Ep 014: Internet copywriting superstar Adil Amarsi on how he earns $100,000+ per copy job

Adil Amarsi is a copywriter, business consultant, and podcaster best known for his ability to write story-based, direct response copy for sales pages, email sequences, websites and more.

Between late 2007 and the end of 2020, Adil has made his clients over $821 million in sales and revenue using his advice, copy, and strategies.

His clients have included Jay Abraham, Dov Baron, Tony Grebmeier, and many more.   

With 17 years of copywriting experience under his belt, Adil is known as one of the greatest underground copywriters working today.  He has written copy for over 400+ industries.

In this episode, I talked to Adil about:

  • the ‘storyselling’ process he uses to write copy
  • the 17-step process that underpins his ‘storyselling’ process
  • why he still experiences The Imposter Syndrome (and how he deals with it)
  • the art of creating squeeze pages
  • how he earns $100,000+ per job for a few hours work
  • the copywriter he admires and respects 
  • the power of using Artificial Intelligence in copy, (and its limitations) 

Mentioned in this episode:


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