Ep 007: Redbubble lead copywriter Jason Toon on writing for a multi million dollar ecommerce website

Redbubble is a massive disruptor in the art and design market (in a good way) because for a change, the artists get paid for their work! 

It’s a true-blue Melbourne success story and the man behind the awesome copy that has made the website such a success is Jason Toon. 

With over 450,000 active artists on the site creating original artwork, 10 million site visits per month, and over 7,000,000 people buying from the site, Jason is the man who writes the copy that makes people buy.

In this episode, Jason talks about:

  • His journey from being a drop-out journalism student to being a leading copywriter
  • Why his counter-culture punk rocker sensibility was the best background for his first copy job
  • Being lured from the USA to Australia to work on the Catch.com.au website
  • Writing for large-scale email projects with multiple segmented audiences
  • How to source portfolio work if you haven’t got any clients
  • Creative techniques for how to come up with great ideas

Mentioned in this episode:

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