Graduate Testimonials

“I really enjoyed researching and writing. Sue had plenty of hands on experience and could give practical feedback.”

Gillian Smith

“The atmosphere was informative yet relaxed, so it was easy to take in the information without feeling overwhelmed with the content. Sue was warm and friendly, and very approachable when I had any questions. Her feedback on my essay was practical and useful, and now I can judge my own writing with a fresh outlook. I also found it useful to learn about researching house styles of different magazines to adapt your writing to them! If you want to learn how to break into the industry, this is a great course. From your style of writing to pitching, there’s so much more to learn.”

Janet Irmler

“I enjoyed the small class size and ability to discuss different aspects as we went along. Sue was great – very approachable and extremely knowledgeable. She was positive and encouraging, explaining how best to avoid possible setbacks. As she is currently working as a successful travel writer, and her expertise proved invaluable. Australian Writers’ Centre courses are a great way to jump start your writing career!”

Bronwyn Mason

“I enjoyed that the feedback from the tutor was constructive and well informed. Cathie was amazing, she knows what she’s talking about, she was warm, friendly and approachable, yet honest and constructive. The course provided a great foundation for writing, which was enforced by the environment of positivity. The tutor knew the course materials and much more, and she was fun. I really enjoyed the course, I liked the people I did the course with, and the trainer. At the end of the day I learned a lot and it was worth the cost.”

James Cashion-Lozell

“Cathie was knowledgeable and I liked that feedback on assignments was done quickly.”

Renae Randall

“Pamela is friendly and tactful. She is very encouraging, while also giving us excellent targeted advice on how to improve. I strongly recommend the Australian Writers’ Centre to anyone who aspires to write. Their courses and podcasts are fun, but also professional and inspiring. I have learnt so much from them, and by following them on social media too. They are very generous with their time and advice. The best thing about the courses is that you can bring your work-in-progress to the table and get feedback on it from the talented tutors and your peers as well. It is an encouraging and enlightening experience. A huge thank you to the whole team at the AWC – you are so supportive, not just in this course, but on Twitter, Facebook, in blogs, and in your podcast. I am one very grateful fan of yours!”

Jessica Egan

“I loved the different areas covered over the 5-week course. Pamela was very knowledgeable and helpful. Her feedback was sensational, and even reading through other peoples work and her feedback on their was useful to get more knowledge. The Australian Writers’ Centre is very useful in giving you a solid start to creative writing.”

Melissa Schultz

“I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing and felt I learnt more about structure and characters in this five-week course. I enjoyed reading the assignments and everyone’s comments. Pamela was extremely professional and her comments always improved my writing. If you want to improve your writing, and the way you think about writing, this is the course for you.”

Ashley Tippins

“I enjoyed the feedback. Sue didn’t sugarcoat but provided real and constructive feedback. It kept me motivated and made me realise that maybe I AM good at this writing caper and can make a career of it. Sue didn’t skimp on the detail when providing feedback and answers to our questions. I would definitely like to be tutored by Sue again.”

Kristie Armstrong

“I was provided with constructive criticism and noticed a change in the quality of my writing. Sue was great.”

Melissa Freeman

“I really enjoyed the writing exercises and interaction with other students. I enjoyed receiving feedback and found it to be helpful and timely.”

Teena van Winden

“I absolutely loved this course. It was so pertinent to what I am doing now and filled in all the missing gaps I had in respect to publishing commercial fiction. I feel like I have a checklist now that I can run through to make sure my stories fit in with what publishers are looking for. I loved getting all the data regarding publishing commercial fiction. It was great to learn the basics of what publishers are looking for and what advice Natasha gave regarding this. I found Natasha very professional and knowledgeable.”

Debbie Weetman

“There was so much information. Way more than I thought I would get. It was obvious that Natasha understood how to present the information in a way that led us through it even though it was a bit like a jigsaw. I enjoyed being inspired, excited to keep going and meeting other writers.”

Jennifer Griffiths

“I really liked all the information on character development and character types, and on how to write our beginning well. Natasha is fantastic and makes everyone feel welcome and important no matter their writing experience. It can be a bit daunting when you’re just starting out and you’re sure that everyone else doing the course is better than you. Natasha assuages those fears immediately. Se is also very knowledgeable and answered our questions with detail.”

Emily Maunder

“The content was excellent – pitched at the right level and of a high standard. Natasha was, as always, an excellent presenter. She is a professional, prepared, and had clearly put a lot of work into the content. It’s clear that Natasha is passing on her hard earned knowledge from her work on her novels, and it was fantastic to learn from a writer who is writing and publishing i today’s market. I would recommend Natasha Lester as an excellent teacher.”

Dearbhla McTiernan

“I absolutely loved the course. Cathie gave us an in-depth and realistic perspective of the writing process and getting published, while being positive about the opportunities. Her knowledge is absolutely invaluable. She has inspired me to get back into my writing – and to put it out there! The course was definitely worth flying in for.”

Louise Creely

“I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner! It was fantastic. Although I’ve used Scrivener for a couple of projects, I knew I wasn’t using it to its full potential. Now, after just two hours, I am blown away at how many useful features it has, and how it’s going to be an absolute game changer for my writing process. Natasha delivers the course in a manner that is concise and easy to follow. She shows you the basics and then moves towards more advanced features without overwhelming you with unnecessary detail.”

Jodi Gibson

“I thought Cathie was great, and she had some very constructive feedback that has helped my writing. I found the assignments to be most enjoyable, and I loved having a specific task rather than just writing into the ether. It was during this course that I began to identify as a writer.”

Georgie Payne-Loy

“I found Pamela to be a good presenter who was knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. She was very approachable and engaging, and I particularly enjoyed the examples Pamela wrote to illustrate her point.”

Jane Edgar-Peterlin

“Pamela was highly organised and very knowledgeable. Australian Writers’ Centre courses are ALWAYS professionally presented and great value for money.”

Phillip Buckle