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Ep 50 The most important skills you need to start a writing career; literary profiles on Instagram; crowdsourcing your cover; when bloggers are affiliates; and Writer in Residence Peg Fitzpatrick.

In Episode 50 of So you want to be a writer: the gorgeous typeface that drove men mad, the most important skills you need to start a writing career, literary profiles on Instagram, Neil Strauss crowdsources his next book cover, the book “How not to write bad” by Ben Yagoda,

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Ep 48 Harper Lee’s new book; top journalists turn to branded content; Women of Letters goes from Melbourne to New York (via Molly Ringwald); What surrounds YOUR desk? And Writer in Residence crime thriller author Candice Fox.

In Episode 48 of So you want to be a writer: Join Kate Forsyth in Oxford, Harper Lee to publish a sequel, Women of Letters travels to New York via Molly Ringwald, how top journalists are pivoting their careers, Australia’s new creative grants model, nine famous writing spaces, share your desk,

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Ep 46 Ask HarperCollins’ editors your questions; write good endings; Liz Gilbert’s new book; Nora Roberts’ blog; RescueTime app; and Writer in Residence crime thriller author James Phelan.

In Episode 46 of So you want to be a writer: Become an enthusiastic respite in the lives of your readers, Elizabeth Gilbert to release a book on creativity, ask the HarperCollins editor part three, the basics of endings, winter weekends, Writer in Residence crime thriller author James Phelan, how you

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Ep 43 Words banned by UK Government; Online news sites thrive; Finland turns back on cursive writing; what YouTube knows about you; and Copywriter in Residence Bernadette Schwerdt.

In Episode 43 of So you want to be a writer: “only pizzas are delivered” – the new UK Government style guide, good news about journalism, handwriting versus typing, Seth Godin answers digital publishing questions, blogs versus podcasts versus videos, Copywriter in Residence Bernadette Schwerdt, how to manage your Christmas deadlines

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Ep 41 Is blogging dead? The art of note-taking, novels written by computers, how to transcribe efficiently, Kidspot’s Voices of 2014, and Writer in Residence Rachel Johns.

In Episode 41 of So you want to be a writer, the business of freelancing, NaNoWriMo finishes, is blogging dead? The best book note-taking system, print highlighted passages in your kindle, novels written by computers, the Kidspot Voices of 2014, Writer in Residence Rachel Johns, easy transcription, to pseudonym or not

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Ep 38 Should writers use co-working spaces? Tom Hanks’ new book inspired by typewriters; double space or single space after a full stop, AWC graduate Lisa Chaplin scores a book deal; how to do your own publicity and Writer in Residence Toby Jenkins.

In Episode 38 of So you want to be a writer, Tom Hanks’ book release, should you work from a co-working space?, Twitter etiquette, whether to double or single space after a full stop, DIY publicity, AWC graduate Lisa Chaplin scores a book deal, Writer in Residence Toby Jenkins, free Microsoft

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Ep 37 Having a muse, why NaNoWriMo is great for your perfectionism; self-publishers versus traditional publishers; what your handwriting says about you and how to get a website makeover. And meet Writer and Editor in Residence Bernadette Foley.

In Episode 37 of So you want to be a writer, the ‘Middle Fiction’ kids reading guide, blogging Betties, Michel Faber plans to stop writing novels, is Amazon doing the world a favor by crushing book publishers? Perfectionism is slowing your progress, what your handwriting says about you, the Rescue My

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Ep 36 Swimmers, bathers or togs? Why you should care about Google+. The top 4 ways that authors can promote their books; what to do if you have multiple offers; Write or Die; and meet InStyle editor Kirsten Galliott.

In Episode 36 of So you want to be a writer, what publishers really want, swimmers vs togs, why authors should care about Google+, what to do if you have multiple offers, how to tell if your story idea is mediocre, four things you should do to promote your book, the

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Ep 35: Celebs join the rush to write children’s books; Copyblogger closes down its Facebook page; can you plagiarise an email? What’s your favourite book? Blogging hits the big time with Foxtel’s new "Fashion Bloggers"; and meet Writers in Residence Favel Parrett.

In Episode 35 of So you want to be a writer, celebrities join rush of authors writing children’s books, why Copyblogger is killing its Facebook page, is it wrong to post from an email? 50 cultural icons on their favorite books, the Australian premiere of ‘Fashion Bloggers’, Writer in Residence Favel

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Ep 33 Helen Garner’s typewriter obsession, Amazon goes head to head with Wattpad, and uber-blogger-turned author Chris Ducker’s book marketing secrets. How to manage workload when you go on holidays and a cool tool for your website.

In Episode 33 of So you want to be a writer, Why typewriters captivate authors, Amazon gets in on the crowd-writing game, the one big reason why blogs succeed, first class train travel for 24 lucky writers, the book ‘Blog It! The author’s guide to building a successful online brand’ by

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