 1 month ago

Margaret was lovely and knowledgeable and she gave very constructive, yet encouraging, feedback to the entire group.

I enjoyed the homework and getting the feedback.

The course has definitely encouraged me to keep going and shown me tips and rules around how to improve my current manuscripts.

Stephanie Pearce 1 month ago

I really liked the way Nat provided feedback; it makes you think about what you have written, or what you were trying to write, and how you could make it better. Her tips were gratefully received.

I enjoyed the fact that I actually wrote something! I really enjoyed reading my classmates' pieces as well, receiving their feedback and also providing feedback, which I am sure helped my own learning.

Anything is possible, you just need to start. I was excited when I went back to one of my assignments and thought 'did I write that?' So now I know I can and that I just need to go for it! Get it out, get it down, knowing that I can perfect it later. I think I have finally found my creativity!

If you ever felt like you would like to write, this is the place to start!

Kescia Ball 1 month ago

I feel more confident in shaping multi-faceted characters. I'm considering using the handouts to jot down the character traits of interesting people I meet to use as inspiration.

This is a practical course that will set you up with frameworks for developing true-to-life characters your readers will love and/or loathe.

R Mason 1 month ago

I enjoyed the breakdown of the different elements (of storytelling and building a character) and the examples (and how diverse those examples were). I also enjoyed Pamela's passion about the topic.

A great way to build your writing foundation or build on your writing foundation, and better understand not only the story writing elements but where you need to strengthen your skills as well as proving tools to do that.

Nicholas Sue See 1 month ago

The course was originally a way to flex my creative muscles for the first time in a long while. As it progressed, it also helped me develop a few ideas that popped into my head as well.

I was worried it would be too daunting or overwhelming but I found it to be a good amount of work. Enough to be engaged but not so much that I felt intimidated.

I found the spread of topics really fantastic and feel that everything I would want to be covered WAS. I didn't complete all of the assignments but feel I still had a fantastic experience and want to continue in the future when my life clears up a little bit.

Petronella was fantastic. She was engaging and constructive in really helpful ways.

I found the handouts and bonus activity printouts to be especially helpful and thorough in practice. I also enjoyed getting to hear assignment feedback.

It has reignited my creativity and has helped me come up with story and character ideas that I'm excited to explore.

It is beginner-friendly enough to be welcoming and not intimidating while at the same time being really in-depth and well-rounded topic-wise.

Samantha 1 month ago

Nat did a great job of giving objective feedback and providing some really useful tips and tricks.

I enjoyed the assignments and realising I can still write.

I'm now clearer which genres I prefer to read (and to write). I also have realised that I have many stories in me which seem to come from nowhere!

It's a great way to ease yourself into writing, even if you've never written before, and it will give you the confidence to continue after the course has finished.

Dianne 1 month ago

Bernadette was very positive and uplifting however was also able to give constructive feedback confidently. I think she made the entire class feel at ease.

I enjoyed the fortnightly meetings the most. Listening to the feedback from fellow students, which was very helpful and hearing Bernadette's comments

It's definitely improved my writing and increased the likelihood that I try to write something substantial.

Megan Goehring 1 month ago

It ticked all the boxes for me: regular Zoom sessions, direction and deadlines!

Bernadette was lovely, encouraging, fair, professional, patient and supportive.

I'm now set to put pen to paper on my chapter book for 6-9 year olds.

Katie 1 month ago

Bernadette was really helpful and provided great feedback.

I enjoyed getting feedback from my classmates and getting new ideas for my story. I came into the class with an idea for my story and left with a completely transformed story that took on a life of its own.

The Novel Writing Essentials course is really helpful if you're looking for support getting started.

Amanda Barnier 1 month ago

I very much enjoyed the structure of the course including the fortnightly zoom calls with detailed feedback and workshopping. I also appreciated the range of different exercises, many that were organised hierarchically or conceptually so I could develop my skills.

I enjoyed the opportunity to adapt the exercises each module to my work in progress, which meant I was making progress towards the entry requirements for Novel Writing Essentials. I also enjoyed the feedback sessions, including the feedback and questions about my work and others' work; I learned a lot from this. Finally, I found the plotting/planning exercise in module 6 very, very helpful as I start the Novel Writing Essentials course tomorrow, which I was always planning to do. This course made me more confident to jump straight into the next step, and I bring with me an almost completed synopsis plus draft scenes.

The course has definitely helped me to get out of my head (and my researching) and produce drafts more quickly and effectively. Bernadette's feedback also has highlighted important higher level elements to aim for, rather than my obsessing down in the details. For instance, thinking about point of view or structure rather than just micro word choices.

I realised that I could write more quickly and fluently as I completed these exercises each week. Prior to starting the course, I'd been a bit scared to commit to the page in case I wasn't doing it correctly. But this course has helped me to just write something and see how it goes.

As a lifelong reader, I assumed that I knew how to write a book since I write all the time in my job. But I have valued the opportunity to learn the science and art of creative writing. The AWC courses have helped me to understand the mechanics of writing as well as the heart and soul. I feel better equipped to work towards my goal of writing my novel.

Joanne Vernon 1 month ago

I've had a novel idea in my head for several years now with several half-hearted attempts to get it started. I recently made the decision to get serious and I knew that I had a lot to learn. I like how the course provides you with exercises and feedback, as well as the ability to progress and build on what you've learnt in further courses.

I found the feedback really helpful and encouraging, it's definitely helped with my confidence. It's also helped me to take some of the 'mystery' out of writing - there's key things to be mindful of when writing a scene, for example, to enhance the reader experience (and understanding!)

Jenny was wonderful, and consistently offered both encouragement and constructive feedback.

It's helped me to reaffirm my desire to write my novel, and helped me feel better about seeking out support with this.

Ellinda Corbisiero 1 month ago

Bernadette was great. Very warm and welcoming. Gave good feedback but made me feel comfortable at the same time.

I enjoyed the assessments. I like how they gave me the chance to put things into practice in simple ways.

It's given me confidence!

Merilyn Spratling 1 month ago

Jennifer is a very positive person with a lot of experience who provided articulate helpful feedback. She was great.

The lectures were informative and the speaker was clear and content interesting with real life examples.

I think I might be able to write!!

Nele Cordonni 1 month ago

The tutor was awesome!! Very caring and encouraging person. Thank you for giving great feedback in a positive way!!

I enjoyed the variety of things to focus on when working on the assignments.

Great courses, great tutors.

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