Writing Podcast Episode 459: L.A. Larkin discusses her latest novel ‘The Safe Place’ [Story Sessions series]

The Safe Place is the latest novel from the bestselling thriller writer L.A. Larkin, whose previous books include Widow’s Island, Prey and Devour – and she is the presenter of Australian Writers' Centre popular course Crime and Thriller Writing.

Everyone in Eagle Falls knows Jessie Lewis. Ever since she reported her boyfriend, fire chief and local hero, for beating her, she’s been an outcast from the small town. But when someone sets fire to a house not far from Jessie’s, killing the entire Troyer family in their beds, the locals turn on her once again. And when rumours circulate about her very public argument with Paul Troyer, they take it as proof that she killed them.

Before she reads from her novel, L.A. Larkin answers a few questions we asked her about the themes in this book so that you can get insight into the mind both of a thriller writer – and a criminal.

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