Copywriting Podcast Episode 032: How to market your copywriting business (without selling yourself or selling out), with guest Paul McCarthy

Are you tired of seeing other copywriters earn more than you? There’s a strategy to alleviate this age-old problem, and it’s super-easy to apply.

Paul McCarthy is the founder of the Marketing Club and one of Australia’s most successful marketing coaches. He’s the best-selling author of the book 8 Steps to a Remarkable Business and an international award-winning speaker.

In this session we talked about:

  • Why being a talented copywriter will not win you the job
  • Why other copywriters with less talent than you are making more money
  • Why we need to stop focussing on being better writers (and focus on being better at communicating our worth)
  • How to communicate our worth and value to a client without selling ourselves
  • The Umbrella Principle and how to use it to niche your business
  • The 5-step process for pitching your copywriting business at networking events
  • The ACNCA method for writing content
  • How to monetise your talent
  • How to never compromise on price
  • How to create great lead magnets that generate leads
  • Why we only have 7 seconds to make an impression
  • The SPIN system of selling and how copywriters can use it to build their business and that of their clients

Links mentioned in this episode:

About Paul
Paul McCarthy is the best-selling author of the book 8 Steps to a Remarkable Business. An international award-winning speaker Paul has shared the stage with Sir Peter Cosgrove (Former Governor General), Samuel Johnson (Logie Award Winning Actor and Victorian of the Year) and Ita Buttrose, (famed journalist and head of the ABC). Renowned as a leader in the art of customer centric marketing his innovative strategies have been sought by some of the country’s leading brands, including NAB, First National Real Estate, Metricon, Heinz, Nestle, Salvation Army, and Queensland Rail, to name a few. His work has also impacted more than 370,000 small businesses over the past 20 years. The founder of the Marketers Club, he continues to help transform the ways companies’ market what they do.

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