Copywriting Podcast Episode 036: How to create an ‘industrial scale’ social media campaign

Discover how this successful entrepreneur created 36,000 social media posts in one year, why he did it and what he got from it.

Kobi Simmat is a business coach extraordinaire.  His special skill is helping business owners earn more and work less. He helps SMEs create the systems and strategies they need to grow, scale and sell a business.

In this session I talk to Kobi about his crazy mission that saw him create 36000 social media posts in one year.  Why he did it, what he got from it, how he did it and how you can overcome your fear of creating content and put it out to the world with confidence.

He has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, 16,000 on You Tube and over 35,000 followers on LinkedIn. Clearly the campaign worked!

At the end of this episode, you’ll know how to: 

  • publish content on an ‘industrial’ scale 
  • leverage vanity metrics (and discover why they are actually important)
  • focus your time to become ‘off the scale’ productive 
  • create content quickly and use ‘splintering’ to repurpose it 
  • think less like a ‘technician’ and more like a business owner
  • be more productive and enjoy more of what you do
  • outsource with ease and confidence
  • prioritise your work, raise your prices and reduce your effort
  • choose the right social media platform for your personality stye
  • leverage social media to build your brand

Kobi Simmat is the Group Chief Executive of, a leading Australian business improvement firm. He and his team help organisations with risk management, business compliance, certification and learning.  The firm consists of four collaborative and aligned teams, Best Practice Certification, Best Practice Recruitment, Next Practice Management, and the Best Practice Online Training Academy.   They provide accreditation services, elite business coaching and training and personalised recruiting for SMEs who are seeking to add value to their business.  

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