The Business of Freelancing

The Business of Freelancing

Working from home as a freelance writer? Here's how to work smarter.

This course is ideal for: Freelance writers who are serious about turning their writing into a business

You will:
Learn how to get set up as a professional freelance writer
Find out how to turn your hobby into a business
Receive useful invoice and cashflow templates
Discover how to quote on freelance writing gigs
Get insider tips to make you super efficient!






At your own pace

Make your writing work for you...

Okay, so you’ve either completed one of our magazine writing courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre or you have solid feature writing skills. And now you’re keen to get started as a freelance writer – but you’re not sure about the nuts and bolts of it all.

In fact, it’s freaking you out a little. Okay, it’s freaking you out a LOT. Things like creating an invoice, whether you should charge GST or simply managing the business side of things. A little help please?

It’s your lucky day. This online course leads you step by step into what you need to know to set yourself up for freelance success.

You’ll receive:

  • a clear framework to establishing yourself up as a professional freelance writer
  • resources on getting an ABN and registering for GST
  • all important invoice templates that you can copy and use for yourself
  • cashflow tracking templates to keep you informed of your freelance writing income
  • how to quote on freelance writing gigs and
  • insider tips on how to store your files, interviews and articles so that you are super efficient!

It’s all about nailing the basics to getting started as a freelancer. (So, if you’re already freelancing and invoicing, this is not the course for you.)

All those questions that keep filling up your day and stop you from focussing on writing will be answered. Invoices, charging GST, communication tips, useful tools and ideas on how to be more productive.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for graduates who have completed our courses in: Freelance Writing Stage 1 (formerly known as Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1),Travel Writing and Food Writing) who feel they need a little extra help with the “business” side of freelancing – admin, accounting and productivity. It’s also a great resource for any writers or journalists who’ve been working in-house somewhere and are now ready to go it alone – and would like to understand those same things.

If you’ve been freelancing for a while – and you’re confident about the admin/accounting side of things – this course is not for you.

If you've graduated from Copywriting Essentials or SEO Copywriting, then you should do How to Build a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business.

The course has all the tools to succeed provided in one succinct place.

- Naomi Fryers

What’s NOT covered?

This course does not cover pitching to editors or the actual craft of magazine and newspaper writing – that’s what our Freelance Writing Stage 1 course and Freelance Writing Masterclass Program  are all about. Instead, it’s the behind-the-scenes stuff like accounting and admin that turns your writing from a hobby to a business.

A full year’s access

You will receive a full year’s access to the course, allowing you to take advantage of any updates that occur during that time. And we reckon after 12 months you’ll have your freelance career well underway – in fact, many graduates have been off and running within weeks! Think of it as your safety net in that first year, ready to answer all those niggly queries about running your own business.

Knowledge is confidence – and the more you know about the business side, the better you’ll be at your job. You’ll have time to pitch more, write more and develop better relationships with editors. And that can only be a good thing!

I really enjoyed everything. I just loved it! I was very grateful for the amount of useful, practical websites, blogging sites and information. This provides a real shortcut for me to get started.

- Rhonni Pedretti

Who is presenting this course?

In this course, Valerie Khoo will lead you on a step by step process to set yourself up as a freelance writer. Valerie has been freelancing for 15 years and, from day one of her freelancing career, she was determined to treat it like a business – not a hobby. She is passionate about the fact that you don’t have to be a struggle for your craft. You can earn a lucrative income if you treat it like a business, make smart choices and work productively. In this course, Valerie outlines her productivity strategies, shares actual templates that she uses, and reveals the tools and apps she relies on to earn a healthy income as a writer.


Starts: Whenever you want.
Where: Anywhere with a reliable internet connection.
Format: Access your content immediately, learn at your own pace.
Price: $147 – includes full access to course content for 12 months.


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