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Level 1: Foundation courses – a great place to start

Welcome to the wonderful world of stuff that comes from your head – where having an imagination is your only prerequisite! It doesn’t matter if the last time you wrote something was a rainy Tuesday back in 1993 – what DOES matter is that you start with one of these fab foundation courses. Not sure which to pick? Then do Creative Writing Stage 1 – it’s awesome.

Level 1: Take the plunge straight into your genre

Ignite your creative spark and help it burn brighter by exploring the finer points of genres that interest you – from picture books to popular women's fiction, life stories, thrillers and more. Each has its own set of rules, techniques and audiences – and we'll introduce you to them all.

Level 2: Masterclasses to take you to the next level

There’s a saying in writing circles that goes “If you want to improve your craft and hone your skills, you should try advanced courses.” Okay, actually, that’s just a saying round these parts – but it’s invaluable advice if you’ve completed foundation writing and you’d like to gain more confidence and take your work further.

Level 3: Six-month novel writing program

Take your collection of chapters and workshop those words into a fully formed novel! If you’re serious about your story, it will take shape across six months via a veritable feast of professional feedback and support from other writers as you expand and extend your work.

Level 4: Mentoring and assessments

Sometimes all it takes to get over the line is a little one-on-one guidance. With our mentorship and assessment options, you have a priceless opportunity to get your novel completed or give your manuscript the toothcomb-treatment before it flies away to publishers. The ultimate way to ensure your words are tightly packed and ready to explode.

How to get published

Want to be a published writer? Yeah, we thought so. Luckily for you, these days you have a pretty sweet choice of publishing options – traditional, self-publishing or ebooks. But knowing which one will suit your manuscript can be trickier than you think. Get the full story on your story by doing one, two or all three of these super seminars.

Build your profile on social media

Writers write – it’s what we do. Often in a dark room with only the glow of the screen to keep us company. So building a profile online (a.k.a. ‘marketing yourself to the world’) can seem very daunting – but it’s essential if you want to take your work places in the 21st Century. These courses show you how to win friends and influence people – harnessing the power of social media for good!

International creative writing retreats

Bing bong. Announcing the arrival of a big wide world just waiting for you to write about it! Our exclusive creative writing retreats give you full immersion into three unique and inspiring locations – providing both the backdrop and background for your work. So grab that passport and prepare to stamp an amazing new chapter in your life!