Copywriting Podcast Episode 070: Discover the top AI tools all copywriters need to know about

Greg Baker knows more than most about AI and where it's headed. As an AI futurist and lecturer in Computational Linguistics at Macquarie University, Greg educates students on the intricacies of Artificial Intelligence for Text and Vision, and blends his theoretical insights with practical applications.

He helps the C-suite understand the future of labour, how to maximise AI productivity gains and how to gain a deep technical understanding of what is possible. He is a director at the Institute for Open Systems Technologies and has worked at Google and CSIRO and is a leading voice in how to understand the opportunities that AI offers us today and into the future.

If you’re looking to discover how AI is impacting copywriters and the writing industry, this is the episode you have been waiting for.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Take advantage of the opportunities (and understand the threats) in the evolving landscape of AI
  • Explore new developments relevant to copywriters, including changes in platforms like Upwork
  • Understand, access and create your own Custom GPT to help clients create better copy
  • Monetise Custom GPTs for your own purposes
  • Examine niche applications of Custom GPTs and understand the relevance of large language models for copywriters
  • Compare the emerging competitors to ChatGPT and use the right ones for your needs
  • Get the most from models like Anthropic’s Claude Opus
  • Use speech recognition programs to write your copy
  • Get a job as a copywriter or screenwriter for computer games (and get paid more than ever before)
  • Take advantage of the errors that ChatGPT makes when ‘hallucinating’ and turn that into a money-making opportunity (as a fact checker or sub editor)
  • Understand the role Chat plays in Search Engine Optimisation (and why Google is in danger of becoming irrelevant).
  • Create your own Chat Bot
  • Assess how the ‘helpful, harmful or honest’ used my language models skews the results we get

About Greg:
Greg is a lecturer in computational linguistics at Macquarie University, an author of 7 books and an award-winning music composer. His client list is a who’s-who of top businesses, governments and not-for-profits in Australia and around the world. His is also famous for his work preserving and restoring endangered and extinct languages.

Mentioned in this episode:

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