Copywriting Podcast Episode 022: How to use Instagram to promote your copywriting business

Instagram is a powerful tool to add to your self-promotion strategy, and in this episode you’ll learn exactly how to use Instagram to be your authentic self and find new clients.

Emily Osmond is an Instagram expert. She is the founder of the Modern Marketing Collective program and is skilled at helping small businesses use Instagram to build their following.

In this episode we talk about how to:

  • use Instagram to gain new clients
  • use a four-step process for creating great Instagram content
  • create an authentic brand on Instagram
  • understand the best types of content that builds your Instagram following
  • use Instagram to get people to know, like and trust you
  • build credibility and create value
  • find the balance between sharing and selling
  • showcase your values and beliefs to instil trust
  • feature testimonials and case studies in a respectful way
  • write your Insta bio that positions you as a person of trust
  • use your bio to build your email following
  • use the feed, the reel, and Instag ‘live’ to generate leads

About Emily Osmond

Emily Osmond is an international business coach and speaker.

Having experienced sexual harassment across multiple workplaces, which saw her walk away from employment, opportunities and wages, she started her own business in her mid-20s, which has since generated more than a million dollars through her strategy and mentoring work.

Emily teaches other women how to build financially, and personally, rewarding businesses – with a mission of accelerating gender equality.

She has a Master of Communications degree, has welcomed more than 1,000 students through her flagship online program, The Modern Marketing Collective, has attracted a community of 40,000 people across her social platforms, and hosts one of Australia’s top business podcasts, The Emily Osmond Show.


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