Copywriting Podcast Episode 027: How to get paid what you’re worth, with celebrity PR agent Karen Eck

Often it’s the people with the least confidence who have the most talent. Imagine how powerful you’d be if you could combine your inherent ability with the confidence to talk about it. You’d be unstoppable.

When Oprah Winfrey came to Australia, she could have picked anyone to handle her PR. She picked Karen Eck, founder of Eckfactor, one of Australia’s premier PR agencies, and the campaign generated over $190 million in media exposure.  Karen has worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet including Uber, Sony Pictures, Anthony Robbins and The Wiggles. You could say she knows how to get people noticed! 

In this episode, Karen talks to us about

  • How she got started in PR
  • The lessons she learnt about how to get media coverage
  • The mistakes women (and men) make when it comes to putting themselves forward
  • Why women in particular suffer from imposter syndrome
  • The benefits of niching your services
  • Identifying the barriers that hold us back from asserting ourselves and asking for what we’re worth
  • Strategies for how to transport our skills from one career into the next 
  • Managing overwhelm and tips for successful project management
  • How to write a one-line elevator pitch
  • What journalists look for when sourcing stories
  • How to contact journalists, follow up, and be assertive (without being annoying)
  • Using LinkedIn and social media effectively.

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