Amanda Barnier 2 months ago

Like the dual timelines seminar, I appreciated the focus first on why and when to use memories and flashbacks and then the technical insights about tense and starting and stopping them (i.e., flagging the move to a different time and then the return to the present). It is very helpful to be given (as we were in both seminars) criteria for making choices about using these devices. This is of huge practical assistance as a learner writer.

The course has given me a roadmap, together with the dual timelines seminar, for navigating my planned story, which covers two people 100 years apart who each have pasts of significance that influence their presents (as well as the past character influencing the present character).

I recommend the AWC all the time whenever I am asked about my writing. What I say is that: when I first planned to write a novel, I thought that as a lifelong lover of reading and a proficient professional writer in my career, these skills would be easy to translate to creative writing. While these help, the AWC courses have taught me that there is science and art to creative writing. AWC's courses share the technicalities, practicalities, joy and invention of writing in ways that are equipping me with the skills and confidence to meet my goal of writing the story in my head.

Jocelyn Watts 2 months ago

It's now clearer how much impact the use of tense has on writing. There's a lot more to using tense than I realised!

I'd definitely recommend attending Focus On sessions because they deliver information on writing techniques in bite-size pieces, allowing us to absorb and practise it before learning more.

Leearna Shaw 2 months ago

Pamela has a way of teaching difficult concepts in a way that's succinct, accessible, easy to grasp and memorable.

It gave me the confidence to include memories in my own writing.

Ewelina 2 months ago

I like to continuously learn and develop my skills that can benefit in the workplace and beyond. Something that I've been wanting to get back to is writing, specifically copywriting. Having a look at what courses are out there and asking for recommendations from colleagues, I decided to sign up for this course with AWC.

It was good to get feedback each week and have the chance to reflect on it before submitting the next assignment.

I enjoyed having a structured set of courses each week, having all the materials available, and being challenged to think about the theory and apply it in a 'real' scenario of our choice.

The course is a good opportunity to learn new elements that I'll be able to apply in my workplace and beyond. Before completing the course I started implementing the writing formulas for blogs and socials and seeing how the engagement levels are positively impacted by this word smithing - and that's great to see.

Whether you're an expert in the field, refreshing your toolkit, or starting out - give it a go, because you'll be sure to learn something.

Patricia O'Connell 2 months ago

Helped with my writer's block as I now know where I am going with my next 30,000 words! Where to use memory, flashback and dual timelines in plot formation.

Janet Russell 2 months ago

I enjoyed Kate's encouraging style, her wisdom, and her clear presentation. I'm much more confident in my writing and sharing it with my local writers' group.

Loved it. Thank you Kate!

Grant Saxon 2 months ago

The course has inspired me to go to the next step to expand my writing horizons and make writing a bigger part of my life.

Nat was great. Her feedback was clear and considered, and she was very timely posting it each Monday morning.

Thanks for the course. Keep doing what you do!

Susan 2 months ago

Quick and easeful learning of the Scrivener software. I feel like I am ready to use it now and have not spent hours trying to find my own way.

It has given me the confidence to use this software which I think will make a huge difference to writing my book. Thank you very much!

Allyssa Carlton 2 months ago

I loved this course! I hadn't completed any sort of structured writing course before so this was an incredibly helpful and confidence inspiring place to come to.

Nat was great. I think her way of providing feedback may have cured my fear of it. :) She appears to be very knowledgeable and eager to provide help, and she was very easy to understand and made her points clearly. I would definitely like to attend any other courses she tutors.

To my great surprise, I enjoyed the writing the most. I was quite content to sit down and complete the homework assignments and put them up for feedback. Already I know that my knowledge and skills have improved.

I feel a lot more confident in sitting down to write, knowing that it doesn't have to be perfect on the first pass, and knowing that there is guidance out there for me for future projects.

Trish 2 months ago

I like that we have a live tutor. Self-driven courses don't work for me. I can download as much material as I like, doesn't mean I'll do anything with it.

Bernadette is always lovely. She's kind and thoughtful.

I feel really good about the manuscript I'm working on this year. I feel hopeful that I might actually get it to publication.

If you need a goal driven / deadline driven course, with feedback from fellow aspiring authors, and interested and empathetic tutors go with AWC.

Gill Thomas 2 months ago

I was stuck on the story I was writing and felt a little out of my depth. I need guidance.

Pamela is a fountain of knowledge on many facets of writing. She really seems to be an encyclopedia on all things writing.

The course has given me the guidance on my story and turns out I really didn't know as much about the topic as I thought.

Ancy Varghese 2 months ago

I enjoyed everything about the course. Feedback was amazing and helped me to improve a lot. The modules were very informative. It also gave me the confidence and courage.

A very compact and resourceful course within such a short time.

Grant Follett 2 months ago

I have often thought about doing more writing but felt I needed a push. Because of a move overseas, I have more time to devote to it.

I found it really helped dislodge some blockages for me on writing. It gave me some exercises to try to get writing - and I really loved the message that the number one reason your book won't be published is because you haven't written it.

I really liked how it got me in the 'mode' for writing. I also liked how flexible it was.

It has turbocharged my desire to try to dedicate some time to writing and really try to finish something. It gave me an impetus to keep writing, and tips and tricks to enable me to do so.

Karen Taylor 2 months ago

I enjoy writing short stories and have had some competition success but also some unfinished short stories and wanted to know how to fix the ones that were not working.

A really practical course that was well paced. It has given me some new direction to improve and hopefully finish some more short stories.

Tricia Henriques-De-La-Fuente 2 months ago

The modules are thorough covering all aspects of writing a picture book, from the different writing techniques to publishing, sales advertising and marketing. The module recordings and handouts were well presented with exercises that provide opportunities to practise writing techniques. It was great to write assignments and receive constructive feedback.

Margaret gave clear advice on how to make improvements to my stories.

It has increased my confidence and encouraged me.

Mel Millmore 2 months ago

I was interested in finding out more about the process of writing a book as this is all very new for me. I wanted to learn about writing more words than a picture book, but less than a middle school novel, so this particular course and age group was the perfect fit. I have three children (now mid to late teens) and remember all the wonderful chapter books in our home when my children were young and were starting to read on their own. I googled courses, and the AWC has received great reviews and had an impressive range of courses so I thought I would give it a go!

I wasn't sure what to expect from the course, however, it exceeded my expectations because of the great detail provided about the intricacies of writing stories for this age group.

I found the course tutor, Lesley Gibbes, extremely engaging. During the online course, she was warm, funny and positive and made me feel that writing chapter books may be an achievable goal.

Since completing the course, I am continually thinking about possible story ideas - who would my characters be? How do I think of an original, exciting idea children will love? Can I actually do this? And so on....

I had a lot of fun completing this course. I still need to complete some of the exercises / investigation of children's books and am looking forward to getting to the library soon to expand my knowledge and reading of this age group. I am looking forward to submitting the writing exercise for feedback and I will also look at other courses on offer for fiction writing.

Sonja Armytage 2 months ago

I have loved every aspect of this course. Bernadette's videos were clear and insightful. I found her examples extremely relatable and current to where the world is at.

At age 56, I wanted to 'freshen up', sharpen and bring my copywriting skills into the digital age. I was keen to learn the nuances of writing for the web and social media platforms. I worked in marketing communications for more than 15 years. Copywriting was what I enjoyed the most. So, after a career gap of around nine years, I returned to work as a volunteer committee member to manage a local basketball club's social media for three years.

A few months ago, I dove into the world of freelance work. I registered my copywriting and marketing communications business. Then a case of imposter syndrome slapped me in the face and some self-doubt crept in. I thought the best way to conquer those feelings was to do the Copywriting Essentials course.

For a fleeting moment I thought I might be of an age where it would be a little late to embark on a new learning venture. However, that thought quickly disappeared as my appetite to learn and challenge myself grew.

I will say that I was pleased to learn that the fundamentals of writing copy are the same as what I had learned in a public relations writing subject that I did as part of a Bach Bus (Marketing) degree. However, the extra tips, tricks, steps and templates that Bernadette gave were invaluable. They were fantastic to use while doing the assignments and gave me so much extra confidence.

Mark was fantastic. His weekly feedback was positive, constructive and helpful. The positive feedback was a great confidence booster.

I enjoyed the flexibility of the video lessons and the real-world examples. I also enjoyed the assignments which helped solidify the learnings.

Glenyce Gers 2 months ago

I found the feedback very encouraging and helpful. I liked the variety of the subjects and the clarity of matters. The handouts are great and very clear. It was good to be stretched in my thinking.

It's made me think more about what way I should write in particular cases. I should think more about the target audiences. When I write my newsletters, I do picture the people I am writing to and reflect that, but I need to do it more generally.

I would definitely recommend the course. The video lessons and handouts are well balanced and it's easy to go back and revise or revisit what has been said. I like it because it's Australian - straightforward without too much hoopla. It's well priced. The feedback is directed straight at the assignment, not generic feedback so the personalised nature really makes a difference. You feel as though the tutor is really interested in you.

Lesley Walker 2 months ago

I enjoyed the pace and the flexibility - being able to do the modules at my own pace and at times and periods that worked with my somewhat unusual life. Having Valerie as a constant with writers like Katrina Lobley contributing their experience. The tools and the example documents like how to pitch etc. Over the months I have worked with the course I have learned a lot about the industry and how it works and feel I now have the tools to restart writing. Now it is up to me!

I am going to put aside my hesitation and start to work with actually pitching. I am going independently to Albania for the first time in May and having started researching what's out there and doing lots of background reading, I feel there is a real opportunity to start my travel writing with this - an unusual destination, some Australian connections and lots of fascinating hooks in its recent and ancient history.

Valuable and professionally-run course which you can do at your own pace, providing industry insight and great tools and examples.

Trish Hansen 2 months ago

I enjoyed the assignment activities. Cathie's clear and concise feedback was incredibly valuable.

Mostly, the course has provided valuable insight into the structure and rhythm of children's picture books.

Do it. It's like reading Dr Suess - you go in, it gets messy, you come out changed.

Thank you for your enduring commitment to quality children's writing.


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